The best places to see the Northern Lights

The best places to see the Northern Lights

Aurora or Northern Lights are brightly colorful lights (usually a mix of green and yellow lights or even blue, purple) appear in the night sky in some regions, especially in Arctic areas. Caused by the special collision of gaseous particles, this rare natural phenomenon is hunted by travelers all around the world. Obviously, who does not want to witness this kind of spectacular beauty with their own eyes? Let’s see where the potential spots to observe these mesmerizing Northern Lights are.

1. Tromsø, Norway

There is no doubt that Norway is the best land to contemplate Northern Lights, and Tromsø is the most promising spot, especially in winter. Aside from those enchanting lights, you can also have a chance to see the midnight sun, which is not less famous, in this region.


Catch the sight of Northern Lights in Tromsø

Of course, Northern Lights will not be the only thing that you can expect when traveling there. Do not miss out all the fun that you can have from exciting and adventurous nature-exploring activities such as hiking, climbing steep mountains, dog sledding, reindeer sledding, etc. Moreover, the land offers great spots for fishing, snowmobile safaris as well as kayaking.

2. Kangerlussuaq, Greenland

Kangerlussuaq is also an ideal tourist destination to pick. This rough yet beautiful wilderness delivers spacious view to admire the captivating beauty of Northern Lights. Moreover, the intriguing mix of nature combining fjords and safaris there creates a lot of things to do for tourists from hunting musk ox, caribou, deer, etc. with trophies to exploring the famous Ice Cap.


Aside from Northern Lights, the traveling package in Kangerlussuaq also includes other attractions

Having a dog sledding ride in this snowy area will be one of the must-try experiences here. Besides, do not forget to enhance the fun by trying a diversity of outdoor sports like hiking, ice climbing, etc. You can extend your vision by taking a helicopter tour. Go sightseeing like this can help you save your energy (if you are not into outdoor activities much) and take great pictures.

3. Denali National Park, Alaska

Denali impresses people at the very first glance by its verdant meadows featuring colorful flowers and the majestic snow-covered peaks. Within the vast acreage up to 160 miles, the park is the home to 650 kinds of flowering, coniferous plants, shrubs, birch, etc., not to mention beautiful rivers, glaciers.


Travel into the woods of Denali National Park and witness the beauty of aurora

You will also be surprised at the abundant wildlife here consists of 37 species of mammals like moose, caribou, wolf, bear and son on. Additionally, there are 130 different types of bird, and the most intriguing of them all might be the golden eagle. As a highlight of the spot, the Northern Lights frequently appear in the poetical natural landscape of Denali.

4. Yellowknife, Canada

People name this beautiful northwest land of Canada as ‘the Aurora Capital of North America’ for a good reason. Yellowknife features an unspoiled wilderness combining with amenities of a modern municipality.


Aurora Village, where you have a high chance of seeing aurora

Add up to the charm of the city is a captivating ancient aboriginal history and old mines. Love fishing? This is the place to have a good fishing trip. Finally, the most important point is that the region is a potential destination to expect for a life-changing experience: seeing Northern Lights. As a bonus, the natural scenery of Yellowknife totally elevates your experience.

5. Murmansk (Kola Peninsula), Russia

Located in the northwest of Russia, Murmansk is another promising candidate in this list. At first, the city gets your attention by its tranquillity and vibrant city appearance. Adapt to the serenity of the natural landscapes in Murmansk and start your quest of searching for Northern Lights. Yes, they are not easy to find, but when you can witness those awe-inspiring glows, all the efforts are absolutely worth it!



Can you resist such an appealing beauty?

You’d better watch out for the time (usually from 8 pm to 2 am). There is a high frequency of seeing the lights from mid-September to mid-March. Even when you are putting your entire mind on the quest, do not forget about your health. Prepare warm clothes and hot water to endure with the harsh cold.

6. Oulanka National Park, Finland

Oulanka National Park might be out of the Arctic Circle, but the chance of seeing the aurora there is relatively high. Before getting to the main part, seeing Northern Lights, let’s preoccupy you by a hike through the forest full of Scotch pines, spruces, silver birches etc.


Northern Lights mixing with a starry sky creates an unforgettable scene in Oulanka

Walk through hanging bridges to see enchanting landscapes created from the Ice Age and please your vision with the intriguing images of wild animals. The park also provides visitors with facilities that can satisfy their basic needs like eating, staying, etc. while waiting for catching the sight of the aurora.

7. Abisko National Park, Sweden

Abisko is a top tourist destination on the north of Sweden. The park wows travelers with dreamlike meadows offering colorful sights of flowers from spring to autumn. Winter is the time for snow-covered summits and also Northern Lights.


Be captivated with the lights and the landscape of Abisko National Park

There is a cable car system in Abisko that will give you a 20-minute ride to the top of a summit where you can get a close-up view of the lights if you are in luck! If you prefer staying on the ground, you can set up a tent at a spacious area and wait for the aurora. Local foods and wine, which is available to buy, will enhance your sightseeing experience.

8. Shetland Islands, Scotland


An enchanting aurora view in Shetland Islands

Come to the Shetland Islands and experience a beautiful land of peace, wildlife, and scenic terrains. The altitude of the area makes it a promising spot to observe Northern Lights. In addition, the area is also suitable for tourists who want to look for a simple relaxing tour mixing with nature adventures. One interesting thing is that this region is the home to a large number of bird species.

Northern Lights is the dream of any true adventurer. If you are one of them, let’s make a plan for your aurora hunt at those recommended places above.

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