South Korea: Interesting festivals in autumn to mix with

When the year comes to an end, the weather is quite mild in South Korea. In this comfortable weather, the Korean will prepare for a new harvest as well as hold many national festivals. South Korea’s festivals are the combination of the unique history, tradition, and art of this country, which is absolutely different from South East Asian countries, both gentle and social. Now, let’s find out some interesting festivals when autumn says hello the land of Kimchi.

1. Hyoseok Pyeongchang Traditional Festival

Time: 4th to 13th September

Hyoseok Pyeongchang traditional festival is held annually to memorize Lee Hyoseok, a well-known writer who is famous for a short story named “When the barley flowers bloom”. The avenue where the festival is held is his birthplace and the main background in his famous literature masterpiece. Joining in this autumn festival, you will not only have chance to take a lot of pictures of picturesque fields of flowers, but also taste various unique traditional foods made from barley in South Korea.

South Korea

Mix with the peaceful atmosphere in Pyeongchang Hyoseok Cultural Festival

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2. Wonju Hanji Festival

Time: 10th to 13th September

Many tourists have got acquaintance with “hanji”, a kind of paper made traditionally by the Korean. Other than being used as a writing paper, hanji is used to make many craft products such as dolls, lanterns, and even clothing. Although it’s quite simple, thanks to experienced and skillful hands of craftsmen, “hanji” transforms into various kinds of products with different colors and shapes.

South Korea

Wonju Hanji Festival

3. The Mask Dancing Festival Andong

Time: 25th September to 4th October

This autumn festival is held by National Heritage Management Organization, and considered as one of many invisible heritages of the country. This international event happens annually in Anhoe village of Andong area. In the past, the performance of mask dancing aimed to criticize indirectly the bad behaviors of the rich in the old society. Then, it spread out and became popular all over South Korea.

South Korea

A mask dance performance

The highlight of this festival are exciting live performances of dancers who wear traditional costumes and big masks which display different emotion stages of human beings. You can also take part in dancing if you want to soak into the exciting atmosphere of the festival or buy some masks as gifts for your friends after the trip.

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4. Pine Mushroom Festival in Yangyang Songi

Time: 1st to 4st October

Yangyanf Songi festival or pine mushroom festival is a good occasion for tourists to sight Gangwon-do area and collect a lot of different kinds of mushrooms, especially pine mushrooms growing wildly in some forests which are only opened within the festival time.

Moreover, you can enjoy a lot of extremely delicious foods made from pine mushrooms picked up from the forest which is totally natural and fresh. You shouldn’t miss these interesting recreation activities in the pine mushroom festival if you visit South Korea in autumn.

South Korea

You will have a lot of fun at the festival

5. Jagalchi Festival in Busan

Time: 8th to 11th October

It’s the special operation time of seafood markets in Busan, South Korea. Marine species, such as squids, fishes, shrimps, crabs, octopus, etc., will be brought to these markets and sold for participants in the festival. Seafood is one of the most important ingredients in Korean cuisine. So, it can be said that Jagalchi is a good opportunity for you to hunt the freshest seafood all over the country.

South Korea

Busan Jagalchi Festival

6. Geumsan Ginseng Festival

Time: September

One of the most unique festivals in South Korea is Geumsan ginseng festival occurred annually in September. It’s a traditional cultural event of the locals in South Chungcheong which is held to pray for a better harvest next year.

The main attractions include collecting ginseng, performance of traditional art, international trading markets, ginseng cooking contests, and many other interesting activities. If you want to buy some ginseng as gifts for your family, visit this autumn festival to buy high-quality fresh ginseng with reasonable price.

South Korea

Geumsan Insam Festival is really interesting

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7. Busan Fireworks Festival

Time: 26th to 16th October

One of the most exciting autumn festivals in South Korea is Busan fireworks festival which is held annually in October. The firework will be launched nearby Gwangan Bridge where you can easily get the stunning view of Busan night sky. The event makes Busan more beautiful, charming and fascinating with colorful lights, music and a lot of entertainment activities.

Joining the festival, you will not only sight amazing firework performances but also enjoy exciting music shows by famous K-pop singers as well as music bands and groups. For that reason, Busan firework festival attracts over one million tourists every year.

South Korea

Take home the awesome photos of Busan Fireworks Festival

There are many other interesting autumn festivals in South Korea that bring you a wonderful autumn trip in this country. So, why don’t you visit the wonderland in this autumn and join in these exciting festivals to experience Korean traditional culture? It would be an unforgettable trip.

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