South America insider guides

South America can be an interesting and ultimate destination that backpackers should try once in a lifetime. It is indeed a continent of indigenous and colonial cultures, meaningful adventure, exotic food, exciting football, cool wine, sandy beaches, lush jungles, and passion. In addition, it also comes with a lot of features that make the first-time travelers fall in love at the first sight. Perhaps, it is about the locals. Maybe it is about the cheap booze and memorable parties. Or perhaps it is about the impressive annual festivals!

Newbies tend to be unsure of what to expect before checking in the continent. In order to help you have a full preparation, the followings are some useful South America insider guides we want to introduce to you today. Let’s read!

Get around

According to many adventurers, getting around in South America was a pleasant and relaxing experience for them. The bus systems are mostly chosen as they have a chance to enjoy plenty of advantages, like leg rooms, reclining chairs, hot meals, films, blankets and so on. Trains are also common for those who want to discover anywhere from a long distance.

South America insider guides

Colorful buses in South America

In some towns (like Buenos Aires and Santiago), visitors may get around by the metro system. For a quick way, having taxis can ensure that you will reach the desirable spot on time. Don’t forget to negotiate the price!

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There is no doubt that you can arrive in South America at any time in the year. Another thing you should remember is that the seasons in the continent are also opposite to the ones in the Northern Hemisphere. While the summer ranges from December to February, the winter falls months between June and August. Hence, the best way to enjoy a perfect trip is to check the weather and temperature carefully before departure!


On the whole, food in South America is delicious and irresistible. In the developing countries, tourists can access the local supermarket where they may eat whatever they like. But, those who want to gain authentic experiences may choose to enjoy the local food during their home-stay experience.

South America insider guides

Fast food is really convenient for backpackers during their trip to South America


Of course, your accommodation will depend on where you want to check-in as well as how much you prepare to pay. In the big cities, tourists are welcomed to stay in hostels and dorms. However, it is possible to choose cheap guesthouses in some distant places. These guesthouses may not offer hot water and modern facilities. But with $1 per night, who can complain?

Remember to book in advance, particularly in some major holidays, like Christmas, New Year, etc. unless you want to stay overnight.



It seems a pity to miss an opportunity to mingle with the New Year and Carnival festivals, especially in the main cities. Other highlights in the country you should take into consideration include some white sandy beaches, Rio de Janeiro, and the thundering might of the Iguazu Falls.

South America insider guides

Spread your eyes over Rio de Janeiro in Brazil

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What makes Argentina stand out from others it that it is home to famous Tango Dances. Do not hesitate to head toward Buenos Aries city and warm up the atmosphere by dancing and talking to the locals during the festivals. It is also a good way to learn more about their lifestyle.

South America insider guides

Get ready to show off your Tango dances?


Machu Picchu, Peru is one of the most noticeable sites in South America as well as always added to backpackers’ travel itinerary. Top things to do there are experiencing Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, exploring the Nazca lines built on the ground, and many more.

South America insider guides

Marvel at Machu Picchu, Peru


Traveling to a new destination can be daunting, especially if you have never gone abroad before. When it comes to safety, the most obvious thing is how you conduct yourself. To have a safe trip, whenever you go, avoid bringing expensive cameras or jewelry. In addition, you should not walk around alone when the darkness falls.

Remember to catch a taxi if you have been out drinking. Always keep valuables locked in your hotel or even keep them in a small money belt. If you get lost, drop by a shop to look at your map on the smartphone, figure out your route again, and then head off. Be careful when standing in bus stations since this usually attract thieves. It is better to keep an eye on your valuables and call a taxi if necessary.

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Since each country in our fabulous world has its own beauty, charm and cultural feature, you should read books or check online carefully about where you want to head to. Hopefully, such South America insider guides can partly help to soothe your trip.

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