Some little known but interesting tourist spots in the north of Thailand

Some little known but interesting tourist spots in the north of Thailand

Thailand is not only famous for a heaven of beautiful beaches and islands but also a particularly interesting land of majestic destinations waiting for your discovery.

This summer, try to come to the north where is considered as a mysterious part of the country with so many amazing tourist spots that you might have never known before.

Followings are some spectacular but still unknown attractions that shouldn’t be missed when you are in Thailand.

Ban Rak Thai village

It will be an ideal place for those who really want to escape from noisy and modern life in cities. In order to reach the site, you have to take a direct flight to Chiang Mai and then get a car to Mae Hong Son province. The travel time is about 5 to 6 hours.

Or you can fly to the province which can take only 30 minutes. Ban Rak Thai is about 40 kilometers from Mae Hong Son, so it is possible to reach the destination by car or taxi.


Ban Rak Thai village is very special with houses in Chinese style

The village is quite isolated with more than 1,000 Chinese people living there. That’s why Chinese are frequently spoken in the community. Just a small part of the youth can speak Thai language. About 1,776 meters from sea level, the site will delight you by its picturesqueness of the lovely houses and the endless tea fields.

What makes the spot interesting is that the house was built right on the field, making it become a wonderful attraction you have to come once in your life time.

Walking along the trail on the tea field and joining in picking up tea leaves will leave you awesome impressions. Then, come to some famous tea shops in Chinese style to award yourself by a hot cup of tea after doing sightseeing and photo takings. Before making a leave, remember to buy some tea bags or lovely gifts for your friends.

Doi Kat Phee hill

Doi Kat Phee used to be unknown but is increasingly becoming one of the most popular choices of those who love camping and want to get close to nature.


No word can describe the beauty of Doi Kat Phee hill

The best time to come is between November and January because the weather during the time is really nice, giving you favorable conditions to explore everything in the spot.

Cool wind and fresh air in the morning along with the green field of flowers make you hardly say good bye with the spectacular attraction.

Just over 50 kilometers from Chiang Rai, this mountainous terrain can be reached by driving a car for nearly 3 hours. Thus, if you really want to come, well prepare for the quite long trip.

Doi Loung Chiang Dao and Doi Hau Singh Hill

Located among the jungle, Chiang Dao is a popular tourist spot for those who want to flee the denseness and busy life of Chiang Mai. It is quite difficult to get to the site due to its rough roads. That may be the main reason why very few tourists try to come to it.

However, if you are planning to conquer the beautiful land which is more than 2,000 meters above sea level, don’t change it as you will be awarded by the majestic scenery which make you feel as if you are straying in a paradise on Earth.


Want to get the nice view? Come to Doi Chiang Dao right now

Don’t worry about where to take a rest because there are some hotels there. One of the best one is named Baan Ra Beang Doa – a relaxing place with small houses surrounded by lush green vegetation. The balcony is an ideal point for you to get brilliant images of the sky which is full of stars at night. Although the houses are not so luxurious but they promise to give you great relaxing time.

Doi Hau Singh Hill is another mysterious spot in Chiang Mai. This is the highest hill in the wild sanctuary of Om Koi. The remote site is very peaceful and quiet with very few villages among imposing landscapes. The green forest there is home to many kinds of rare species.

What makes it so special and attractive is its unique shape which looks like a lion’s head. Reaching the top of the hill and overlooking at the surroundings will be definitely wonderful moments ever.

Phu Lang Ka


Amazing sunrise setting in Phu Lang Ka, Phayao

Phu Lang Ka is known as the hottest destination deserving for your discovery in the province of Phayao - one of the little known provinces in Thailand because many visitors think that no interesting thing can be found there. However, if you try to come to the site, you will absolutely love it at the first glance.

The road leading to the spot is so romantic and mysterious as it is covered by fog and beautiful landscapes. Located on the hill side, this attraction provides ideal points from which you can look around and enchant the beauty of numerous limestone rocks shaped like those in Ha Long Bay of Vietnam.


The fog covers the site in early mornings

An amazing activity you can’t ignore is exploring the foggy landscapes which can only be found in early mornings, so try to get up early and well prepare for hunting the special images.

Huay Nam Dang, Mae Hong Son


It would be great if you camp at Huay Nam Dang

When being asked where is the hottest tourist site in Mae Hong Son, your answer may be Pai town. However, you will change the answer when you face the natural majesty of Huay Nam Dang. Even though the attraction is not as famous as Pai, it promises to give you the most beautiful and wonderful scenery fog.

The most suitable time to come to the destination is between October and December, but remember to bring warm clothes because the temperature during the time can reach ten below zero.

Just read and see the photos taken by others about those fascinating tourist spots are not a good idea. Prepare to head over to Thailand and take home your own wonderful experiences and great pictures.

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