So wonderful things to do not to be missed in the Bahamas

1. Explore the undersea marine life

Stepping into the land of beautiful beaches with turquoise water, you grasp a great chance to uncover a rich underwater world of marine life through scuba-diving. The Bahamas has been voted "Best Place to dive with big animals" in the last 10 years.

You will soon be mesmerized by exotic aquatic creatures and colorful coral reefs. Nassau, the capital as well as the biggest city in the Bahamas, is the ideal destination for water adventure as over 5% of the world coral reefs lives here. Such an amazing water adventure will definitely make your day.


Discovering the life beneath the surface in Bahamas is extremely interesting

2. Have your dream honeymoon

Nowhere else in the world is more suitable for couples than romantic beaches in the Bahamas. Whether you are newlywed couples or you want to celebrate the second honeymoon provided that you are planning an intimate escape, Harbour Island's Pink Sand Beach deserves your choice.

Nothing is more romantic than hand-in-hand walking on the soft pink sand with gentle waves and cool wind or lying down to contemplate the golden sky at sunrise.


The Bahamas is known as a best place to have a wonderful honeymoon

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3. Enjoy local specialties

The best way to discover a place is by eating like a local and the Bahamas is no exception. One of the most famous food in this beautiful land is Conch which is similar with white oyster but has firmer meat. It can be enjoyed in different ways from raw conch with citrus juices and fresh vegetables to conch fritters. Some other seafood such as Grouper and Crab are worth trying.

In terms of beverages in the Bahamas, rum is always on the top list. You may find it difficult to choose one as nearly no type of rum on this planet doesn't exist here. Besides, coconut drink is the best choice for those who have a sweet tooth. Various special food with different flavor, color and aroma will definite lure all your senses.


Let's try the unique taste of Conch salad!

4. Participate in Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival

If you are in the Bahamas in May, you should not miss the Junkanoo Bahamas carnival which takes place in Nassau on May 4-6. The event stems from African tradition during the time of slavery in the Bahamas. Three days off in the Christmas is the only free time for enslaved people to enjoy their lives by singing and dancing in colorful masks.

During the event, you will be amazed by hundreds of inhabitants dancing around the city in spectacular Middle America costumes and unique painted masks. Your ears will also be satisfied by ambient hypnotic rhythms from different special musical instruments such as goatskin drums and cowbells. It is not exaggerating at all to say that Junkanoo is the most impressive costume and music concert.


Colorful and exceptional costume in Bahamas Jukanoo Carnival

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5. Get acquainted with the locals

If you are interested in Bahamian history and culture, my advice for you is to strike up a conversation with the locals. People here are very hospitable so they are always willing to introduce you the history and special cultural aspects.

Through their stories from the normal life of inhabitants to the history of mysterious places, they will take to different areas in the beautiful attraction in the Caribbean. You will also be captivated by wonderful stories of pirates. By this way, this knowledge is beyond what is contained in books and magazines.

6. Immerse yourself in the nightlife


Casino in Atlantis Paradise Island

When it comes to the nightlife in the Bahamas, coming to a special bar is one of the most highly recommended things to do. A creative cocktail to sip, fabulous dishes, colorful light, and lively music make bars in the Bahamas wonderful places to wind down after a long day of adventures and to have a perfect nightcap with your friends. For a real vibrant nightlife, the Atlantis Casino, the largest one in the Caribbean, is a place to be. Enjoying a trendy cocktail at the gambling table will make a fabulous impression on all coming to the casino.

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7. Do shopping at the Straw Market


Don't leave The Bahamas without buying Hand-woven bags

If you want to buy unique souvenirs for friends and relatives, it will be a big mistake of missing the duty-free market on Bay street. Strolling down the market, you can find a variety of hand-woven products reflecting the Bahamian culture and history such as straw bags, Junkanoo masks, and conch shell jewelry. What special is that you can get a very reasonable price if you are a good bargainer.

If you are planning a trip to the Bahamas, Caribbean, this list of wonderful things to do is necessary for you to acquire the true beauty of this land. With various interesting activities to join, the site won't let you down.

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