So Beautiful Beaches To Enjoy Your Summer Holiday In Cuba

Summer is coming, and it’s time to catch Vitamin Sea. What could be more awesome when wearing your favorite bikini and immerse yourself in a crystal-clear water in the Caribbean Sea! Yes, Cuba always boasts a long coastline over 5,746 km with 289 natural beaches.

Since taking a trip in this country has become more and more famous, here are so beautiful beaches to enjoy your summer holiday in Cuba. Get ready to check out our list below to know more, guys? Here we go!

1. Varadero

Beach In Cuba

Relax on Varadero beach

Stretching to 20 km of white sandy beach, Varadero is world-famous for its exclusive resorts, shallow turquoise waters, excellent diving spots, and a grand variety of fauna and flora. Around the beach, there are also many top nightclubs, bars, restaurants so that you can relish an extensive range of fresh fish, crabs, lobster, and shrimps. With all the popularity, Varadero beach is always crowded, but it deserves a great getaway for those who are going to visit Cuba for the first time.

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2. Cayo Coco

Beach In Cuba

Immerse yourself in a crystal-clear water at Cayo Coco

Nestled in the north of Cuba on the Atlantic Ocean, Cayo Coco is popular for its incredible white-sand beaches, tropical mangroves, and wildlife shelters. Moreover, the warm water brings an excellent visibility so that divers can see clearly the range of red snappers, sharks, tarpons, barracudas, coral reefs, etc. Especially, you can see rare birds such as flamingos and white ibis at Cayo Coco. And if you are looking for a lovely stroll under bright blue skies, this place will be a perfect destination.

3. Cayo Levisa

Beach In Cuba

Cayo Levisa owns a natural charm and beauty

Cayo Levisa has positioned approximately two hours away from Havana. Or you are in Pinar del Rio; it just takes about 45 minutes. However, you need to rent a private chartered yacht from the Palma Rubia port to arrive at one of the beautiful beaches.

For the first time, your mind is definitively blown away because of its natural beauty and charm. Crystal clear waters, fine white sand, and shady palm trees will make your sailing holiday in Cuba more exciting than ever.

4. Playa Ancón

Beach In Cuba

Playa Ancón has a long and beautiful white sand beach

Situated on the southern coast of Cuba, Playa Ancón is described as the finest arc of sand. With three miles of soft white sand, don’t miss taking a short walk along the beach to escape from the crowds. Wonderfully, this spot gives a superb chance for those who love scuba diving and snorkeling under the Caribbean water. Additionally, strolling the area surrounding the beautiful beach and viewing beautiful 19th-century buildings, cobblestone streets in Trinidad is one of the main attractions of this area.

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5. Maria la Gorda

Beach In Cuba

Maria la Gorda is a great destination for your summer holiday in Cuba

One of the greatest ways to enjoy your summer holiday than ever is to take a trip to Maria la Gorda – a beautiful beach at the westernmost point of the primeval Guanacahabibes peninsula. This destination is charmingly decorated by palm-lined trees, crystal clear water, and powder soft white sand.

Also, it’s an ideal place for divers because there is an alluring world below the water surface. Try immersing yourself and discover rare corals and exotic fishes in one of the most protected places in Cuba.

6. Cayo Santa Maria

Beach In Cuba

Enjoy white sand and clear water at Cayo Santa Maria

Stretching for 13km of white sands and calm clear water, Cayo Santa Maria is considered as one of the most peaceful attractions in Cuba. Thanks to a large coral barrier, the beach is protected from the wind. It means waves are never strong and permit a diverse collection of marine life. Besides, it is home to wildlife such as mollusks, flamingos, endemic lizards, the Cuban trogon (an island of native bird). That’s why Cayo Santa Maria has been designated as a UNESCO reserve.

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7. Playa del Este

Beach In Cuba

Playa del Este is a great beach near Havana

The beautiful beach in Cuba is a combination of greatest beaches that are near Havana – the capital of Cuba. Bacuranao is the nearest place (only 15 km from the city) so that you can come easily and quickly. Therefore, you can catch many visitors, even locals on the weekends. If you are looking for a great beach near Havana, Playa del Este will be a perfect treat.

8. Guardalavaca

Beach In Cuba

Take a rest at Guardalavaca beach

Guardalavaca is a small beach, but it’s worth coming. With turquoise sea, a clear visibility of 20 m, and golden sand, this beach is a heaven for divers. Moreover, if you love discovering something unique and different, the underwater caves at Gibara will become your best experience ever. Additionally, you can see various tropical fishes, coral beds, crustaceans, barracuda, and Spanish mackerel. So, a trip to Guardalavaca will be all nature lover’s dream for sure.

Thanks to the position between the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, Cuba has become a famous place for its sun-drenched coastlines, crystal clear waters, abundant in white sand beaches, and lush greenery. So, it’s not hard to find out so many beautiful beaches to enjoy your summer holiday in Cuba, right?

Take a look at eight names and choose one or all places you love heading to most. A trip to this country that is full of lively music, relaxed lifestyle, and rum will make you never forget.

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