Sleep With The Ocean? It's Real In The World, Dubai

Sleep With The Ocean? It's Real In The World, Dubai

When mentioning Dubai, we all know that this wonderful country is famous for its excellent development projects, such as the world’s tallest building, the biggest indoor ski resorts, the beautiful Miracle Garden, etc. But, one of the newest plans, “The Floating Seahorse”, is exceptionally extravagant and futuristic.

Do you believe that you can sleep with the ocean? The answer is that it’s real in The World, Dubai, guys. And if you are curious to know a floating home with underwater rooms, please check out our complete guide of The Floating Seahorse now.

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What to know?

- A section of The Heart of Europe


The Floating Seahorse is a part of The Heart of Europe

The Kleindienst Group’s 131 Floating Seahorse villas are located at The Heart of Europe that is a large project on The World Islands. It’s considered as a typical example of lavishness, luxury, and breathtaking architecture. Although each three-level underwater villa has a little difference in layout and size, all cost around $1.8 million.

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- Inspired by yachts

The idea of The Floating Seahorse starts from the design of yachts, and each seems to be a boat without driving force. Proudly designed and built in Dubai, the UAE, every villa is separated into three levels. The bedroom is underwater level, the living room is a sea level, and the out-of-doors lounge room and the snack back are an upper deck. Furthermore, this new and attractive place is made of excellent interior design, including teak wood panels, ceiling-to-floor glass doors, clean lines throughout the villa, and a neutral color palette.


Each villa is equipped with luxurious facilities

- Equipped like serviced apartments

The villa looks like a luxurious hotel room, but it also brings an enormous comfort of your own home. An oven, fridge, LED mood lighting, microwave, and necessary amenities in the kitchen are completely equipped. Moreover, the two bathrooms are decorated with Bottega Veneta toiletries. For the dive pool lover, there is a glass-bottomed whirlpool or Jacuzzi that increases a skylight on the living room’s ceiling below.

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- A real heaven to sleep with the ocean


Your dream for sleeping with the ocean is real in The World, Dubai

A unique feature of this project is the underwater bedroom. It consists of three built-in closets and a queen-sized bed. Staying there, you can enjoy the wonderful marine life anytime. The most interesting thing is that a team of marine biologists is always trying working to create an underwater coral nursery for each villa. They save every piece of coral from Dubai shoreline where they could have been defeated to the villa’s structure to reinstall and revive.

- Use an advanced engineering

The Floating Seahorse is set to vary the game of construction. Each 180-ton villa will get data and power through jetties from neighboring islands. Besides, it has on-site portable water tanks. The Kleindienst Group affirmed that they have to spend about 5,000 hours in order to research and develop this fantastic and futuristic project.


Outside each villa

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- A promise of climate-controlled streets on the Heart of Europe

You will never worry about the high temperature in Dubai when walking around the streets in the Heart of Europe because they are controlled to indicate the Europe’s weather. That’s why you can behold snow, hail, sunshine, and rain all year round.

- Genuineness is foremost

No matter which country you come from, your homesickness will be removed right away. Why? It’s because the Heart of Europe represents 51 countries around the world. So, it’s not difficult to look for an authentic restaurant from each of them. Of course, the staffs are employed from their own countries as well.

Take a closer look


Enjoy the beautiful view of The Floating Seahorse

Let’s start with the upper level! It includes a glass-bottom hot tub that can look down into the living room, outside shower, mini bar, kitchenette, and a relaxation area. Especially, some spaces can be transformed into an outdoor bedroom. Absolutely, the latest technology is fully appointed and equipped to give you the best comfort, such as satellite TV, high-speed Wi-Fi, air conditioning, etc.


An amazing living room

In the middle deck (the sea level), there is an open-plan layout with a stunning living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. The underwater level is the excellent place so that you can image that you are a King or Queen of the Sea. This deck has a bedroom and connected bathroom, with heated mirrors and a free-standing tub. And each villa is fitted with automated systems that regulate heating, cooling, and lighting with one touch.


The underwater bedroom is the most unique thing of The Floating Seahorse

This goal-oriented project will complete in 2018 with more than 125 floating villas. But, most of them are sold out. Josef Kleindienst – CEO of Kleindienst Group – said that he was excited to launch and create The Floating Seahorse in Dubai officially. And he was confident that it would form a new standard in the luxurious lifestyle market worldwide for incredible innovation, modern design and underwater living at its best. And if you are lucky to get a night at one of these villas, let’s enjoy a night to sleep with the ocean, in The World, Dubai.

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