Skiing Korea: South Korea's Best Places To Enjoy Skiing

Skiing Korea: South Korea's Best Places To Enjoy Skiing

Almost 75% of Korea is covered by mountains, so it’s no surprise thousands of visitors rush in every winter, especially during the peak skiing season in South Korea (between mid-December and the end of February). Of course, there are plenty of best places to enjoy skiing in South Korea and hit the slopes. Let’s check it out!

Yongpyong Resort

Skiing Korea

Yongpyong Resort in Gangwon-do

Situated on the crest of Mr. Balwangsan, Yongpyong is known as the first domestic ski resort launched in 1976. And nowadays, it’s the largest ski and snowboard one in South Korea. The average snow every year is about 250 cm, so you can go skiing from November to April. With a total of 28 slopes, this place is suitable for every kind of skiers including the beginner, the advanced, etc.

Skiing Korea

Lots of visitors are skiing at Yongpyong Resort

Among the different slopes, most are interested in the Rainbow because it’s the longest course and has numerous intersections to experience. Or in case you’re a newcomer, the Mega Green will be your best choice. Besides, the resort’s accommodations are quite near to the ski slopes, making it so convenient for visitors. Especially, Yongpyong will be hosting the upcoming Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics Games.

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High1 Resort

Skiing Korea

Get a bird view of High1 Resort from a lift

Thanks to a high altitude (1,345 m), High1 Resort offers beautifully natural, clean, and inflated snow. Moreover, it’s one of South Korea’s most environmentally friendly resorts with numerous well-preserved native trees. Basically, these slopes are not as fun or exciting as those of Yongpyong; however, High1 gives various advantages. Since all of the slopes are from the top of the mountain, even the beginners or experts can relish long courses when skiing. Here are some popular slopes that you should try, consisting of the Apollo (1,830 m), the Victoria 1 (1,439 m), or the Hera 2 (1,005 m).

Skiing Korea

Relish long courses when skiing at High1 Resort

Don’t miss enjoying a unique dining experience at a beautiful revolving restaurant that brings a stunning panoramic scene of various mountain ranges. In every hour, the restaurant goes through one full turn so that you can contemplate the whole view.

Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park is one of South Korea’s best places to enjoy skiing and snowboarding. Many Korean’s universities often send their students to ski classes and group events in winter. Especially, this park offers eight ski lifts, six conveyer belts, and up-to-date gondolas in order to carry visitors effectively and quickly. Although there are 22 different slopes for beginners and experts, you might not enjoy a peaceful movement on them, particularly the courses at the lower grounds.

Skiing Korea

The whole view of Phoenix Park

Besides, there are numerous first-rate restaurants, shops, and accommodations surrounding the park. Interestingly, you also relish a clean and family-friendly indoor water park Blue Canyon if you’re tired of crowds and snow.

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Vivaldi Park

Located Hongcheon, Gangwon-do, Vivaldi Park is the first ski park in South Korea that permits nighttime skiing and now has become a perfect choice for the young skiers. Similar to other parks, there are over 13 slopes with various distances and inclines that can be suitable for anyone.

Skiing Korea

Vivaldi Park is the first ski park that permits nighttime skiing


Just take a 45-minute ride south of Seoul and then you will set your feet at a large 9-slope ski resort named Konjiam. Although skiing in South Korea is quite popular, this place limits its number of daily visitors to a maximum of 7,000 ones per day to serve better. Hence, you don’t need to wait too long to get on the lift and go skiing.

Skiing Korea

Konjiam is one of South Korea's best places to enjoy skiing

Since 70% of the slopes are reserved for beginners and senior citizens, this resort is perfect for families. Of course, there are other necessary facilities such as an ecological river, arboretum, spa, and so on.

Muju Deogyusan

Situated in Mt. Deogyusan, Muju Deogyusan is described as one of the largest ski and snowboard resorts in South Korea, covering an area of more than seven million square meters. This area offers a variety of courses for every kind of skiers as well as two major sections, including the Seolcheon base with 10 slopes and the Manseon Base with 12 ones.

Additionally, there is a lift that can transfer 13,000 people at once to Manseonbong Peak (1,215 m). Another wonderful thing is that you can soak yourself in an outdoor hot spring pool located on the first floor of the Family Hotel.

Skiing Korea

Muju Deogyusan Ski Resort attracts so many visitors in winter

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Can you pick up one of six South Korea’s best places to enjoy skiing? No matter what your choice is, we believe that you can get fantastic experiences if you’re interested in skiing. Just plan and book everything before setting forth!

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