Shopping guides in Australia

Shopping is such an important factor of every single traveling trip including purchasing goods and souvenirs. With this article, we desire to take you onto our ship and set forth to Australia to experience everything you need to know about this particular activity in the country.

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What to buy

To begin with, we would like to provide you with a list of goods and souvenirs that you should not miss when visiting Australia.

1. Stuffed kangaroo

Shopping guides in Australia

The most famous toy in Australia

Possessing a nickname as “The country of kangaroo”, it is understandable that Australia provide its visitors with stuffed kangaroo as a great souvenir. This unique stuffed animal comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, leading to a fact that tourists setting feet on the country is able to freely make a selection of this particular toy. Therefore, it is highly recommended for every foreigner to purchase the item to highlight the trip as well as to prepare a souvenir for relatives.

2. Local Crafts

One of the souvenirs that you should not miss when visiting Australia is the local crafts. These items represent a long-lasting history and tradition of aboriginal inhabitants of the country. Please bear in mind that the best destination to purchase these pieces of art is Northern Territory, the habitat of a number of native Australian.

Shopping guides in Australia

Boomerang as a type of local crafts

3. Red wine

Shopping guides in Australia

The famous red wine of Australia

The Barossa Valley, situated in the Southern side of Australia, is widely known for its famous red wine brand of Grange Hermitage. This tourist attraction provides its visitors with such a unique and astringent taste of tannin. Besides, in case you have a passion for wine tasting, paying Swan Valley, Hunter and Yarra Valley a visit is also highly suggested.

4. Tea tree oil

Beside souvenirs, tourists are usually fond of purchasing natural health products. Australia shall definitely meet this requirement with its tea tree oil. For thousands of years, natives have been successfully extracting oil from tea tree, which is well-known for its powerful antiseptic properties and ability to treat wounds.

Shopping guides in Australia

The natural oil extracted from the tea tree

5. Stone Jewelry

Shopping guides in Australia

A necklace made from gemstone in Australia

Australia is a country of precious gemstone with a variety and abundance of stone jewelry. However, it is Opal, meaning “precious stone” in the language of Sanskrit that attracts thousands of collectors around the world. Combining with the diamonds in Kimberley or the gorgeous pearl of Broome, this stone makes Australia become irresistible for jewelry junkies.

6. Vegemite Butter

Shopping guides in Australia

The Vegemite Butter used on bread

Instead of being made from mile, Vegemite Butter in Australia is created from ferment beer. This unique type of butter representing the traditional features of the country’s cuisine shall become an ideal souvenir for your loved ones.

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Where to shop

1. Queen Victoria Market

Shopping guides in Australia

Queen Victoria Market at night

Located in the center of Melbourne, Queen Victoria has been a primary market of the city since 1878. In fact, it can be considered as the largest outdoor market in the southern hemisphere due to its massive range of goods, from fresh vegetable to household appliances or souvenirs. It is also said that Queen Victoria can also be a paradise for food enthusiasts by offering its customers with hundreds of types of local foods.

2. The Rock Market

Shopping guides in Australia

The Rock Market attracts many visitors to shop

The shopping mall in Australia is considered as an ideal destination to purchase both the mentioned local crafts and gemstone. Located underneath the Harbour bridge, The Rock is one of the most visited shopping areas in Sydney. Wandering around the market, visitors are able to bargain for pieces of delicate local art and take a walk to the famous Sydney Opera House.

3. Canberra Shopping Center

Canberra Shopping Center is the biggest shopping center of Australia capital. “You can find every single item here”, said the natives, “from affordable goods to luxurious ones such as gemstone and diamond”. In the heart of the center, hundreds of stores compete and welcome thousands of tourists every year.

Shopping guides in Australia

Canberra Center Christmas Decorations

4. Melbourne Central

Shopping guides in Australia

Artistic decoration in Melbourne Central

Considered as the most modern shopping center in Melbourne, Melbourne Central serves its customers with style. Over 300 stores are constructed in an artistic architecture, creating such a gorgeous display of commodities. Additionally, the leading brands in fashion, food and beverage also situate their business in this famous mall, adding such an exclusive service quality and luxurious features to the attraction.

5. Queen Victoria Mall

Shopping guides in Australia

The beautiful architecture of Queen Victoria Mall

Queen Victoria Mall has maintained its position as a leading mall since its establishment. Bearing the name of the British Queen, the mall possesses the unique European architecture. Wandering underneath the aesthetic arched roofs and purchasing several goods will leave visitors an unforgettable shopping experience.

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It cannot be denied that shopping in Australia is diverse in both locations and commodities. We hope that tourists can be able to spend their money wisely and choose the suitable shopping destination with ease.

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