Say Wow At The Most Exotic Waterfalls On Earth

Looking at grand falls, magnificent fountains, raging rapids, and mighty torrents always bring amazing and terrific experiences. At this time, we will not mention big numbers but the most exotic waterfalls on Earth. Down the list below and say “wow” when seeing their unique beauty.

1. Horsetail Falls – California


Horsetail Falls looks amazing

Situated along Highway 50 in El Dorado County, taking a hike to Horsetail Falls will take you through a granite vista, gorgeous creek side forest, and a breathtaking waterfall on Earth. This cascade also has another exotic name – the natural Firefall.

If you come there around the second week of February, you will find Horsetail glow red and orange at sunset. It’s because the setting sun hits the falls at just the correct angle in order to light up its upper reaches. However, it depends on the right condition to glow.

2. Fog Falls – Iceland


Remember to visit Fog Falls when coming to Iceland

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Fog Falls is a peculiar phenomenon in Iceland. It’s made totally of fog cascading from a cliff in Djupadal and falling into the Breidafjordur fjord beneath. The abnormality is believed from a temperature conversion when hot air increases and keeps the cold air below it. If you have a chance to visit Iceland, don’t miss contemplating one of the most exotic waterfalls.

3. Horizontal Falls – Kimberley, Western Australia


Strong tidal currents make Horizontal Falls

There are just two Horizontal Falls on Earth, and both are deeply in Talbot Bay in the Buccaneer Archipelago, Kimberley. On the way to the McLarty Range, powerful tidal waves are creating stunning temporary waterfalls, up to five meters in height. When the tidal rises or falls, the water will form quicker in front of the gorge than it can run through them. Therefore, a breathtaking cascade effect starts from the massive tidal currents.

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4. Izvorul Bigăr, Severin County, Romania


A magnificent beauty of Izvorul Bigăr

Positioned in the Anina Mountains, Izvorul Bigăr is described as the miracle from the Minis Canyon. Although it doesn’t stand out by its size or flow, what makes this cascade apart is its remarkable shape and location. The circular waterfalls are just eight meters high and run over a spectacular and exotic green carpet of moss. Moreover, the water flows over the top of a rounded, flat stone and is turned into a layer of many small streams.

5. Cameron Falls – Alberta, Canada


Cameron Falls just turns pink in June

Cameron Falls has a couple of the oldest sedimentary rock in the Canadian Rockies, with stones from about 1,500 million years ago. And if you enter there in the month of June, you will discover a rare phenomenon as the waterfall turns pink. The main reason is the high levels of rain that clean red colored sediment (called argillite) from the rocks and into the water.

6. Blood Falls – Antarctica


A unique phenomenon creates Blood Falls in Antarctica

Blood Falls is one of the most exotic waterfalls on Earth that you just find in Antarctica. A glowing five-story high cascade runs from the Taylor Glacier into Lake Bonney. The leading cause starts from the high salt content of the subglacial lake.

Meanwhile, it’s trapped below a quarter mile of ice and prevented from the air. Since the lake is rich in iron, when the water leaks through a crevice, the iron-water will contact with the rusts and atmosphere and turn the falls into red blood immediately.

7. Underwater Falls – Mauritius


The gorgeous beauty of Underwater Falls

Have you ever imagined that you are swimming out in the ocean and then you are being sucked down into a giant, falling cascade all of a sudden? If you ever come to Mauritius, you can witness the terrifying landscape of Underwater Falls. Don’t worry too much because it’s just an illusion. And the reason is all about local sand and silt deposits running through the area and changing the water’s color. Don’t mind taking a helicopter ride to contemplate one of the most incredible vistas on Earth.

8. Pamukkale Falls – Denizli Province, Turkey


Pamukkale Falls looks stunning in winter

Since the 1970s, Pamukkale Falls was known as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For centuries, it has been used as a natural bath by Ancient Greeks and Romans. Its popular terraces are made of travertine (a kind of carbonate mineral) that has been remained by the flowing water. That’s why this magnificent waterfall always attracts many tourists, not only to search for therapeutic comforts but also to behold the elegance of the calcium bicarbonate running over the cliffs.

9. Devil’s Kettle Falls – Grand Marais, Minnesota


Devil’s Kettle Falls has two different cascades

With a geological abnormality, the landscape is divided into two cascades. Its weirdness doesn’t end. One side runs into a river while the other flows into a hole and disappears for no reasons. Although some researchers have thrown ping pong balls and dyed into the hole, they have never found any signal anywhere else.

10. Ruby Falls – Chattanooga, Tennessee


Let's contemplate the beauty of Ruby Falls

The site was found in 1928 by Leo Lambert and his team of talented excavators. This 145-foot waterfall was named after his wife’s name and opened as a popular tourist attraction in 1930. Ruby is the deepest commercial limestone cave in the US and attracts over 400,000 visitors every year. Notably, its water has high levels of magnesium. So, if you drink it enough, you might find yourself on the toilet quite often.

Just read our review and watch photos, then you will say “wow” at the most exotic waterfalls on Earth for sure. Do you have any plan to visit one of them? If yes, pack your bag and head over it right now.

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