Saint Lucia - a tropical paradise on Earth

Saint Lucia - a tropical paradise on Earth

Saint Lucia is known as the pearl of the Caribbean as well as the green paradise on Earth. If you get a chance to get a perfect view of the site from a high position, the whole wonderful natural landscapes below will definitely make you amazed.

Crystal blue water, lush green vegetation and imposing rock formations make Saint Lucia a must-see tourist destination for travelers. Let’s take a look at some significant highlights and interesting tourist attractions before making a travel tour to the tropical heaven.


Saint Lucia

The pristine and charming beauty of Saint Lucia

Located in the volcanic region of the ocean, Saint Lucia has impressive natural landscapes. These include spectacular mountain ranges made of volcanic activity, huge forests, verdant meadows and countless colorful flower gardens.

The highest point is Mount Gimie (950m), and the most famous is the two mountains located closely to each other with the same name Piton (about 600m high).

Saint Lucia has more than 20 hot water pools in which the temperatures can get as high as 300 oC. The color of the sea there is very strange thanks to the mixture of black, brown and yellow.

North of the island is Rodney Bay with many modern amenities. In the south, Soufrière is the centerpiece where you can have a chance to explore ancient plantations, private beaches and the wonders of Piton.

Main attractions

Discover Pitons

Saint Lucia

The impressive twin mountains of Piton

The tourist destination in Saint Lucia welcomes thousands of travelers every year thanks mainly to the twin mountains named as Gros Piton and Petit Piton. One of the most interesting travel experiences there is to take a climbing tour to the mount. This trip is quite long, lasting about 6 hours so you have to prepare carefully. Although it will make you exhausted after reaching the peak, you will then get wonderful relaxing moments. Fresh air and wild landscapes makes you feel as if you are flying in the sky.

Hunt St Lucia parrot

Saint Lucia

St Lucia parrot - a beautiful and rare bird on the tropical island

Coming to the beautiful paradise, you shouldn’t miss the characteristic bird, the St Lucia parrots. They got a colorful feather like the forest where they hide. With its blue feathered head, blue wings and yellow tail, this rare bird is so unique there.

It’s going to be a memorable experience as you go deeply to the tropical jungle of Descariers to search for one of the 500 remaining St Lucia parrots in the world. The most suitable place to find the birds is a mango tree as mango is their favorite food.

To reach the forest, you have to take Des Cartiers Rainforest Trail, a 2.5-mile jungle trail, which is 1 hour and a half from Castries. Before leaving, it is highly recommended to purchase a Des Cartiers Rainforest Trail route map and bring binoculars.

Enjoy kite-surfing on Anse des Sables beach

Saint Lucia

Amazing kite-surfing on the beautiful beach

For beach-goers, Anse des Sables beach with its clear blue water and beautiful surrounding scenery won’t make them disappointed. When winds up, the beach is adorned by the brilliant kites of kite-surfing enthusiasts. The steady winds of the sea and the clear water make Anse des Sables an ideal place for kite surfers in the world. It is possible for beginners to enjoy such an amazing tourist activity as they can book windsurfing lessons or rent surf boards.

Set feet on Pigeon

Saint Lucia

Let's make a travel tour to the beautiful island of Pigeon

Pigeon island is always the number one choice for people to enjoy peaceful atmosphere and lush green landscapes. Coming there, you can take a calm walk on the quiet beach or pay a visit to historical sites there. For a better view of the wonderful scenery far below, fortresses will be the best suggestions on the island.

Zipline through tropical forests

This thing is not for the faint-hearted. Let’s take the adventurous travel tour of Rainforest Adventures which has 18 stopovers in total to take home the most interesting travel experiences. The tour gives travelers the unique opportunity to come across flower fields and wild animals.

For more fascinating experiences, why don’t you have an overnight tour with experience crossing the dense woods? That would be the most memorable trip ever!

Dive at Anse Chastanet resort

Saint Lucia

Anse Chastanet - the best place to dive in Saint Lucia

Known as one of the most famous tourist attractions, the Anse Chastanet resort is an ideal destination for those who love to explore the underwater life. You can rent diving equipment at the resort and then swim to look for reefs surrounded by tropical fish. The impressively colorful corals there will amaze you at first sight.

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