Rio De Janeiro - The Host Of 2016 Summer Olympics

Rio De Janeiro - The Host Of 2016 Summer Olympics

2016 Summer Olympics will be officially organized in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The reason of Olympics gives all travelers opportunity to discover the unique attractiveness of the host as well as learn more about the traditional festivals in the city of Brazil. Let’s discover some fascinating things and places in Rio de Janeiro!

Rio De Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro welcomes visitors to 2016 Olympics

Rio de Janeiro is also called with the short name of “Rio” and known as the second largest city in Brazil. Therefore, Rio de Janeiro is often mistaken for the capital of Brazil while Brasilia is the official capital of Brazil. When coming to Rio city, all visitors are firstly impressed by the charming beauty of a number of girls.

Rio is well-known as the marvelous city for its white sandy beaches, soaring mountains and the attractive harbors. With Rio city, the clean beaches are the life of the residents in Rio de Janeiro. The beaches help visitors feel more pleasant and release pressure from working in the bustling city. The fresh atmosphere of nature in Rio’s beaches can catch the attention of visitors. Apart from the white sandy beaches such as Leblon, Copacabana, Ipanema beach, Rio also attracts visitors with many volleyball playgrounds.

Rio De Janeiro

The white sandy beach in Rio city

Visitors can participate in when coming to Rio de Janeiro for Olympic in 2016. The variety of the following tourist spots and activities will prove that Rio is worthy to be the host of 2016 Olympic.

Admiring the superb beauty of Christ the Redeemer

The famous religious symbol of Rio is the Christ the Redeemer. Christ Redeemer on the Mount Corcovado is 700 meters in height and faces Gianabara bay. It is one of the most attractive destinations in Rio. Travelers can reach this statue by train, car, taxi or suspension cable. However, tourists are recommended to get there by train so that they are able to contemplate the wonderful beauty of the national park Tijuca as well as the natural view around. Particularly, the Christ the Redeemer was inscribed as one out of seven Wonders of the world in 2007.

Rio De Janeiro

Christ the Redeemer in distance

Enjoying in the street festival Carnival Rio in Sambodromo

Carnival is a famous festival in Rio with the animation of samba dance (a charming and attractive dance in Brazil). Accordingly, visitors get chance to take part in the boisterous atmosphere of the festival and watch samba dancers showing their talent with the charming dance and the colorful clothes. It is annually organized in Sambodromo in Rio in February. It is the festival expected by a number of visitors over the world when leaving footprint on Rio city in February. The main center of the festival is the parade of samba dancers from many famous schools training samba on the street.

Rio De Janeiro

Carnival annually attracts a huge number of international visitors

Visiting Maracana stadium

Known as the most famous and biggest museum in the world, Maracana is a place for the important sportive events. Take 2016 Summer Olympics as a bright illustration, it is officially opened in Maracana stadium. This stadium is also an attraction for visitors to set foot on Rio city.

The stadium was inaugurated in 1950 when the fourth World Cup was held in Brazil. Therefore, Maracana is the pride of Brazilians in general and the civilians of Rio de Janeiro in particular. The capacity of this stadium is roughly 200 000 people, however, this statistical number is remarkably decreased after many times of restoring. As a result, Maracana is currently used for the football matches among the famous clubs in Rio de Janeiro city. Furthermore, when visiting this stadium, travelers can know more about some well-known kickers in Brazil over many years, due to Maracana is as a museum having contribution to preserving the photos of the talented football players in Brazil and honor the resounding sport (football) of this country.

Rio De Janeiro

Summer Olympics 20016 is officially opened in Maracana stadium

Participating in some exciting activities on Copacabana beach

It is true to say that Copacabana beach is the most famous attraction and is a high-quality resort in Rio city. Copacabana stretches over 4,5 kilometers with the white sandy beaches and the clean sea water. With that convenient condition, Copacabana is an ideal place to hold some activities near the beach. Visitors can go swimming in the sea, sunbathing, going for a walk on the beach or even taste some special food of Rio in the resort near this beach and go shopping in shopping malls here.

Climbing to Sugar Loaf by suspension cable

Sugar Loaf mountain is situated internal Rio city, near Guanabara bay and faces Atlantic Ocean. It is approximately 396 meters in height above sea level. In the suspension cable will absolutely an ideal position for a poetic image of the whole city standing by side of the beach and surrounded by the range of turquoise mountains. There has full of services on the mountain such as restaurant, coffee shop, souvenir store and bench for visitors to satisfy their desire of contemplating the gorgeous beauty of Rio de Janeiro city from high position. Particularly, on the peak of the mountain is a suitable position for catching the picture of sunset on Guanabara bay.

Rio De Janeiro

Climbing to Sugar Loaf by suspension cable to have great view of the whole city

Yachting around Guanabara bay

Participating in yachting gives visitors opportunity to have a great whole view of Rio city with Corcovado mount in distance. What is more, such modern works in Rio de Janeiro as the bridge across the sea (13,2 kilometers in length), Santa Cruz fortress and the picture of the airport Santos Dumont located inside the city certainly impress in the mind of visitors in the tour around this bay with pleasure – boats.

Together with the tourist sites and activities mentioned above, Rio also has many other landscapes waiting tourists to explore. Therefore, visitors having chance to leave footprint on Rio city in the reason of 2016 Summer Olympics should take the full advantage of the tour to take visit the whole Rio de Janeiro.

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