Ready to roll 9 of the most famous stopovers in Canada?

Canada, the country of maple leaves as we see on its flag, is one of the most developed and happiest nations in the world. It is not only large but also very powerful with stability in all fields, and we cannot talk about Canada without mentioning its tourism. Rich in culture, history and natural heritages, the country welcomes over 17 million tourists per year. There are a lot of places to see and things to do here, but if your time is limited, 9 of the most famous stopovers in Canada for you.

1, Quebec

famous stopovers in Canada

Quebec is adorable with its French heritages

Unlike other tourist attractions in North America, Quebec is adorable with its French heritages. The culture here reflects exactly its rough experiences during a long history as a French colony. With extraordinary architecture as well as cultural and linguistic identity, it was recognized as a cultural heritage by UNESCO in 1985. Nowadays, Quebec is an ideal city for travelers who love quiet atmosphere and discovering meaningful values.

2, Toronto

famous stopovers in Canada

Toronto, the largest city of Canada

Toronto is the second destination in the list of 9 of the most famous stopovers in Canada. Besides being the biggest city of the whole country, it is said to be the safest and most diverse place in the world. People from different corners gather here to create a lively urban area with towers, hot sport teams and activities as well as the nicest restaurants. It is recommended that tourists should visit Toronto in the delightful spring or fall in order not to get wet in winter.

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3, Vancouver Island

famous stopovers in Canada

Vancouver Island, Canada’s heaven on Earth

Located in the northeastern Pacific Ocean, Vancouver Island region is blessed enough to get such great gifts from Mother Nature. It was awarded the “#1 island in the Continental US & Canada” in 2015 by Travel & Leisure magazine.

There is nothing you can find there more than lakes, rivers, oceans, beaches, mountains, rain-forests, marshes and meadows, which are habitats for numerous marine and wildlife species. Visitors certainly spend a lot of time on this island because of interesting activities on the beach or in mountainous areas.

4, Nova Scotia Island

famous stopovers in Canada

Nova Scotia catches great attraction of visitors around the world

Nova Scotia, Canada's second smallest province, has a humble size but an adorable ability of drawing people’s attraction. No word can describe the wonderful gorgeousness of this island. Travelers who want to escape from their daily life routines fall in love with the place in every detail from picturesque rivers, lush mountains, luxurious resorts to sunny beaches. They are also eager to engage in Nova Scotia’s culture and customs.

5, Fundy Bay

famous stopovers in Canada

The Fundy Bay

It is well-known for the highest tidal range in the world. You will have a chance to mix with the nature since the bay includes National Parks, UNESCO sites, national historical sites and museums. Furthermore, the complex allows tourists to try several activities in the breathtaking landscape: hiking trails, sea kayaking, boating, whale watching, etc. Visit the Bay of Fundy and your childhood dreams of dinosaurs, gems and minerals will never be forgotten.

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6, Niagara Falls

famous stopovers in Canada

The imposing beauty of Niagara Falls

Seen as a valuable source of hydroelectric power, the imposing beauty of the waterfalls is so breathtaking and grandiose that human beings feel small in front of it. If you let yourself appear there, you will immediately understand why we have it in our list of 9 of the most famous attractions in Canada.

7, Churchill, Manitoba

famous stopovers in Canada

Churchill, the Kingdom of polar bears

Winter lovers must visit this place at least once in their life since this town is covered under a thick blanket of snow most of the time. It is not wrong to say that polar bears are smart owners of the land because they are really good at luring people. Besides observing one of the most magnificent animals on the planet, tourists love getting to know more about its fur trade history, beluga whales, northern lights and unique foods.

8, Lake Louise

famous stopovers in Canada

Lake Louise has a great natural beauty

Louise Lake is one of the reasons why tourists love wandering in Banff National Park. The lake has a great natural beauty with crystal water surrounded by grandiose lush mountains. In summer time, you must want to go sailing and do some wildlife sightings; and when winter comes, it is very interesting and healthy to ski. When you miss crowded streets, there lies the village of Lake Louise with an outdoor shopping mall, a gas station and a handful of hotels.

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9, Canadian Rockies?

famous stopovers in Canada

Canadian Rockies – Who dares to conquer?

The last destination in our list of 9 of the most famous attractions in Canada is Canadian Rockies which mostly attract professional mountaineers for numerous high peaks and ranges composed of shale and limestone. Nature lovers never get bored with the spectacular scenery of lush alpine meadows, blue clear water, virgin forests, white waterfalls and wildlife galore.

As you may know, Canada has been recently famous for its prime minister, Justin Trudeau, who is the most handsome politician in the world. However, that is just one of a lot of reasons to visit the country. Canada in reality is much more beautiful and charming than it looks on the Internet, and it promises a wonderful life for everyone.

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