"Open Your Mouth" With Meeting Of Waters In Brazil

"Open Your Mouth" With Meeting Of Waters In Brazil

If you are a full-experienced traveler, you might have known about distinctive factors that make each country differently stands out. For example, Asian countries presents for rich Orient culture hidden inside, or Western countries are extremely captivating with incredible architectural constructions and modern approaches. Brazil can be seen as a combination of two sides. The country is full of unique cultural fortification which cannot be find elsewhere and amazing buildings as well as outstanding nature views. Like many other countries, Brazil’s landscapes is gifted with extraordinary features. Among of that, there is one wonder of nature in Brazil that cannot be passed while traveling Brazil. That is Meeting of Waters in Brazil, an outstanding phenomenon of nature in this country.

Where is it located?

Meeting of Waters

Nearby this wonderful masterpiece of nature is Manaus City

This Meeting of Waters is located at Manaus, a flourishing city in Brazil as well as the capital of Brazilian State: Amazonas. The city plays an important role in contributing to local finance and corporation development of the North of Brazil. Manaus is one of the most famous cities in Brazil, especially comparing in tourism field. Thanks to the creative architectural complexes and inherited a wide range of breathtaking natural scenes, Manaus keeps making the enthusiasm of visitors all around the world growing continuously.

The great potential and advantages in tourism in Manaus helps it gain the 10th place in the list of most promising tourism cities in Brazil. More than that, the city is also famous for situated in the territory of the largest tropical forest in the world, Amazon.

Manaus is the door to enter this legendary forest which is regarded as the Green Lungs of the Earth. If you think Manaus would only surprise you with the variety of natural ecosystems in the wild Amazon forest, you definitely change your mind when you get to see another remarkable wonder of this place. That is Meeting of Waters in Manaus.

What do we know about Meeting of Waters and why is it famous for?

Counting all incredible tourist attractions in this city, to point out a unique and special one, that position must go to Meeting of Waters in Manaus. Not only proving to be a unique landscape of Brazil, Meeting of Waters in Brazil is attracting more and more curiosity of people in the world. From tourists to researchers, this amazing phenomenon of nature is becoming a new and appealing spot for traveling as well as researching.

Meeting of Waters

People often visit this extraordinary wonder by boat

The Meeting of Waters is a fuse of two river systems: Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes. Meeting of Waters is a way to call the confluence between Rio Negro River and Rio Solimoes River. These two rivers are located in the area of Manus City and also contributed as two major river streams of Manaus.

You must have seen more than one river in your entire life. To be honest, if it is just a normal meeting of waters, it would have been pretty much alike to a river that you saw in any random place. The important question here is what makes this meeting of rivers so different from those regular ones that you have already seen? To answer that question, firstly, we must get to know about these two special rivers.

Rio Negro is the biggest river branch lying off on left side of Amazon River. Rio Negro River is also called as “the largest black river on Earth”. The name of this river derives from Portuguese. Rio Negro in Portuguese can be inferred as “Black River”. The river begins its stream at the water barrier between Orinoco, another river of South America and the Pan-Amazon. Rio Negro is also connected with Orinoco River by Casiquiare Canal located in the South area of Venezuela.

Meeting of Waters

Rio Negro has a featured black color while Rio Solimoes has a sandy one

The distinctive feature of Rio Negro River is about the unique color of it. The color of Rio Negro is not completely black. Some people said that it is more alike the color of tea when it is in its richest color. The color of this river origins from Humic Acid, an organic chemical substance which can be found in soil. This component is made by the incomplete decomposition of the floral systems of local area.

The black color of Rio Negro cannot be said as one of a kind, since black-colored rivers can be found in several places in the world. However, what makes people feel so interesting about this Meeting of Waters is mostly about the bizarre way that Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes combining.

When Rio Negro is presented with a dark color, Rio Solimoes, on the other hand, a lighter one happening to be highlighted the color even more. Rio Solimoes River with a featured yellow color which is inherited from sand contributes as an essential part in the unique look of the confluence. Along with the sand, the color of Rio Solimoes is affected by the featured color of alluvial, since it contains a large amount of alluvial.

Meeting of Waters

The rivers do not mix at its meeting but preserve its own colors

With the length of 6 kilometer, Meeting of Waters between Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes creates an extraordinary scene, especially when you observe it at an aerial position. One side is black and one side is yellow. Two rivers cannot be able to dissolve into each other because of the difference of speed of temperature. The combination of two completely opposite colors make the confluence look absolutely gorgeous. This special fuse is regarded as Yin Yang in Chinese culture which emphasizing the balance of life.

Visiting Brazil, Meeting of Waters in Manaus is one of the most amazing place that you cannot miss. If you want to seek for new discovers in your journey, this wonder of nature should be one of them.

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