"Open your mouth" at the exotic design hotels on our planet

"Open your mouth" at the exotic design hotels on our planet

It has been so far away the time when travelers pay for a hotel just to sleep. Besides the massive development of hostels to encourage international communication, a range of exotically designed accommodations sprouted up to satisfy the craving of innovation from guests and owners themselves. A stay in these utmost strange hotels on planet will definitely spice up your trip, and even sparkle your long-buried creativity.

1. Aurora-Express B&B (Fairbanks, Alaska, USA)


Historical Aurora Express train

Aurora-Express B&B is a symbol of history: this B&B is a recycled old Alaska train from the 18th century. Some of its carriages still embody the breath of 3 centuries ago with the vintage picture frames or the mesmerizing mirror.


Cozy sleeping car

The train rooms also overlook stunning view of Fairbanks, the Tanana Valley, & Alaska Mountain Range. And just like the old time, you can for sure enjoy your meals on Aurora-Express exclusive dining car.

2. Jumbo Stay (Stockholm-Arlanda, Sweden)


Cafe inside Jumbo Stay

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While the world is going crazy with purchasing new aircrafts, Jumbo Stay is probably the only one on planet to provide accommodation options on a Boeing 747. From the appearance to the booking ticket, this hotel will make you feel like on a timeless flight. Price ranges from $50 to $200 depending on your choice of room.

3. Dog Bark Park Inn (Idaho, USA)


Dog-shaped B&B in Idaho, USA

If Dog Bark Park Inn does not get mentioned as one of the strange hotels on planet, I do not know which hotels can. This amusing inn was created by an artist couple in 1997 and it is still fully booked until now at the rate of $124/night for a couple. Staying here will make you feel happy and safe with more than 60 dog statues around the park (not to mention the dog house that you are sleeping in).

4. Capsule & Sauna Century Shibuya (Tokyo, Japan)


Capsule & Sauna Century Shibuya

Tokyo is one of the most populated cities in the world, which makes this capsule hotel a complete fit. It provides minimum sleeping space, yet Jacuzzi, sauna and massage service here is a big plus. If you want to experience living like a caterpillar, this is your perfect choice.

If you are looking for best places to stay in Tokyo, let's visit: Top best places to stay to enjoy your summer holidays in Tokyo, Japan

5. Crane Hotel Faralda (Amsterdam, Netherlands)


Free spirit of Amsterdam - Crane Hotel Faralda

Named as the highest crane hotel in the world, Crane Hotel Faralda offers guests with customized suites, a breathtaking panorama lounge and even a heated spa pool. At first sight, Crane Hotel Faralda in Amsterdam seems to be a normal crane; however, once you've reached your feet onto the high floor of this hotel, you will be possessed by amusement and astonishment. One thing for sure: this hotel is not for people who are scared of height.

6. Skylodge (Cusco, Peru)


Hanging by the cliff with Skylodge

If the crane hotel has yet frightened you, Skylodge is up for the height challenge. Hanged by a cliff in Sacred Valley, the room capsules are made of transparent Perspex material which allows you to admire the stars in the night and gaze at the beauty of surrounding nature in the morning.

7. Montaña Mágica Lodge (Panguipulli, Chile)


Water spitting from the volcano Montaña Mágica Lodge

Just like its name, Montaña Mágica Lodge is among not only magical but also strange hotels. On planet, no where can you find another lodge with volcano shape hidden in a rainforest. Oh, and for the adventurous souls, you will have to cross a rope bridge to enter this magical land.

8. Ještěd (Liberec, Czech Republic)


Majestic Ještěd hotel

Lying 1021 meters above the sea, this complex of hotel – restaurant and TV tower Ještěd is where you can enjoy vacation in both summer and winter. From here, guests can benefit from free cable car ride to the top of Mount Ještěd nearby and thrill at the view of 3 worlds: Czech Republic, Germany and Poland.

9. Giraffe Manor (Nairobi, Kenya)


Hang out with animals at Giraffe Manor

Are you an animal lover? If the answer is yes, Giraffe Manor in Kenya will amaze you. This manor lies inside Giraffe Center on the suburb of Nairobi; therefore, it is high chance that the giraffes here will constantly invite themselves to your meals through open windows.

10. Attrap'Rêves (Allauch, France)


Attrap'Rêves bubble in the forest

Have you ever imagined yourself sleeping in a bubble when you were small? Well, I did, and I went crazy finding out this creative hotel which looks exactly like a balloon in the middle of a forest. The innovative structure of hotel room allows residents to be immersed totally in the nature.

Besides top-notch room service, Attrap'Rêves hotel is also famous for its outdoor jacuzzi and massage services. Due to high room demand, Attrap'Rêves blows more bubbles into 4 other locations around France: Forcalquier, La Bouilladisse, Montagnac Montpezat and Puget Ville.

11. No Man's Fort (Portsmouth, UK)


Isolated No Man's Fort

No Man’s Fort is worth to be one of the most isolated and strange hotels in the world. This luxury fort was once a military fort, and now its main role is to accommodate curious residents, weddings, private parties and events.

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