Only in Turkey: 7 of Interesting Activities That You Will Love

With the special geography, Turkey attracts a huge number of tourists every year. It will be a pity if you visit Turkey without joining these exciting activities.

1. Diving in the Mediterranean Sea


The Mediterranean Sea is waiting to be discovered

It takes only 10 minutes to go from Kaş - a small fishing, yachting, diving, and tourist town of Antalya Province in Turkey - to this diving area. The dive site is so famous as people can explore the Dakota DC-3 aircraft with the undamaged engine, propeller and so on. This machine, which is produced in World War II, used by the Turkish military and sank in 2009, is currently located about 21 m below sea level. In addition, the plane has become a haven for many marine creatures such as turtles, octopus and rays.

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2. Surfing on the Çeşme peninsula


Surfing is one of the most exciting water sports

Tourists may need to spend about an hour moving from İzmir city to Turkey's best surfing site. Wind and waves are the main factors that make the peninsula Çeşme become a favorite place for most athletes and surfers all over the world.

Moreover, this peninsula offers various surfing areas for different people in different levels. Beginners or intermediate-level surfers can enjoy this sport in the Alaçatı and Urla Bay areas with slight wind and soft waves. Besides, skillful players often prefer the Pırlanta Sea, which brings them wonderful feelings.

3. Immersing in the sea and contemplating phosphorescence


The phosphorescence looks so marvelous

The Turkish word "yakamoz", which means phosphorescence, was chosen as the world's most beautiful word in 2007. That is the "moonlight under the water", but it implies the phenomenon when the plankton floats, glows in the sea and creates the sparkling light. The best time to experience this scene is at new moon when the light is particularly weak. It will be a wonderful experience if you have an opportunity to dive into the sea and enjoy "yakamoz".

4. Watching the ancient city from a plane


Ephesus city is definitely impressive

Ephesus, home of the Roman Empire, was an ancient city on the coast of Ionia, in the southwest of Selçuk in İzmir Province, Turkey. It still remains the Celcius Library Tower and the 25,000-seat Opera House. Millions of visitors coming there are often interested in the marble floor, but not many people get the whole view of the beautiful city from the third dimension. However, sitting on the airplane is the best way to discover the size as well as the history of this ancient city.

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5. Experiencing wild life with family


Many people are appealed by Dalyan town

Located in the special sanctuary of Turkey, Dalyan town is a coastal area with Köyceğiz fresh water lake and the Dalyan River connecting to the Mediterranean Sea. Additionally, Dalyan also has the İztuzu beach, a breeding place of rare turtles.

You can take a boat across the river, walk through small forests to reach the ancient city of Kaunos, relax your body in mud pools or hot springs near the Dalyan River and Köyceğiz Lake. Furthermore, visitors may be keen on exploring the wildlife habitat of goats, donkeys, turtles, blue crabs, mullets and so on.

6. Trekking and discovering cuisine


Trekking lovers must visit Turkey at least once

People who take an interest in trekking in Turkey often hear about the Lycian way along the Mediterranean coast. Nevertheless, this country has a large number of paths that are much more attractive. For instance, you can combine walking with discovering cuisine in Çorum province by going to the east from Ankara capital. This is the way of the ancient trade in Turkey, as well as the path of immigration into the country. The culinary way includes 25 pedestrian paths and 7 biking trails for those who drive cars. What's more, you can get this experience whenever you want but the best time is from April to November.

7. Skiing through various 1,500-meter mountains


Skiing is among the highlights of winter in Turkey

People often think that traveling to Turkey is enjoying the summer with active games to play on the beach. On the other hand, from November to April, mountains are suggested to be ideal places for people to visit.

A lot of skiing players choose to stay at Karrtalkaya resort, which lies 1,500 meters above sea level in the Köroğlu mountain range. This is really a great spot for a winter vacation and it takes only 3 hours to go from Istanbul. While being here, you can visit and have unforgettable experiences in Dorukkaya, the only ski park of Turkey.

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Summer is coming! Lots of people have chosen Turkey as their upcoming destination. It will be absolutely wonderful if you can have a trip to this pristine place with your family and friends. The charming country promises to bring you the best period of time with various things to experience.

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