Oakland travel tips

Oakland travel tips

Not having the gorgeous beauty like San Francisco or the historic culture of Berkeley, Oakland bears the own charm with its amazing diversity. Traveling to Oakland, visitors are easily attracted by anything from the spectacularly renovated Victorian home to Buddhist meditation center, a Nigerian clothing store to a lively salsa club. All gathers in the same block of this trade port city of San Francisco Bay Area.

Oakland travel tips

Oakland bears the own charm with its amazing diversity

Follow these tips below to have the perfect moments when exploring all of Oakland:

Go anytime you want

Ranked as No.1 ideal climate among U.S cities by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Oakland has a wonderful weather in any season of the year. This city is characterized by a Mediterranean climate with the average annual temperature is 26 degrees Celsius. While summer is usually warm and dry, the winter is quite mild and wet, but you don’t have to worry about the snow or frequent sub-freezing temperatures. All you need when traveling to Oakland in summer is a set of tank top or light shirt with jeans, and just add a sweater or raincoat in winter.

Oakland travel tips

An ideal climate

Get around on the public transportations

Thanks to the center location of Bay Area and the sustainable practices of public transportation, traveling around Oakland becomes easy for all tourists. There are many ways to go throughout the city, including ferry, car, bicycle, bus, subway, and rideshare. If you want to go to the downtown, the Grand Lake district, Jack London Square, or Temescal, bus (AC Transit) is an ideal choice. Moreover, in downtown, “B on Broadway” is a free shuttle service bringing you to some interesting districts.

Oakland travel tips

“B on Broadway”

The best way to explore the major destinations of Oakland without encountering traffic jams is by subway – BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit and Amtrak), which 8 stops at the main areas that most of the visitors are interested in. If you are finding something more flexible and provides a wider range than the traditional modes of transport, ridesharing and casual carpool is a perfect alternate. Carma, Sidecar, Uber, and Lyft are the good examples of ridesharing service.

Oakland travel tips


Do not settle in one tourist neighborhood so long

With a tourist city having the diverse culture like Oakland, each neighborhood bears its own color and characteristics. So, to truly appreciate the value of Oakland, you should travel around the city and spend some times exploring its separate parts. Just say about the main tourist neighborhoods, there are 6 areas: Downtown Oakland, Uptown Oakland, Piedmont Avenue, Jack London Square, Old Oakland, and Rockridge. So, if you stop at one place so long, you will not have a chance to explore the other amazing things.

Oakland travel tips

Each neighborhood bears its own characteristics

  • Rockridge provides a green environment from the verdurous gardens, historic cottages, and a 99 walk score. Opposite, Old Oakland brings you back to the past with preserved late century architecture.
  • While the Downtown promotes an environment for businesses thriving and art sprouting, the Uptown Oakland is the hottest shopping district and the entertainment center with the indie boutiques, urban wineries, creative centers, a live music venue, and more.
  • Jack London Square gives you the peace of Bay view when strolling onshore down to the European style walkways, and the Piedmont Avenue makes you relax with the model Badass sidewalk of restaurants, as well as the home bric-a-brac.

Oakland travel tips

The home bric-a-brac in Piedmont Avenue

But the main tourist neighborhoods above don’t cover all of Oakland, this city is more featured. Other neighborhoods also contain the amazing things. Visiting China Town, you will have a chance to enjoy the real Eastern cuisine. Coming to Temescal Alley, you will find the most clever handmade and vintage cravings. Tasting the fresh fruit in Fruitvale or learning strong Latino culture in Dimond District? All sounds great!

Oakland travel tips

Eastern cuisine in China Town

Surely that you’ll spend a full night in Oakland

Silence is maybe golden, but in Oakland, a little more bass in the evening is really a diamond. Just with a stage and bands, you will kick up because of their wonderful performances. The headlining bands in Oakland Fox Theater, stunning art Deco Paramount Theatre, or the iconic jazz hall Yoshi's offers the delicious dinner with any kind of music and special events you like.

Oakland travel tips

Oakland Fox Theater

From the craft beer, colorful cocktails to the live music, the hurly-burly of Oakland’s nightlife will never let you down. The integral part of this atmosphere is the unique niche bars. Not only being bustle in the weekend, the locals and tourists can also “turn up” virtually any day of the week in the Country Western, Tiki Bars, Biergarten, Irish pub with the dancing hula girls and line dancing lessons. Especially, the White Horse is the oldest bar in the United States continuously having operated for the gay and lesbian community since 1933.

Oakland travel tips

Oakland’s nightlife will never let you down

Try local foods in the Oakland’s most tasty food hall

Today, thanks to the varied kinds of food in Oakland, many visitors come to this country just for eating and drinking. From the unique products of farmer’s markets to pop-up shops, street food to the alluring restaurants, all will satisfy your stomach.

The first place you cannot ignore is the best food hall – Swan’s Market. Here you can try the dishes processed based on the unique formula of locals. For example, at Miss Ollie’s, Pholourie is dipped in the special garlicky sauce named “shado beni” or the chilled rose, Tomales Bay oysters at The Cook and Her Farm. Particularly, enjoy the wild shrimp tacos with a distinctive horchata latte at Cosecha, you will feel the taste of Oakland spread in your body.

Oakland travel tips

Tomales Bay oysters

In addition, Camino with the Grill on a wood fire, Itani Ramen served the incredible Japanese and Thai food, and the huge, cool ice-cream in Fentons Creamery are also the amazing places you should go.

Oakland travel tips

Incredible food in Itani Ramen

Oakland is quite changing fast. A few years ago, people often thought about Oakland as a tough neighborhood of San Francisco. But today, it becomes the most fashionable place in northern California, where attracts tourists all over the world come every day. Not only thanks for the beauty and diversity the city contains, the strong sense of energy and community here also make you love this place and want to come back a few more times.

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