Now you known the ghost hotels in the world

Now you known the ghost hotels in the world

Haunted houses can be a scary concept to a lot of people, but it is also very tempting with bold adventurers. So, how about ghost hotels? Fans of horror movies and thrill seekers should not miss the chance to stay the night on top of the most famous haunted accommodations in the list below. Weird noises or giggles of children in the middle of the night will definitely add more drama to your trip!

Stanley, Estes Park, Colorado

Apart from impressing people with its French colonial look, Stanley also intrigues people for being a haunted hotel, and it does not stop at rumors. Even the hotel staffs of Stanley admitted that they often heard someone giggling or loud running steps on the 4th floor, especially in room 418 where mysterious phenomena usually happen.

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Under that lovely appearance, Stanley is home to wandering souls

People who had stayed or worked in this hotel determined that they saw no one when they heard those strange noises. There were witnesses seeing the figures of Mr. Stanley and Mrs. Stanley, who had passed away for years, appeared in the hallway or played the piano. Moreover, a former steward’s spirit often wanders in room 217.

Langham, London, Britain

According to the record, this fancy hotel had welcomed world-famous characters such as Oscar Wilde or Mark Twain. If you are already overwhelmed by its majestic appearance, just wait until you step inside and see the exquisite interior of Langham.

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The scary beauty of Langham

Being an old building, Langham is also surrounded by ghost tales, specifically, haunted rooms. One of the most well-known haunted rooms here is Room 333. Do you think that you have the gut to face the spirits who stuck in this hotel? Those ghosts include a German royal prince, a man who killed his wife right in his honeymoon, another person with a bloody face filled with scars, maids, and housekeepers.

The Myrtles, St. Francisville, Louisiana

Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana, America, has been famous for the presence of ghosts for many years. Literally, at the first sight, you will not think that this is the home of wandering spirits. People had been able to capture some images showing their blur figures.

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Are you ready to discover the secrets of the Myrtles?

The most famous of them all is Chloe, a girl who used to be a slave in this plantation. The legend told that the slave girl was harassed by the owners, and she decided to poison her owners. At the end, the girl was hanged by other slaves for her crime. A tragic end, isn’t it?

Roosevelt, Los Angeles, the U.S

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Maybe you will get the chance to meet the famous Marilyn Monroe there!

The boutique hotel was favored by the sexiest actress of all time, Marilyn Monroe. Looking at the wonderful hotel, you will understand why she loved it. This place is rumored to be her ‘favorite hideout’ while she was alive, and even after the famous Hollywood actress passed away.

Looks like the Marilyn always keeps her joyful spirit! Many people saw her ghost dancing in the room or staring at the mirror in Room 229, her favorite spot. Frequently, you can even hear the sound of the trumpet from Room 928.

Russell, Sydney, Australia

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Ironically, Russell is a fairy-tale castle with mysterious stories about witches

Russell is located in The Rock, which is an old area of Sydney and known as the home of witches and wicked curses. The quaint building is captivating with a castle-like look. As the rumors spreading, room 8 is assumed to be haunted by the ghost of a witch who lived in the colonial period. People said that they saw the witch wander in the corridor or even stare at them in their sleep.

Skirrid Mountain Inn, Monmouthshire, Wales

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Somehow the moody look of Skirrid Mountain Inn matches the theme of ghost hotels perfectly

This unique hotel is one of the oldest places in Wales, which dated back to the year of 1100. Historically, the 1st floor was where the judge Jeffreys sentenced 180 men to death. Nowadays, people can still feel the lingering presence of that cold-blood judge in the corners of Skirrid Mountain Inn.

Some guests even have red marks left by a hanging rope after they awake from their sleep. Strangely, bold tourists show their excitement when they see these marks.

Burchianti, Florence, Italy

Apart from being wowed by the amazing features of Burchianti, you will also be welcomed by the ghosts living here. At this place, it has become normal to see faint shadows dancing in the lobby, or a woman knitting quietly on a chair.

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Who doesn't want to stay in such a beautiful hotel?

Most of the ghosts in Burchianti seem to be quite friendly and have a sense of humor. You might feel like your hand grabbed by someone, a sudden chill or get goosebumps. Those are the ways Burchianti’s ghosts might use to greet newcomers.

Ballygally Castle, Ballygally, Northern Ireland

People who fancy at living in an old castle and love the tranquility of the countryside will fall in love with Ballygally right at the first glance. Do you still adore it after hearing the tragic story of Isobella Shaw, the ghost who haunted this castle?

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Who knows there's a sad story behind the mesmerizing look of Ballygally Castle

The pitiful woman was held captive and left to starve by her husband family because she had given birth to a girl instead of a boy. She died in the attempt of escaping that horrible family. Over 400 years later, tourists still hear stories about her wandering soul trying to find her lost daughter. The room where Isobella used to stay is called The Ghost Room and opened for exploring.

Toftaholm Herrgård, Lagan, Sweden

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A sad love story is embedded in Toftaholm Herrgård

Despite the beauty of Toftaholm Herrgård, the story behind this grand mansion is a tearful love story. The tale was about a poor boy who had fallen in love with the daughter of a rich family, and their love blossomed.

However, the girl’s father forced her to get married to another person to sabotage their relationship. In his desperation, the boy killed himself in room 324 on the wedding day of his lover. His poor soul is rumored to still wander around the mansion.

A ghost hotel might be terrified but appealing at the same time. If you’re an adrenaline seeker, those wonderful haunted buildings above are worth giving a try!

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