North America: Most beautiful islands for an escape

If you want to have an escape to a gorgeous island where you can chill out on white-sand beaches and participate in cool activities, then go ahead to North America now. The islands in the continent have their own personalities, and everyone of all ages can do everything they like, ranging from hanging around soft sand beaches to going breathtaking hikes through national parks. No matter what you select, you are surely guaranteed a memorable vacation steeped in this continent.

The following are the most beautiful islands for a peaceful getaway in North America you should not miss. Keep reading now!

The United States

1. Mackinac Island, Michigan

Setting feet in Mackinac Island seems to be a journey to the past where horse-drawn carriages are waiting for guest, instead of cars and taxis. Then, you can continue your trip to the island by riding bicycles through the scenic streets downtown. As one of the stunning islands in North America, Mackinac Island is famous as a summer playground for families with kids.

islands for an escape

Visiting Mackinac Island is a chance of a lifetime

While some visitors are fond of cycling around the shoreline of the island, others fall in love with going for a stroll around one of the sweet-smelling candy shops to taste creamy Mackinac Island Fudge. Don’t forget to look for a place to stay on the island and then experience the whole day, from sunrise to sunset, as well as watch the lights coming down in the evening.

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2. Santa Catalina Island, California

Santa Catalina Island is simply accessible by a short ferry ride away from reputable ports in Dana Point, Long Beach, and Los Angeles. While going hiking the hilly terrain, tourists often choose following a single-file line and partaking in wildlife adventure tours. Several beaches are only reached by a boat trip or sea kayak. That’s why you should plan ahead when wishing to visit these hidden spots.

islands for an escape

Many amazing things are waiting for you in Santa Catalina Island

Going hiking, biking, and camping on the island may make your stay more adventurous if you don’t want to be out on the water. For those who love scuba-diving, then snorkeling trips are sure to provide a glance at the Pacific waters and its undersea world.


3. Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island wins an award for the biggest island on the Pacific coast of North America. In fact, it has become increasingly well-known as an ideal escape in recent years. Thanks to the mild coastal climate and eye-catching scenery, the island draws a number of travelers here every summer. In winter, it is easy to see surfers hitting the light waves on the shore as well as skiers hitting the slopes.

islands for an escape

The romantic beauty of Vancouver Island

Lots of the locals tend to flock to there because of the delicious food, beer scene, cheaper costs, beautiful beaches, lakes, rivers, hiking trails, mountains, and scenic farmland. Along with swimming, surfing, snorkeling, and fishing to try, Vancouver Island is also home to the Pacific Rim National Park where you can go trekking and climbing with joy.

4. Toronto Islands

Toronto islands are located a short distance from the biggest city in Canada. What makes the island group stand out from others is that it hosts the large lighthouse with a hexagonal base dating back to the 18th century. Most Torontonians and visitors are drawn by the allure of the Toronto Islands. Thanks to the lush landscape and imposing beaches, this small island chain always holds a special place in their heart.

islands for an escape

Leisurely ride bicycles around Toronto Islands

There are a lot of fun activities for tourists to do in hot summer days, like bathing and swimming at the beaches, riding bikes on many paths, or playing games of Frisbee on the grassy fields. Winter is equally attractive with ice sailing, ward’s island village, skating, and more.

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5. Guadalupe Island

Guadalupe Island is another beautiful island in Mexico, North America. For many tourists, this place seemingly gives them a flawless feeling of running away from the rest of the world. The best way to access there is to take a "live-aboard” dive boat trip. Of course, this will be the trip of a lifetime. The incredibly unique flora and fauna make the island more charming and impressive.

islands for an escape

A chance to communicate with Great White Sharks in Guadalupe Island

In general, Guadalupe Island is reputable with Great White Sharks that usually gather in the waters around from July to November. Their presence is so reliable and remarkable that it has been the main subject of many documentaries on Discovery, the BBC, and National Geographic channels.

6. The Marietas Islands

The attraction is the hidden but striking place in Mexico. To get there, tourists must take a one-hour boat ride trip from the Puerto Vallarta area. This island group is home to an enormous colony of sea birds, i.e. egrets, sea gulls, herons, brown boobies, pelicans, and forth. Adding to its glamour and allure is the landscape itself with many species of fish. People like visiting here to enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving experiences.

islands for an escape

A perfect escape in The Marietas Islands

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Get ready to make a vacation to North America – the continent of imagination and charm. Spend time indulging yourself into the most beautiful islands for a memorable experience! Let’s go ahead and have them all explored right now!

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