New Zealand insider guides

When traveling to New Zealand, you will have an opportunity joining a lot of interesting activities including climbing, parachuting, cave exploring and skiing.

This writing will provide you some useful guides that you should know before visiting New Zealand to enjoy the greatest moments.

Time to visit

New Zealand insider guides

The beauty of Mulla Mulla in spring

New Zealand has the temperate climate which is wet in winter and warm, dry in summer. You can visit the land at any time during the year depending on your condition and hobby. However, it is truly ideal for you to enjoy this site from November to April when the weather is really comfortable, warm and sunny, which is convenient to take part in outdoor activities.

The peak season is on the Christmas holiday, which offers not only many unique, colorful and typical features of New Zealand culture but also exciting winter sports activities, especially skiing.

Nevertheless, you need to book flight ticket as well as accommodation in advance. Besides, you can feel uncomfortable because of the crowd, traffic jam and expensive prices compared to other seasons.

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New Zealand insider guides

Many tourists use bicycles to explore New Zealand

Transportation in New Zealand is truly convenient and modern. You can travel by any vehicles such as the car, motorbike, bicycle, bus or train.

Exploring the country by car and motorbike are popular choices for many travelers. If you want to drive yourself, you can contact the Gorental company ( to hire a car offering 4-9 seats with about 20-90 dollars per day.

The bus system spreads across New Zealand including in the center, North and South Island. Recently, they add the Newman route running regularly, especially serving cheap food and entertainment. The typical feature of the bus in New Zealand is the shuttle buses which is unique, small, high-speed, friendly and much cheaper than the usual buses.

New Zealand insider guides

The bus is the most popular transportation to get around the country

Where to stay

In New Zealand, there are many kinds of accommodations that you can stay including dormitories, farm-stays, hotels, homestays, camping, etc.

New Zealand insider guides

Farm-stay is an intelligent choice to stay in the country

The dormitory is about $20-$30 per night, the private room is $50 and the double room, $80. The budget hotel costs $100, while homestay and farm-stay are really cheap, with only $10.

New Zealand insider guides

The Dwellington Hostel, Wellington is one of many popular hotels in New Zealand

However, no matter what kinds of accommodations you choose, you absolutely should refer to the beautiful, cheap and convenient hotels in New Zealand or contact with the farm-stay and homestay in advance.

The followings are some cheap and comfortable hotels that you can stay: Columbia Apartments, Point Backpackers, The Dwellington Hostel, Rotorua Thermal Holiday Park.

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Where to visit

New Zealand insider guides

There are a lot interesting spots in the Wellington capital

In the North: you can visit the Wellington capital to enjoy a number of beautiful sites such as the Parliament House, Botanic Garden, Victoria mountain, Te Papa Museum, Masterton business center, manufacturing and processing pearls center. Besides, you can travel to Aukland city to admire the peaceful, quiet beauty of the countryside in New Zealand.

New Zealand insider guides

Your trip to New Zealand cannot finish if you miss the Milford Sound Bay

In the South: the Punakaiki Valley, Milford Sound Bay, and Abel Tasman National Park are some of the favorite destinations.

In the East: it will be truly great to explore the train station of Dunedin city, Queenstown and Love castle.

What’s more, there are a lot of other famous spots in New Zealand: Bay of Islands, Tongariro National Park, Lake Taupo, Sky Tower, Milford track, Wai-o-Tapu, Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park, Lake Wanaka and so on.

Food culture

New Zealand insider guides

New Zealand is famous for a number of delicious dishes

Food culture in New Zealand is influenced by British cuisine because this island nation had been a British colony. However, the cuisine is truly special with soft meat, dairy, dessert cakes, seafood, vegetables, especially kiwi, white wine, natural salt, chocolate, chutney sauce and so on.

Cheese, crackers, pate Vegemite and Marmite, New Zealand ice-cream and grilled meat are some popular dishes that you should enjoy when visiting this landscape. Fast food is also a good idea. You can get a sandwich ($5), McDonald or Burger King ($5-$10) and drink ($5).

New Zealand insider guides

Kiwi is a special fruit in New Zealand

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These are several useful insider guides that you should know when planning to enjoy New Zealand. Hope that with these suggestions, you will get the nicest trip ever.

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