Must-do activities in Fox Glacier, New Zealand

Must-do activities in Fox Glacier, New Zealand

If you have a chance to watch the Frozen cartoon movie, you may be dazzled by the stunning icy castle and white snow land made by the Snow Queen - Elsa. And particularly, if you are keen on immersing yourself in the glacial world one time in your life, Fox Glacier, New Zealand is the best spot for you with many must-do activities that appeals you in the extreme. Fox Glacier is more popularly known as a huge expanse of condense ice and snow that is located in the Westland of New Zealand, which is named Tai Poutini National Park. A like-cartoon land is waiting for those seeking thrill and challenging themselves because it offers you a chance to test yourself for physical and mental endurance before the tough climate condition.

Fox Glacier

The sunrise kisses the peaks in Fox Glacier surrounds

1. Trek like a Fox

Amid the native and wild landscapes of New Zealand's South Island, the Fox Glacier captivates visitors from all over the world with a 13km distant icy trail through the Southern Alps to the Fox River. And the Terminal face walk is the dynamic activity that you can join in the journey to the glacier. In the walking trip, you will enjoy the breathtaking view around you and have to walk on the thick snow ground too strenuously.

Fox Glacier

A long but beautiful walk in Fox Glacier

Fortunately, if you take a tour trip, your guide will search the path for you and you just follow him until getting to the final rest place of the ice ground. You can also reach closer to the crystal-clear ice blocks (guarantee that it is safe for you to do so at that moment!) and you will get more knowledge of Fox Glacier's role in formulating its now environment. Spending about two hours on walking many terrains, up and down on the valley floor will bring you more understanding of the glacial land and its formulation.

2. Fly like a winged fox

To Fox Glacier, you will be excited with the thrill of flights. By flying, a part of the Fox Glacier will come into your view and you can explore this land from the top side where the magnificent ice caves appear clearly.

You will be furnished with sticks, leather boots and other essential equipment. After boarding the helicopter you will take the first look over the crests of the low of icefall like the avalanche of ice. Especially, the ice here is in perpetual motion. From the helicopter, you will admire the grandeur of Victoria fall which originated from the melting of the covert Victoria glacier. During the thrilling helicopter flight, you will enjoy stunning views of the marvelous Fox Glacier and surroundings before landing up in the final place.

Fox Glacier

An absolutely wonderful experience by helicopter tour

At the final destination, the ice is so secluded and marvelous that you can not miss any moments here. At this place, you will view some stunning ice conditions, follow the previous ice step sign of your guide, meanwhile, you can discover the beautifully sculptured ices and the ice caves. Please remember that this ice land is a natural and constantly changing environment; no specific ice features can be kept permanently.

3. Skydive Fox Glacier

If you are adventurous, an extremely interesting activity in Fox Glacier that you definitely have to join is skydiving. Fox Glacier is voted as the second most wonderful skydive site in the world, just only after Mt Everest. However, it is certain that Fox Glacier is one of the most scenic sites for skydiving in New Zealand which attracts many tourists from every corner of the globe. The skydive airfield placed in the centre of Fox Glacier which is easily walking distance from almost hotels and inns in the town.

Fox Glacier

So cool experience!

When you take a skydive, you will fall freely from a height of 16,500 feets from the West Coast Glacier. The nearby rainforests, Mount Cook, Mount Tasman, glaciers, Tasman Sea will be caught in your eyes with the can-not-be-greater perspective. Skydive or not dare to skydive? Follow your heart!

4. Climbing in the frozen land

There are some options of sport to select in Fox Glacier, yet ice climbing can be a good choice for an adventurous day. There are many incredible ice walls which can be natural or sculptured in the upper side of Fox Glacier. Even though you are an amateur or expert, the qualified guide will adjust the day to offer various levels and challenges. Before mounting to the ice peak, you will be supplied with specialised mountaineering equipment like crampons, boots, technical gears and ice axes.

Fox Glacier

Conquer every peak by climbing up

Fox Glacier includes many precipitous walls to challenge you but you will be rapidly adept at ice axe skill and the crucial cramponing. The longer path you climb, the steeper wall you will head to. Sometimes you have to use the ice tools and the front point of your crampons to climb vertically or overhang on the pinnacles and ice walls, but absolutely guarded all times by a rope attached firmly to your harness.

Fox Glacier

Fox Glacier in the sunset

This amazing land will absolutely bring you lots of memorable time with those must-do activities like the stunning moments that Frozen has offered you so far. So let’s be like a FOX in the snow land Fox Glacier, New Zealand.

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