Most amazing tourist spots you must visit in Banda Aceh, Indonesia

Most amazing tourist spots you must visit in Banda Aceh, Indonesia

Banda Aceh is a provincial capital and the largest city in Banda province, Indonesia and located in Sumatra Island with the height of 21m.

This province has a perfectly natural beauty ranging from the coast to the mountains. Aceh has a lot of interesting places to come and different from other places. Here are some amazing tourist spots that you shouldn’t miss:

1. Baiturrahman Mosque

It is the symbol of Aceh which was built by Sultan Iskandar Muda in 1612. The main building of this mosque is white with a large black dome surrounded by seven towers.

It is one of the most visited place thanks to its beauty. This mosque is also on the top 100 most beautiful mosques in the world of Huffington Post website and even Yahoo also ranked it as one of the most 10 nice mosques all over the world.

Souvenirs are also available in Aceh market which is at the back of Baiturrahman Mosque. Moreover, tourists can also have a culinary tour around this market.

Banda Aceh

Baiturrahman Grand Mosque

2. Blang Kolam Waterfall

Located in the Sidomulyo, North Aceh, this beautiful twin waterfalls is 75 meters high and surrounded by trees. It would be a different experience for you to camp here.

Banda Aceh

The wild beauty of twin waterfalls

3. Suhom Waterfall

This waterfall is in the Suhom village, Lhoong district. You have to go through streets with mountain views Paro and Kulu. You will find many naughty monkeys that hanging around the street.

Banda Aceh

Suhom waterfall

4. Lampuuk Beach

Beautiful beaches are not only in Bali but also in Banda Aceh with stunning scenery. One of the most famous beach is Lampuuk which is also known as Kuta Beach.

Lampuuk has a long coastal line from south to the north with white sand and cliffs. You can also do some activities at this beach such as surfing, swimming, sunbathing and banana boat playing.

Banda Aceh

Beautiful and clean Lampuuk beach

5. Tsunami Museum

To honor the victims of the Tsunami in Aceh in 2004, the government of Aceh had built the Tsunami Museum in Sultan Iskandar Muda street in 2009.

There is a long lobby with the roar of the waves and the running water inside the museum which will remind you the disaster. This tourist spot attracts a large number of tourists who want to see the leftovers of the tsunami to visit each month. In additional, pictures of victims who died in the tsunami are also displayed.

Banda Aceh

The museum of Tsunami in Banda Aceh

The museum is opened from 10am to 7pm every day except for Friday.

Banda Aceh

Inside the museum

6. Iboih Beach

The beauty of Iboih beach is in the transparent water and the aquatic flora that you can see easily without swimming or diving.

Diving is the most favorite activity here and I’m sure that you will be overwhelmed and fascinated by the clean and extremely beautiful water.

Banda Aceh

Iboih beach

Even if you don’t want to swim and dive, you can also spend time having a picnic along the seashore or sunbathing.

Banda Aceh

Diving in Iboih

7. Lhoknga Beach

Lhoknga Beach is close to Lampuuk Beach which is far from Banda Aceh about 20 kilometers. This beach has a wide and long sand coastline which is suitable for sunbathing and playing beach volleyball. In addition, you can try to surf here because the wave is not too high - only from 1.5 to 2 meters.

Banda Aceh

Surfing in Lhoknga beach

8. Ulee Lheue Beach

Located in the Meuraxa District, Ulee Lheue beach is just far from Banda Aceh about 3 kilometers. The most favorite activities here is fishing and it’s easy to find many fishing equipment sellers in this place. Together with the beach, there are many spectacular mountain ranges which all creates the alluring beauty of Ulee Lheue.

Banda Aceh

A great place for fishing

9. Pantan Terong Hill

It is the hill for tourists to enjoy the panoramic view of Banda Aceh from above because its altitude is about 1,830 meters from sea level. You can enjoy the gorgeous view of sunset, sunrise here and also the breathtaking view of Lake Sea Fresh with giant cauldrons.

Banda Aceh

The tranquil atmosphere in Pantan Terong Hill

10. Kuala Merisi

Located in the Ketapang village, Krueng Sabee district, Kuala Merisi is an appropriate place to enjoy the beach thanks to the peaceful and fresh atmosphere. This place is also very suitable for surfing because of having many surfing locations.

Banda Aceh

Kuala Merisi beach

11. Gunung Leuser National Park

Coming to this national park, visitors will have a chance to see many rare animals such as Orang Utan, Rhinoceros or Sumatra Elephants,… Moreover, you can also have a climb in the Mt. Leuser but it takes long days to go to the top, about 10-14 days.

Banda Aceh

Inside the national park

12. Alas River

This river is located in Gunung Leuser National Park which the water flows into India Ocean. To enjoy views here, you can raft and I’m sure it will be very interesting.

Banda Aceh

Rafting in Alas river

Have these wonderful tourist spots made you excited about traveling to Banda Aceh? Let’s go and don’t forget to take a lots photographs. Wish you a best trip!

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