Monaco insider guides

Monaco insider guides

If you think Monaco has nothing to offer, you have to think again after reading this post. With only 2 km2 in area, the small but beautiful country is increasingly becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations all over Europe.

People there can speak French and English so you won’t have any difficulties in exploring and understanding the cultures there.

To help you have a more perfect and memorable trip in the country, don’t forget to take a close look at the following insider guides.

Best time to come

Monaco insider guides

The ideal time to travel to the country is in January and February

Weather in Monaco is wet all year round with heavy rainfall in winter. The ideal time to make a travel tour to the country is in January and February which promises to give you the comfortable temperature and pristine natural landscapes.

How to get around

By bus: This is a popular means of transport in Monaco which is the best choice for budget travelers. Buses in Monaco is cheap and convenient.

By taxi: If you want to travel in short distance, taxi is the best bet but the price is quite expensive.

Renting a car: By renting a car, you can freely explore wherever you want. However, you have to show your international driving license.

Where to stay in Monaco?

-- Ambassador-Monaco (10, avenue Prince Pierre, 98000 Monte Carl): An ideal place to go to beaches, palaces, train station and ports.

-- Le Méridien Beach Plaza (22 Avenue Princesse Grace, MC 98000 Monte Carlo): The hotel in Monaco provides amazing view of the beach. It is also located quite near to such famous tourist attractions as Monaco National Museum and Grimaldi Center.

Monaco insider guides

Le Méridien Beach Plaza is a wonderful accommodation to stay

-- Fairmont Monte Carlo (12 Avenue Des Spélugues, Monte Carlo City Centre, MC 98000 Monte Carlo): This is one of the most beautiful hotels in the country from which you can pay a visit to Circuit de Monaco – a famous racing road in the world.

Where to visit?

There are many places to visit in Monaco, but if your time is limited, you should prioritize to go to the following must-see tourist destinations:

Port de Fontvieille: Port de Fontvieille is for the rich only. The marina is quite large, with enough space for about 275 ships. The place is adjacent to the village of Fontvieille, with streets and buildings next to the lake. That’s why, it is definitely an ideal place to entertain yourself after hard-working days.

Monaco insider guides

One of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Monaco

Princess Grace Rose Garden: Built in 1984, Princess Grace Rose Garden is an ideal place for tourists to enjoy freshness, peace and comfort. You can find more than 300 species of roes coming from many parts in the world. Apart from the impressive beauty of flowers, it is possible to admire a lot of creative architectures there which promise to give you the most amazing photos.

Prince’s Palace of Monaco: If you are interested in the beautiful history of the country, Prince’s Palace of Monaco won’t make you disappointed. At first, you will be amazed at the imposing architecture of the palace with impressive design and interior. Inside the palace, you will admire the yard made of 3,000,000 gravels.

Monaco insider guides

You will be amazed at the imposing architecture of the palace

Monaco Oceanography Museum: Although the main aim of the museum is for marine science research, it is also possible to make a pay the site a visit. Standing at the Baroque Revival, you can see the Mediterranean. What’s more interesting is that you will be able to explore the collection of marine species, including sharks, shellfish, turtles, etc. It would be a pity if you miss the huge aquarium there, with 4,000 different fish species.

Monaco-Ville: Monaco-Ville is also called The Rock, which makes your trip to the must-see European country more exciting and attractive. You will get an opportunity to go to the old town of Monaco, which is built on the rock base viewing the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore, it is the most suitable place in Monaco to get a perfect scene of the stunning natural landscapes. The site also has restaurants, hotels and souvenir shops.

Monaco insider guides

Monaco-Ville is a peaceful place to go in the country

Monte Carlo Harbor: This is the landing of many famous and rich ships and the most expensive yachts as well. The harbor can accommodate up to 500 ships, creating such amazing and beautiful scenery for fans of taking photograph. You can relax at the riverside café while admiring the peaceful beauty of Monte Carlo Harbor.

With the above useful travel information, we hope you will have wonderful travel experiences Monaco – one of the must-see tourist attractions in Europe.

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