Malawi insider guides

Malawi insider guides

Malawi, a small country in Africa, attracts thousands of travelers every year thanks to the wild scenery, friendly locals and interesting tourist activities. Let’s explore the beauty of Malawi once in your lifetime!

Reasons to visit Malawi

Friendly people

The impressive wildlife and smiles of local people are wonderful that make Malawi catch the great attention of travelers all over the world. When you set your feet there, you will be welcomed by warm waves smiles. Kids are really friendly which will absolutely make you feel exciting.

Impressive wildlife

Malawi insider guides

Malawi - the wonderland of friendly animals

Malawi will give you a lively experience of wildlife in Africa. Located in eastern Africa, bordering Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique, Malawi will offer you an interesting hunting trip with exciting sightseeing tours at affordable prices.

Malawi National Park - Nyika, is an ideal tourist destination for trekking and mountain biking. The ideal time to visit there is during the dry season, from May to October, when wild animals spend most of the time in the river, drinking, playing and eating.

A peaceful land

The best thing in Malawi is that it gives you real holidays. You will not have to queue for tickets when you visit tourist spots, book a hotel room or wait to be served at restaurants. You can admire the scenery quietly and enjoy your own space. Tourists do not have to be crammed in overloaded vehicles because of crowds. If you like, you can ride in the deserted car and admire the peaceful, lovely Lilongwe.

One of the most popular attractions in Malawi is Nyasa (Lake Malawi) - the ninth largest lake in the world. The site promises to give peaceful space to relax and entertain yourself.

Main attractions

Nyika National Park

Malawi insider guides

Exploring the wildlife in the famous national park will be memorable

With more than 1,200 hectares in area, Nyika National Park will be a suitable choice for nature lovers who want to immerse in fresh air and peaceful landscapes of intense meadows and highlands. The most popular tourist attraction there is Nyika highland where you can leave your footprint on charming flower fields, explore beautiful valleys as well as see with your own eyes the interesting wildlife. What’s more fascinating is that when staying at Chelinda hostel, you give yourself the unique chance to get perfect views of peaceful scenery, enjoy fresh air and interesting nightlife.

Liwonde National Park

Malawi insider guides

Come to Liwonde National Park and live with animals there

Liwonde National Park is definitely an ideal stopover for travelers to explore the life of elephants there. Apart from playing with the friendly elephants there, don’t miss such fascinating tourist activities as mountain climbing, trekking, bike racing and so on. There are also a lot of animals besides elephants for you to take amazing photos like baboons, buffaloes, antelopes, black rhinoceros, Zibelin mink, etc.

Chelina homestay

Nestled in the hillside, Chelina homestay is where you can stay on a long journey in rustic wooden houses furnished with warm fireplaces. Surrounding the campus is a long grass field, the cliffs are interwoven with trails for pedestrians and cyclists. Don’t miss the fresh air while watching the surrounding natural scenery. When darkness comes, camping and chatting together will be great experiences for you.

Mumbo island

Malawi insider guides

Enjoy peaceful and quietness on the beautiful island of Mumbo

Although Mumbo is a small island with only 1km, the pristine landscapes as well as fresh air there will definitely relax your mind. The island offers many interesting tourist activities for you to enjoy. You can’t miss camping, swimming, scuba-diving and taking a calm walk along the shore.

Lake Chilwa

The beautiful lake is located in west Zomba. The 50-km-in-length lake has many islands for you to explore. The clear and green water will amaze you at very first sight. For those who are going to travel with their family, Lake Chilwa is a good suggestion where you can enjoy camping, boating and having fun together.

Lake Malawi

Malawi insider guides

Be amazed at the clear green lake in Malawi

Lake Malawi is one of the largest fresh lakes all over the world. The beauty, freshness and peace in the lake promise to give you a wonderful and memorable holiday. Coming to the charming lake, you will be able to immerse in cool water, enjoy kayaking and admire the fascinating ocean life. Let’s come to the most famous tourist attractions in Malawi.

What are you hesitating for? Let’s make a travel tour Malawi immediately if you want to have a wonderful trip with amazing wildlife and peaceful landscapes there.

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