Luang Prabang best accommodations (Part 2)

Laos is one of the most charming countries in Asia with a lot of attractions, stunning landscapes, and beautiful cities or towns. Besides Vientiane, Luang Prabang is a city like that with many cultural and historical sites, delicious foods, interesting costumes and exciting festivals.

If you are planning for a perfect trip to this city, let’s check out top best accommodations to stay in Luang Prabang.

1. Satri House Secret Retreats

Located at 57 Phothisarath Street, Ban Thatluang, this 5-star hotel is a boutique accommodation with the room price ranging from $230 to $355 per night. Satri House Secret Retreat is a wonderful mixture of modern design and natural style so that you can feel the fresh and peaceful atmosphere there.


The lush garden in Satri House Secret Retreats

Staying in this hotel, you will be offered many professional services, including sauna, spa, massage, and steam bathing. With the ideal location of the city center, from this accommodation, you can easily visit many famous tourist destinations in Luang Prabang such as old streets, Phousi Mountain, Mekong River, etc.

Every room is the hotel is spacious, comfortable, well-designed and has a beautiful garden view. And foods are really delicious, too.


The room there is spacious and convenient

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2. Kiridara Hotel

With $156 to $310, you’ll have a nice stay at Kiridara Hotel. This 5-star accommodation is situated at 22/13 North Road, Ban Vieng Mai Street. Located totally in a lush forest and surrounded by many majestic mountains, this hotel feels like a peaceful, quiet, and natural friendly resort where you can soak fully in a fresh and natural atmosphere.

However, because it lies among deserted mountains and forests, there are not many restaurants around. But, it’s only 2 kilometers from Kiridara Hotel to the city center, so you can easily travel to many popular eating, playing and sight-seeing places in Luang Prabang.


Outdoor swimming pool in Kiridara Hotel

This hotel offers its customers with a lot of services such as spa, massage, sauna, steam bathing, and sporting activities. The most favorite service in this best accommodation is its outdoor swimming pool which lies in a wonderful space of the forest. All the rooms in this hotel are well decorated, fully equipped and have beautiful mountain-view.


5-star room in the hotel

3. Victoria Xiengthong Palace

This 4-star hotel is located at Ban Phone Heung, Luang Prabang Old Street. With $152 to $330 per night, you can enjoy a nice stay in this place and relax with a lot of good services, such as spa, massage and steam bathing.


The pool in Victoria Xiengthong Palace

Although there is no outdoor swimming pool, a lot of tourists choose to stay in this hotel when visiting Luang Prabang because of clean and comfortable rooms, delicious foods, well-trained staffs, good services and a beautiful view of Mekong River.


Well-designed room in the palace

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4. Villa Maly

Villa Maly is a 4-star hotel located at 75, Oupalath Khamboua Street, Ban That Luang. The room price of this hotel is from $115 to $170 per night. This is one of the most favorite accommodation in Luang Prabang with reasonable price. Its location is very near the main road, so it’s quite easy to get to a lot of well-known tourist destinations around.


Swimming pool in Villa Maly hotel

Like many other accommodations, the hotel offers you lots of wonderful services in order that you will have the most relaxing stay there, such as spa, massage, etc. Each room in the hotel is fully equipped with flat-screen TV, air conditioner, hair dryer, electric kettle, living table, electric fan, etc.

Rooms are cleaned every day so that customers always feel comfortable. You can also borrow the bike from the hotel to visit ancient capital or ride around the lake. Moreover, there is a large outdoor swimming pool where you can join in many interesting activities.


A fully-equipped room in the hotel

5. Maison Dalabua Luangprabang Hotel

With about $106 to $150 per night, this 3.5-star hotel is a good choice for you when staying in Luang Prabang. This accommodation is situated at 110 Ban That Luang Phothisarath Street. With many nice services such as outdoor swimming pool and massage, you will have a satisfied stay in this hotel.

Moreover, each room has flat-screen TV, electric fan, hair dryer, air conditioner, pool, and free bottled water, etc. It is also surrounded by a lush, green and fresh nature where you can rest and relax totally.


Maison Dalabua Luangprabang Hotel is really for a romantic stay

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These are the best accommodations you should stay when visiting Luang Prabang. With impressive architecture, comfortable, clean, spacious and well-equipped rooms, and best services, these hotels will bring you a perfect stay in this beautiful city.

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