List of most meaningful volunteer adventure trips to consider

List of most meaningful volunteer adventure trips to consider

The benefit of going for a volunteer trip is that you can enjoy the fun as well as doing something meaningful at the same time. A volunteer journey to other countries is promising with a lot of new things waiting to be discovered (it’s like new types of traveling!). If you are a type of person who loves to take part in social activities, serving as a volunteer for community services around the world suits you well.


Being a part of the group and show your enthusiasm

This kind of adventure will help you gain more experiences than you could have imagined. Put your travel to good use by taking a trip right now! Here is the list of some recommendable places that you could choose to conduct your volunteer adventure trips.

1. Have a tour to the Lion’s Den

Take part in a volunteer program in Africa and get chance to meet or even take care of the lion- king of the jungle. The job for you might include assisting in fostering the young lion cubs within two to four weeks. The “product” of your work will be strong and healthy lions which are fully matured, and they will be sent back the wild where they belong. Training the king of wild can become one of the most interesting experiences that you’ve ever had.

Recommended Program:


Make friends with the lions in Africa Impact project

African Impact is a promising volunteer program that you could join. In this volunteer trip, you can meet researchers and support them in completing their works. Checking data as well as the safety of the area associating with the lions and cubs is one of your duties.

2. Exploring underwater world

This is just an activity that you are encouraged to apply for if you are interested in the marine life. Now you can not only observe but also dedicate your effort to preserve the stunning aquatic world with a research group by signing up a volunteer program. The period of time for volunteering can last from few weeks to a year. It’s not a regular dive anymore. You will be enhanced with specialist’s knowledge and new acknowledgment towards the sea.

Recommended Program:


Immerse in the mesmerizing underwater world is a part of Conservation Travel Africa Program

If you’re looking for a program to join, Conservation Travel Africa will be ideal for you. Work alongside with biologists in Mozambique analyzing and studying about a variety of marine species like rays, starfish, turtles, seahorse, etc. It is a meaningful work since all the data collected will have an effect on protecting the sea as well as its residents.

3. Enjoy horse rides

Are you fancy at making horses as your companion in your volunteer trip? If you are, then applying for volunteer work that involves working with horses foreign countries will bring amazing experiences. Take a good care of these friendly buddies and seize the chance of having a fun ride with them. Your workplace can be a farm or even a safari.

Recommended Program:


Grow the love not only between you and horses but disabled children and horses as well

Located in Bolivia, Projects Abroad is suitable for everyone. Moreover, the meaningful aspect not only stops at supporting horses but also assisting disabled children to build their acquaintance with these friendly creatures called as the equine therapy.

4. A meaningful trek

You enjoy trekking as well as helping people? Well, going on a volunteering journey to the mountainous areas such as Nepal will be excellent. With a backpacker, how wonderful it is to throw an adventurous trip in a breathtaking setting like the legendary Himalayas. Participate in a tour right now!

Recommended Program:


Explore the beauty of Nepal's landscape and give a hand ti help the residents

Volunteer program like Raleigh International will deliver its volunteers the opportunity to explore the tranquil atmosphere and outstanding landscape in Nepal. The main responsibility of volunteers will be helping to rebuild the local community recovering after earthquakes.

5. Be a part of an eco project

In the beautiful Costa Rica, aside from spending your days to take part in playful activities like surfing or swimming, volunteering in a program which you can contribute to essential eco projects will deliver memorable experiences. The duty mostly involves rescue sea turtles and assures their living environment.


Surfing in Costa Rica

DON'T MISS: Costa Rica is increasingly becoming a wonderful destination. Why?

Recommended Program:

Spending your time with the sea turtles by taking part in Oyster is actually a wonderful project taking place in Costa Rica. Your job is to help turtles including the grown-up and baby one safely returns to the sea. It would be an ideal job for animal lovers!


Help them travel back home safe and sound

6. Dedicate to the community


Visiting the land of the temples

Thailand features a variety of things to explore from beautiful ancient temples to exciting sports on the charming beahes. During your travel in this country, make sure that it’s worth every minute. Doing meaningful things as visiting an orphanage and treat these children with love by teaching them, giving some gifts. Additionally, you are also assigned to lend a hand at fixing damaged places and enjoy the fun during the project.

Recommended Program:


Volunteering Solutions offers the chance of teaching children in Thailand

If you love children, Volunteering Solutions is the right place to sign up. The project focuses on taking care of orphan children and giving them love. Play with the kids and bring back your childhood memory in Bangkok, Thailand.

DON'T MISS: 10 must check-in temples in Bangkok, Thailand

7. Get closer to the sea


Meeting wonderful sea friends

Located in the west of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands with its phenomenal landscape is one of the most appealing tourist spots in the world. Let’s join hands to preserve the beauty of these islands by joining in conservation projects. The trip offers the chance to meet amazing sea friends like sea lions, the famous giant tortoises. You would love to enjoy your diving time with dolphins in this captivating area as well.

Recommended Program:


Volunteer and explore the wild in the Galapagos Islands with Love Volunteers Program

Love Volunteers is a good option for having your volunteer trip. The program combines a discovery to the ecosystem with the presence of spectacular animals like marine iguanas. Within three months, participants will spend their time contributing on recovering the forest and natural environment. You might do some agricultural tasks as well.

8. Volunteer in Australia


A beautiful county with a variety of things to offer

The Land Down Under is attractive to any kind of vacation, and now it’s a good place to join in volunteering, too. While doing your volunteer tasks, you can buy time observing natural wonders like the Outback. One of the hottest destinations, Great Barrier Reef, is also included!

Recommended Program:


Get close with the environment and the animal in Australia

Australia is one of the locations included in GoEco, a well-known volunteer program. Obviously, the well-known Great Reef Barrier is counted in the list. Be a part of the team and try to restore the area with reef conservationists.

Doing your volunteer work in foreign countries will not only be meaningful but also enjoyable. Let's have a new experience in of travel in some new lands by participating in one!

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