List of best restaurants in Ireland

After embarking on a fascinating trip around Ireland featuring a plenty of breathtaking tourist attractions, you want to find a fine place to settle your stomach but have no idea where to stop for your dining. Let us show you a list of best restaurants in Ireland to help you have an excellent dining experience and recharge your battery for your next days in this beautiful country.

Ard Bia

Ard Bia is located at Nimmos Restaurant - one of the most quintessential restaurant spaces in Galway city. Ard Bia is devoted to bringing guests the best food in a pleasant environment. At this iconic restaurant, guests can enjoy a wide range of delicious dishes from Ireland, New Zealand, and the Middle East, which satisfy even the most discerning guests. While you are served with the finest dishes, you are able to contemplate breathtaking views of Claddagh Bay.

restaurants in Ireland

Ard Bia is located at one of the most iconic restaurant spaces in Galway city

Ard Bia also functions as a cultural and social venue. The restaurant space's upstairs are totally transformed into a modern place catering to all kinds of social events. Downstairs of Ard Bia also hosts contemporary art exhibits year round.


restaurants in Ireland

Balfes brings guests Parisian and New York restaurant experience

Situated in the center of Dublin 2's Creative Quarter at the corner of Grafton Street, Balfes brings guests Parisian and New York restaurant experience. The all-day restaurant hosts 20 outdoor tables on the terrace, an open kitchen, and a bar.

restaurants in Ireland

Balfes features delicious and healthy food catering for all dietary requirements

Opening all day long, Balfes in Dublin serves excellent breakfasts, great luncheons, and fine dinners, which are all made of true Irish ingredients including house smoked salt and farmhouse cheese. The restaurant also features its signature coffee blend, homemade cakes, as well as cold-pressed juice. The long list of delicious and healthy food at Balfes caters for all dietary requirements.

Bewley's Café

restaurants in Ireland

At Bewley's Café, guests shouldn't miss their finest coffees or teas

Visitors to Ireland can enjoy the famous Bewley's experience at two café, one on Grafton Street and one on George Street. The completely refurbished Bewley's Café at Grafton Street are able to seat up to 500 guests at a time. At Bewley's Café, guests shouldn't miss the finest coffees or teas, served with home-baked scones, cakes or buns while sitting behind renowned Harry Clarke windows.

Bow Lane

restaurants in Ireland

Bow Lane offers wonderful modern Irish dishes

Bow Lane is a newly-built restaurant on George Street in which a large number of fine restaurants are situated but it is still a favorite destination for visitors and locals in Dublin, Ireland. Bow Lane offers wonderful modern Irish dishes, along with homemade cocktails, and unique spirits and beers. A night, guests to Bow Lane can submerge themselves in a lively atmosphere full of DJ's cool tracks.

Brother Hubbard

restaurants in Ireland

Brother Hubbard North is one of the best dining spaces in Dubline

Brother Hubbard was born as an answer to Dublin's call for transforming stagnant café culture in 2012. Opened in the heart on Capel Street, in the north of Dublin, Brother Hubbard or Brother Hubbard North rapidly gained a huge reputation and became one of the best dining venues in Dublin at that time. Brother Hubbard North opens throughout the week, serving delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, and takeaway. It also features a private dining area and a non-smoking courtyard. restaurants in Ireland

Its sister restaurant, Brother Hubbard South was opened in 2016 with cozier setting

In 2016, Brother Hubbard South, a sister café of Brother Hubbard North, opened to the public. In addition to the same amenities as its sibling, Brother Hubbard South has outside seating terrace and cozy interior area, which cater for all different requirements of dining space.

restaurants in Ireland

Both restaurants offer you a large number of exquisite food

Whether guests take their time to Brother Hubbard North or South, they are all to be served with a long menu of exquisite food featuring Middle Eastern cuisine.

Café Paradiso

restaurants in Ireland

Café Paradiso is strong on excellent vegetable dishes

Since it was officially opened in 1993, Café Paradiso has gained a reputation for its creative vegetable cuisine. Strong on seasonal ingredients and rich flavors, Café Paradiso serves guests excellent dishes with vegetables being a center (complete with a tailored list of wines). Until now, it has worked closely with local cheesemakers and farmers to provide the freshest ingredients to create the best dishes.

The Cake Café

Tucked away in a courtyard like an oasis in Dublin city center, The Cake Café offers "very, very good lemon slice", said Tom Doorley from The Irish Times, excellent coffee, or their acclaimed beans on toast. Their coffee is locally produced and roasted by Michael, Ariosa and delivered to them within a day after he blends his coffee.

restaurants in Ireland

The Cake Café is an organic and healthy restaurant in Dublin center

The Cake Café is obviously "organic and healthy" restaurant, from materials of the building to ingredients of its food. It always puts eco-friendly manner at the front and a center, using recycled napkins and biodegradable products.

Catch 22

restaurants in Ireland

Catch 22 is a must-visit dining space for everyone who loves seafood

Enjoy seafood is a must-do thing for many visitors to Dublin but it is not easy to find a right place for your seafood dining experience. One place that can give you a great seafood menu is Catch 22 on South Anne Street. The white wooden walls inside will give guests a beach feeling, the menu concentrates on fish and chips. Their fish is sourced off the western, eastern, and southern coasts and delivered daily. Therefore, all dishes are always fresh.

Chapter One

restaurants in Ireland

Chapter One serves some of the best food in Dublin

Transformed from a home of a whiskey maker into a unique Irish restaurant, Chapter One draws international attention despite its inconvenient location in the far north of the Dublin city. As one of the best dining space in Dublin, Chapter One brings guests some of the Dublin's best food. Highlights include Atlantic crab, lasagna of scallop, pig's tail with bacon and lobster, and so much more. Your dining experience will certainly complete with a serve of a glass of wine from Chapter One's carefully chosen wine list.


restaurants in Ireland

Ely wine bar in Dublin is a heaven for wine lovers

Like other wine bars of the Ely Group, this Ely wine bar in Dublin caters for 400 bottles of wine, about 100 of which are supplied by a glass. The downstair wine bar is designed with a vaulted ceiling and stone wall while the ground bar is set in a cozier manner with brick walls. In addition to a variety of wine, Ely offers beef and vegetables for lunch and dinner. A tasty menu features carpaccio with parmesan and various cuts of steak.

From fresh and delicious Irish cuisine to tasty New Zealand and other countries' cuisine, above best restaurants in Ireland offer you all. All of them only use locally sourced and daily delivered ingredients, thus, these fine restaurants ensure to bring you one of the greatest Irish dining experience while you spend your holiday here.

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