Let's check out best places to eat Korean food in Saigon, Vietnam

Let's check out best places to eat Korean food in Saigon, Vietnam

South Korea, a beautiful country, has many wonderful things for you to explore. Thinking about Korea, people are usually impressed by the special dishes here. Korea is renowned as the landscape of gold branch, beef steak, soybean soup, or rice rolls seaweed, which shows the diversity and sophistication of Korean food.

Korean food in Saigon

So interesting Korean cuisine to try

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Korean foods are truly delicious as a result of the natural ingredients with the high value of nutrition. Because of the special flavor, the Korean restaurants become the ideal destination for those who want to enjoy the cuisine of this country.

If you want to taste the flavor of the Korean foods, there are many famous Korean restaurants in Saigon, Vietnam for you to choose. This writing will introduce you several interesting destinations of the Korean cuisine to help you have the great experience.

1. The Korean restaurant Dae Jang Geum

The Korean restaurant Dae Jang Geum is known as the best place for Korean cuisine in Saigon, Vietnam. It was named after a famous god of medicine of Korean ancient. He was good at not only curing the diseases but cooking very well. He always wanted to confirm the quality of each dish.

Korean food in Saigon

The delicious beef rib soup at Dae Jang Geum restaurant

The beef rib soup of the Korean restaurant is one of the most favorite foods that attracts many people to enjoy. This kind of soup has the cool flavor of white radish and the sweet taste of water bone tunnel. The beef is very tasty because of the fat greasy as well as being kept warm so long. As eating this food on the rainy days, along with the traditional alcohol of Korea, soju, you will feel incredibly amazed.

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2. The Korean restaurant Yashi Yashi

The Korean restaurant Yashi Yashi is specific with the different, new and unique space in the heart of Saigon, Vietnam. You will find the friendly smiles from the beautiful young women in the traditional costumes of Korea, Hanbok. Coming to this restaurant, you will be satisfied with the strange and unique dishes which are the combination between Korean and Vietnamese cuisine.

Korean food in Saigon

The varied ingredients of Samgyeopsal at Yashi Yashi restaurant

One of the favorite foods of this restaurant is grilled pork, the Korean name is Samgyeopsal. You will be served with many vegetables including garlic, gold branch, and other dishes according to the true style of Korean cuisine.

The bacon pieces in this restaurant are really special because they are grilled on the heater along with mushrooms, garlic, as well as the onion slices. When eating, you should get a grilled piece of meat placing on a lettuce leaf, then roll back. If you get too many feeds on a leaf, it will be quite difficult to eat, so feel free to eat enough.

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3. The Korean restaurant Seoul Garden

Originally, it only is a Korean restaurant that serves the local dishes of Korea. The Korean BBQ restaurant chain and Hotpot Seoul Garden do not stop innovating and diversifying the menu to be suitable for the taste of Vietnamese people.

Korean food in Saigon

You are sure to be satisfied with the buffet at Seoul Garden

The special pint of the barking dishes of the Korean restaurant Seoul Garden is that they use the traditional way to grill meat, wooden stove. By using this way, the flavor of the meat is absolutely natural and great. The most popular food is beef rib barking. Beef ribs are cut into the small pieces, after that, they are marinated with the traditional sauces and several spices including onion, garlic, sugar, and sesame oil through the night. This is also the main dish of the Seoul Garden restaurant.

What's more, this restaurant also has the new dishes which serve for the holidays in Vietnam such as flower salad, vegetarian spring rolls, five colors braised mushrooms, and so on.

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4. The Korean restaurant Kimchi Kimchi

If the space of the Kimchi Kimchi restaurant brings you the warm atmosphere with the brown tone designed following the characteristic of Korea style, the colorful dishes here are sure to make you surprised.

Korean food in Saigon

The mixed rice dish Bibimbap

The mixed rice dish Bibimbap of this restaurant has many colors of: green vegetables and seaweeds, yellow fried eggs, red egg yolks, orange chili Kochuchang, etc. It looks like an art work that makes you need to admire before enjoying the taste. In addition to this special dish, the restaurant also serves many unique foods of Korea such as rice cakes, fried seafood, Korean black noodle, and so on. This is truly a brilliant destination for the Korean cuisine "adherents".

These are several Korean restaurants located in Saigon, Vietnam that you can choose to enjoy the flavor of Korean foods. Exploring Ho Chi Minh city, you absolutely should take time to enjoy the Korean foods at these restaurants, which helps you understand deeply about their culture of cuisine.

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