Kenya insider guides

Kenya insider guides

Tourism in Africa has seen a rapid increase thanks to the impressive wild scenery and interesting local life. If you are going to make a wildlife tour for your next holiday but still don’t know where to go, Kenya will be one of the best options. For a perfect and memorable trip in the country, let’s see what you should know before you go!

Best time to come

Kenya insider guides

The best time to come to Kenya is from July to October

According to many reviewers, the most suitable to make a travel tour to Kenya is from July to October. This is the best time to see with your own eyes the spectacular migration of thousands of wildlife animals such as wild buffalos, zebras, deer, wild goats and so on.

Kenya has a tropical climate: hot and humid coastal areas, dry and cool inland. The hottest months range from February to March and the coldest is from July to August. The Kenyan climate is quite special with two rainy seasons: the long rainy season (from April to June) and the short rainy season (from October to December).

Best way to get around

Kenya insider guides

Exploring Kenya by a jeep is a must-try tourist activity

There are many ways to get around and explore Kenya. Let’s take a look at the following most common ways!

By plane: If you want to explore the interesting remote areas in the country, the best mean is to take an airplane. The reason is because the roads in Kenya is not always in good conditions and trains are only available in main cities.

By bus and Matabu: This is the best choice for budget travelers because buses in the country are very cheap, convenient and safe. You should choose buses of Citi Hoppa with the price of only $ 0.66. Alternatively, you can also choose Matatu, a mini bus that operates on short routes for your travel itinerary if your attractions are close by.

By jeep or car: If you want to explore the country on your own, hiring a jeep or a car will definitely be a wonderful choice but remember to take with you a tour guide or a map to avoid being lost.

How to book a cheap stay in Kenya

Kenya insider guides

Staying in a tent will help you easily discover the wildlife there

Like many other tourist destinations, Kenya offers numerous hotels, hostels, dorms, home-stays and so on. The price ranges from $ 15 to $ 40 per night. For those who are interested in the local life, a home-stay will be the best bet, with around $ 20 per nigh including meals and laundry services.

If you are an adventurer, it would be a good idea to camp on Campsite of hospital road from which you can take home the most memorable travel experience, getting close to wild nature with cheap price.

Best places to visit

Traveling to Kenya means you will get the unique opportunity to explore the amazing wildlife there. Therefore, you can find nothing more than nature reservations and national parks there.

Aberdare National Park: With unique glaciers, majestic waterfalls, diverse plant life and fauna, etc. Aberdare National Park is one of the top tourist destinations that you have to come when traveling to Kenya. There are over 250 species of birds and hundreds of rare wildlife await you there.

Kenya insider guides

Aberdare National Park is home to a huge number of elephants

Amboseli National Park: If you want to see the mammals such as buffalos, gazelles, elephants or hippos, come to Amboseli Park. The site will satisfy you by not only the interesting wildlife but the pristine landscapes and fresh air as well.

Kenya insider guides

Make a travel tour to Amboseli National Park now

Nakuru Lake National Park: The spectacular scenery makes the site one of Kenya's most fascinating and wonderful destinations for every travel taste. When you make a travel tour to the spot, you will see more than 2 million flamingos and nearly 450 other gorgeous bird species.

Kenya insider guides

Nakuru Lake National Park - the land of flamingos

Maasai Mara Conservation Reserve: An amazing place to see the five largest wildlife species in Africa: lions, elephants, bushes, rhinos and leopards. In particular, you also have the opportunity to visit the village of the native Maasai, the tribe that has the oldest cultural tradition in Kenya to learn about the Maasai way of life, customs, hunting, fighting and marriage and so on.

Kenya insider guides

The interesting wildlife migration in Maasai Mara Conservation Reserve

Best dishes to try

Kenya insider guides

Don't leave the country without trying Mandazi sweet bread

Some of the most popular delicacies for Kenya include: Ugali, Pilau-a, Kenya Beer, Tangawizi Ginger, etc. Also, enjoying street foods is also one of the must-try experiences in Kenya. Mandazi sweet bread, Samasa cake and tropical fruit dishes are some of the best known Kenyan street food to try.

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