Just 5 most incredibly beautiful islands in Indonesia

Just 5 most incredibly beautiful islands in Indonesia

Consisting of about 17,000 gorgeous and pristine islands, Indonesia is honorably known as the world’s largest archipelago. What makes these islands outstanding is that each of them is made up of basic contour and diverse landscapes. So, the country becomes a hot tourist destination for beach vacationers every year.

Along with the well-known and glorified Bali island, there are also many other striking islands that are also gaining popularity. While discovering and enjoying all of these islands require money and years, the following list of these 5 most incredibly Indonesian beautiful islands will surely give you the most memorable journey in a limited amount of time.

1. Bali – a tourist paradise

It seems a big mistake to miss Bali Island, which is famous as the “Happy Island.” Bali leaves visitors enthralled with its magnetic attractions, from gorgeous beaches, Hindu temples, and cultural events, to rice terrace and even fine dining.

The good feature here is that the island has a full package for any type of travelers, like backpackers, luxury tourists, spiritual yogis, families, surfers, divers, etc.

islands in Indonesia

Enjoying a trip to Bali Island is indeed a vacation of dream

Furthermore, no place on Earth can compare to its wonderful spots for snorkeling, diving, cultural exploration, self-reflection, and relaxation. People love setting up beach parties all night for unforgettable memories.

2. Sulawesi – a wonderful diving spot

Sulawesi also wins an award for one of the incredibly beautiful islands in Indonesia. From the first sight, travelers’ heart will be stolen by its geographical combination of coastlines, highlands, and jungles. Of course, its charming tourist attractions, ranging from the modern Makassar and Manado cities, to Tana Toraja – an isolated village with indigenous people, to Bunaken diving paradise, promise to satisfy all nature and adventure lovers.

islands in Indonesia

Sulawesi wins tourists’ heart from the first sight

Remember to prepare your travel mind and high-quality camera to blend in and capture the most exciting moments while also bringing your trekking gears and dive suits for the sun, mountains, and sea.

Thanks to the presence of cool crystal-clear water, white-sand beaches, impressive scenery, and diverse underwater world, the island does give a world-class diving experience to all levels of snorkelers and divers.

3. Lombok – a beautiful island

Affectionately called the sister island of Bali, Lombok is famous in Indonesia for many convincing reasons, i.e. exquisite white-sand beaches, a lush forested interior, epic surf, as well as adventurous hiking trails through tobacco and rice fields.

Though less developed, the island possesses the larger beaches and volcanoes, along with more striking landscapes than Bali. Backpackers and solo travelers are easily drawn to the stimulating water and outdoor adventures, ranging from snorkeling, diving, and surf sports, to hiking.

islands in Indonesia

Lombok Island is beautified with gorgeous scenery, romantic beaches, and calm weather

Besides, the Pink Beach is also another emphasis you should add to your Lombok Island bucket list since the beach offers clear water, pinkish-red sand, as well as a cliff to jump into the sea. The best time to check-in there is from May to October (during the dry season). Hence, don’t forget to bring a pair of glasses and a bottle of sunscreen lotion.

4. Komodo – a highlight among Indonesian tourism

For most of the Indonesians, the first place that pops up to their mind when it comes to a perfect island vacation is Komodo Island. In the past, this island was reputable for the intrepid divers only.

Nowadays, it is gradually thriving as an ideal spot for plenty water activities, like snorkeling and diving. But, those with little experience of diving are recommended to stay in the safe zone of the water and relax on the surface.

islands in Indonesia

Komodo Dragon is what highly makes tourists curious about Komodo Island

5. Wakatobi – the most peaceful island

Wakatobi Island is actually an abbreviation of the 4 islands within the archipelago, including Wangi Wangi, Tomia, Kaledupa, and Binongko. The island gets wide fame, thanks to the 2nd largest coral reef in the world. Professional divers find themselves fond of the fantastic dive site in the first time.

islands in Indonesia

Wakatobi Island becomes an ideal relaxing destination for both local and foreign tourists

In addition, it is also the flawless place for both newbie and expert photographers to express their skills, thanks to its imposing coral reefs and the prominent biodiversity. Visitors will also gain hands-on experiences by finding mangrove forests along the shore on land, as well as the green vegetation inland.

Shortly, Indonesia is surprisingly a huge country with thousands of islands of various sizes that surely provide tourists worldwide with eye-catching natural landscapes and unique cultures.

If you feel overwhelmed of choosing the best island to chill out, then let the list of these 5 most incredibly Indonesian beautiful islands here will please your need.

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