Interesting Things To Experience In Haiti

The actual thing about Haiti is that it’s a complicated country, even Haitians agree about that. Although its location is in the Caribbean, it’s not a traditional tropical island for traveling. Moreover, it’s not easy to look for some necessary information.

So, why do we keep talking about interesting thing to experience in Haiti? It’s because we know that there are a few of travelers who still love searching for a unique combination of a cultural cool-hunter and adventure destination. Are you ready to discover with us? Here we go!

1. Take a tour of Sans-Souci Palace


The ruins of Sans-Souci Palace

Perched in the northern hills near to the gigantic Citadelle la Ferriere, Sans-Souci Palace was once home to Henri Christophe who was the Haitian King and leader during the Independent Wars against French. And now, it has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

When touring to this historical site, you can see the dramatic styles of European noble’s houses in the appearance of Haitian superiority and power. And don’t miss witnessing the place where King Henri committed suicide in 1820.

2. Sink into Haitian art


Behold Haitian art - the most beautiful world of art

It can be said that art is deeply ingrained in Haitian culture, and it reflects the European influences and the country’s African origins. Since the 2010 earthquake, most of the Haitian art suffered cruel losses while famous museums and galleries were badly destroyed.

Luckily, an excellent collection of valued crafts and paintings about the talented local artists are still untouched at the Museum of Haitian Art. So, keep in mind to visit this place in order to sink yourself into the most beautiful world of art.

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3. Explore the local history at Musee du Pantheon National Haitien


The entrance at at Musee du Pantheon National Haitien

If you’re interested in learning about Haitian history yet you don’t have too much time, Musee du Pantheon National Haitien will be an ideal destination. Located in the capital of Port-au-Prince, this huge white concrete museum is covered with mosaic decorations and impressive exhibitions of the native Tainos tribes, stories of the French and Spanish invasions, and other important things of Haitian Independence in the 1800s.

4. Enjoy Haitian food


A stunning dish of Haitian cuisine

No matter where you come, trying a country’s cuisine is one of the most interesting things to experience. Haitian cuisine is a great mixture of Créole influences that start from tropical island ingredients to West African heritage and end with French complexity. Meanwhile, its food highlights thick spice blends with Scotch bonnet chili peppers that bring a distinct and zippy taste for each dish.

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5. Find Haitian art and craft at Jacmel


Typical Haitian souvenirs at Jacmel

A pretty small town of Jacmel is located on the south coast, and it just takes a short drive from Port-au-Prince. With thousands of local souvenir stores and boutique galleries on the tight-knit streets, it’s not difficult to look for some multi-colored fruit bowls carved out of coconut wood, reggae-flavored headgear, strange Voodoo trinkets, and so on. And one more thing that you should know is that this lovely town is home to beautiful beaches and fresh seafood.

6. Hit the beach at Labadee


Jump into the clearest water at Labadee

Labadee is an enchanting beach surrounded by sea, sand, and sun that is privately owned by the Royal Caribbean International. This enclave is cut off from Cap-Haitien and the north coast by a range of high mountains while the rest of Haiti by a low fence.

For the first time come there, you can experience a typical taste of the traditional Caribbean Sea with a glorious curve of soft white sand, calm crystal clear waters and beautiful tropical flowers beds and palms.

7. Spend a day in Noailles


Unique works of art at Noailles

Noailles is famous for a village of artists in the suburb of Croix des Bouquets where you just take half an hour from Port-au-Prince. When heading to there, you can hear the huge clanging of mallets and chisels since the entire streets of artisans are working with sheet metal to create works of art. It’s quite impressive to take a stroll along the streets and behold this interesting activity.

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8. Try conquering the Pic la Selle


A road to the top of Pic la Selle

Sitting at an enormous 2,680 meters above sea level, the Pic la Selle is known as the highest tip in Haiti and one of the tallest ones in the whole Caribbean area. It looms, rises above the border with the Dominican Republic, and crisscrosses by a series of astonishingly accessible trekking trails and tracks.

If you want to conquer this imposing mountain, the most popular road to the top is at Mare Rouge Town. On the way to the top, you will get through thinning pine forests and rustic little farming villages. However, remember to keep yourself warm since there are cold breezes of the Haitian highlands along the way.

Of course, there are other interesting things to experience in Haiti. And if you’re a certain type of adventurous, open-minded and curious travelers, this country won’t make you disappointed. Shortly, a vacation in this attractive destination in the Caribbean gives exciting adventures, delicious food and a big chance to really unplug. Get excited to come there and discover by yourself? Time to set forth, guys!

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