If you think Africa has nothing, you're wrong! Let's check out its hot spots

Africa, the land of wild natural preservation and majestic natural UNESCO-class heritages, will bring you an unforgettable trip. Don’t worry that Africa has nothing for you to visit, just come and explore hot spots in there and you’ll be enchanted totally.

1. Egyptian Pyramids

Mentioning about Africa tour, most of us will think about the unique architecture of famous pyramids and the impressive image of Sphinx Statues standing in the immense desert. Egyptian Pyramids were built to preserve Egyptian Pharaoh Mummies. There are over 100 pyramids all around Egypt, among which, the tomb of Khufu Pharaoh, also known as Cheops Pyramid, is the biggest and the most magnificent one.


The Pyramid of Giza and Sphinx – the imposing architecture all over the world

These unique tombs will keep the soul and body of Egyptian Pharaohs safe after their physical death. Sphinx Statue, a statue of a lion with human head, is one of the biggest and oldest statues in the world.

2. Djemaa el Fna market, Morocco

Djemaa el Fna market in Morocco is one of the most attractive markets around the world. There are a lot of special cultural activities to enjoy, such as snake dancing, drawing with henna trees, street music performances, or folk tales telling, etc.


Djemaa el Fna market, Morocco

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3. Sahara Desert

Sahara Desert is the largest desert in the world with 9 million square kilometers in area. The desert covers a large area of Africa, from the West Africa to the East side, including many countries such as Mauritania, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lybia, Sudan, Mali and Niger.

In this immense desert, there’s only 200.000 square kilometers of Oasis where people can grow date palm trees and some fruit trees. Coming here, you’ll have a chance to experience camel riding – the most favorite thing to do of foreigners.


Enjoy camel riding through the Sahara

4. Kilimanjaro Mountain, Tanzania

Known as the highest mount in the world, Kilimanjaro is honored as the roof of Africa with the height of 5.895 meters. Climbing up Kilimanjaro Mount, you’ll have the best view of beautiful highlands, ice rivers, and natural preservations with lots of wild animals.


Kilimanjaro Mountain in Tanzania

5. Malawi Lake, Malawi

Malawi Lake is one of the largest lake with the most diverse and pristine ecosystem in Africa. You’ll be really enchanted by the picturesque scenery of this land with crystal-clear water as well as plentiful species. Thanks to these pieces, Malawi Lake is one of the most favorite destinations in Africa.


Be amazed at the largest lake in Malawi

6. Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique

Bazaruto Archipelago is the most beautiful and the best tourist destination in Africa. With picturesque beaches and diverse ecosystem, the site is ideal for those who love swimming and diving.


Bazaruto Archipelago is the best place to swim in Africa

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7. Nyika Highland National Park, Malawi

Africa is very famous for a great number of large national parks with exclusive beauty, among which, Nyika Highland National Park is one of the most attractive destinations that you should not miss. Coming there, you can get the amazing view of beautiful nature with immense grass fields mixed with green hills and poetry valleys. If lucky, you can see such rare animals as African antelopes, zebra horses, etc.


Sunset in Nyika Highland National Park, Malawi

8. Omo River, Ethiopia

Located right in the South West of Ethiopia, Omo River is an ideal landscape for an enjoyable Africa trip. Visiting there, besides going sight-seeing the wild and peaceful nature beauty of this land, you can explore interesting life, and charming culture of over 50 ancient tribes as well.

This is also the best place to experience culture shock. The unbelievable beauty of this land will give you such a deep impression that you can hardly forget it.


The wild and peaceful beauty of Omo River, Ethiopia

9. Sossusvlei Namib Desert National Park, Namibia

The national park in Namibia is one of the most exclusively beautiful and attractive landscapes in this country. Without green color of trees as well as life of wild animals, this park enchants you by its unique red of high sand dunes which attract a great number of visitors to come and conquer.


Namib Desert in Namibia

10. Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve, Madagascar

This spot is recognized as a natural heritage of Madagascar by UNESCO. It’s a huge park with 152 hectares in total. The stone forest with high rough and sharp stone columns highlights the wild beauty of Tsingy de Bemaraha.


The impressive stone forest at the famous attraction in Africa

11. Aberdares National Park, Kenya

This is the most well-known destination in Kenya with picturesque wild nature and diverse plant and animal system. Visiting Aberdares National Park, you can see many rare species in short distance, such as wild buffalo, chamois, antelope, hyenas, rhino, etc.


There are so many interesting animals to see in there

A lot of interesting attractions are welcoming you to visit and enjoy in Africa. Don’t think Africa has nothing to discover, let’s come and you will change your mind immediately.

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