If visiting museums is your interest, exploring some of the world's largest museums is a must

There is something about history and ancient remains that capture people’s interest. When you get too familiar with the modern age with technology surrounding your life, you would want to make a change. Museums can provide just the elements that you need. Analyzed by Touropia, these 10 largest museums in the world will be great candidates for your travel-back-in-time trip! Let’s take a look now!

1. Louvre Museum, France

Located in one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris, Louvre Museum is a world-famous tourist destination where you can have a clear view into the ancient cultures. Situated nearby the Seine River, Louvre used to be a magnificent fortress built by King Philippe Auguste, then in the 14th century, it became the royal palace under the reign of Charles V before being turned into a museum like today.


Magnificent look of the Louvre Museum

The art collections in this museum are incredibly diverse, from wonderful specimens existed in the ancient Orient, Egypt, Greek to sculptures and Muslim art, not to mention European items of the 13th century to 19th century.

2. The Egyptian Museum

The museum is a must-visit spot in Cairo, Egypt, for those who love the unique and spectacular culture of this country. At the entrance, you can easily catch the sight of a statue of Sphinx, an Egyptian mythical character having the human head and the body of a lion.


You can easily see the statue of Sphinx right on the front

This place contains a huge collection of 120.000 Egyptian antiques. Come to the museum to observe the statues of Pharaohs, ancient coins, artifacts, tombs, bizarre and artistic figures… Annually, Museum of Cairo attracts a great number of visitors coming here to travel or get information for researching.

3. Vatican Museum

Situated in Viale Vaticano, Rome, Vatican Museum is a massive and outstanding spot which seems to be very appealing to people around the world. The theme of Vatican Museum has a mix of art, history, and religion as well. If you are interested in those three fields, paying a visit to this place would be absolutely worth it!


The museum is outstanding from the appearance to the interior

The enormous artistic works and collections in this place have been selected and added by the Popes for many centuries. The works include famous sculptures and essential Renaissance art pieces. One bonus for the spot is the captivatingly beautiful architecture from spiral stairs to impressive patterns on the wall and the ceiling. Honestly, it looks a lot more like a giant palace than a museum.

4. Metropolitan Museum

In the vibrant city of New York, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the biggest art museums in America. Established in 1870, the museum appears with a classic and palace-like look on the 5th Avenue with a fountain in the front. The museum covers a great number of ancient Egyptian artworks, European paintings, especially those in the 20th century, and precious jewelry from the ancient Greek, Muslim art pieces.


Metropolitan is truly a promising tourist spot

The impressive thing in Metropolitan is not only about the stunning art collection but the building itself as well. With the pure classic European style, the architectural complex is splendid inside out.

5. The British Museum

Located in the capital city London of Britain, the museum holds a large number of items relating to the historic events and the cultural features which dated back to the earliest stages of the human being to the present day. Impressive with a big number of specimens which is about 7 million, the British Museum is totally free to enter.


You wouldn't want to miss a tour in this captivating location

The building is open from 10 am to 5.30 pm. Occasionally, there are art events held in this location, especially some exhibitions involving Japanese art.

6. Uffizi Gallery

Situated in the central area of Florence, Italia, the gallery is a perfect place for contemplating outstanding Renaissance paintings and ancient sculptures. These priceless artworks such as Adoration of the Magi, Birth of Venus, and so on are displayed in the gorgeous setting of Uffizi, which has stunning dome with details, tapestries all over the walls of the hallway, Nicobe room, etc.


You will not only be impressed by how large the museum is, but what it has in store for you as well

7. Ermitazh Museum (Hermitage Museum)


The Museum is also a palace with royal patterns in all corners

In the center of Sankt-Peterburg, Russia, Ermitazh is one of the largest museums in the globe. The incredibly stunning appearance of the building attracts people from the first sight. With elegant stairs and delicate carvings, the museum holds an impressive collection of approximately 3 million ancient items relating to the culture and art around the world with more than 1000 rooms.

8. The Museum of Modern Art

The museum is one of the most promising tourist spots in New York, the city of the U.S. At the present, this location is considered as one of the top modern museums in America, as well as in the world. The massive total area of this complex is about 11.600 square meters.


The modern look of this museum fits well with the street setting

If you are looking for a fresh change of traveling in the museum, the museum is an excellent choice for you. With 150.000 modern pieces of art, the museum is highly rated by the experts. The minimalist style is also applied in the way of displaying the items and artworks, which is very intriguing to observe.

9. Guggenheim Bilbao Museum

Located in Bilbao, Spain, Guggenheim Bilbao is another suggestion for people who are interested in modern art. Combining the works of the contemporary art, this wonderful art archive is set on the Nervión River. At the first look, the museum has already intrigued people by its swirling and metal-like structure creating a bizarre form. This place often organizes exhibits displaying Spanish and international art.


The unique building is situated nearby the Nervión River

10. National Palace Museum


The impressive scale of the museum

Situated in Taibao, Taiwan, this national museum is a wonderful spot to pay a visit. It is where the patterns of Chinese history displayed. The location is one of the largest museums exhibiting royal specimens and artworks. The art collection has covered a great length of history which is more than 10.000 years from the Stone Age to Qing Dynasty.

Not only having a large acreage, those largest museums above have wonderful features that are captivating to travelers around the world. Let’s make them become your next adventures!

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