Here's top famous bridges in the land of Kangaroo - Australia

Here's top famous bridges in the land of Kangaroo - Australia

Without a doubt, Australia is listed as one of the world’s most remote, impressing, and developed countries. Endowed with diversified wildlife, a number of natural wonders, great sand beaches, extensive expanses of outback, and cosmopolitan metropolises, it is not hard to understand why this attractive country globally becomes a hot travel destination. It not only suits to every budget, taste, interest, and age, but also brings visitors some memorable experiences that they cannot find somewhere else.

Today, we’ll highly focus on beautiful bridges in Australia, ranging from the ancient old arch and beam bridges to even the modern suspension bridges. While there are a few temporary bridges, the country is also home to permanent ones which may last for millennia. So, it is no surprise that these bridges become iconic landmarks for the region.

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1. Albert Bridge

Constructed during the period of 1894 to 1895, Albert Bridge is famous as a steel truss bridge, which connects both Chelmer and Indooroopilly stations. Today, it remains the third longest and largest truss bridge in Australia.

famous bridges in Australia

The outstanding design of Albert Bridge

In general, Albert Bridge plays an important role in the railway system that links the capital with both Southern and Western Queensland. It is interesting to know that everything in the bridge is extremely intact, which gives significant physical evidence of the late 19th century railway bridge construction and design in the beautiful country. Standing on the bridge allows guests to take imposing pictures of the surrounding and admire the wonderful masterpiece of mankind.

2. ANZAC Bridge

ANZAC Bridge is one of the prominent landmarks in Sydney. Officially opened in December 1995, it costs about $170 million to absolutely complete. The bridge is vital because it supplies a major link between the Sydney City as well as the suburbs to the west.

famous bridges in Australia

The glorious beauty of ANZAC Bridge at night

Typically, it includes a span of 345 meters with a total length of more than 800 meters in which the 2 large towers will support 128 cables with 120 meters in height. Here is honorably the country’s longest cable-stayed span bridge as well as one of the longest cable-stayed span bridges on the globe. After all, it often gets much attention from tourists since this ANZAC Bridge is very beautiful thanks to the outstanding design that has truly been copied in many other areas across the world.

3. Sydney Harbour Bridge

The beautiful bridge in Australia wins an award for one of the reputable and photographic places in the land of Kangaroo. With the top of 134 meters above the harbor, this is the world's largest steel arch bridge. In 2012, there was a striking 80th birthday celebration for the bridge (from 1932 to 2012).

famous bridges in Australia

Sydney Harbour Bridge is reputable as the world's largest steel arch bridge

Starting to build in 1924, it took about 1,400 men and 8 years to complete, at a cost of £42 million. Furthermore, 6 million hand-driven rivets, along with 53,000 tons of steel were all used throughout the construction.

Today, it carries about 8 traffic lanes as well as 2 rail lines. Regardless of whether you check-in here by bus, train, bike, car, or foot, it is quite possible to enjoy spectacular views of the Sydney Opera House from the bridge.

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4. Batman Bridge

The Batman Bridge was actually named after John Batman – a successful Tasmanian businessman, who was one of the founders of Melbourne city in 1835. Spanning over the breathtaking Tamar River at Whirlpool Reach, here is one of the first cable-styled truss bridges in the world. The unique feature here is that it is strongly suspended from the 100 meter-high-steel A frame tower. The general length of Batman Bridge is about 432 meters between abutments.

famous bridges in Australia

The special structure of Batman Bridge

Once crossing the bridge, tourists will see gorgeous views on both sides, which makes them fond of resting as well as discovering the beauty hidden in this amazing bridge. Of course, a nice stroll along the riverbanks may also be enjoyed here, along with other leisured walks into the bushland and the surroundings, where you may contemplate the beautiful bridge in Australia in the distance.

5. Bolte Bridge

The urban environment of Melbourne stands out with a myriad of unique structures, bridges and skyscrapers. For sure, each shows the distinctiveness and glamour of the city. And a visit to Melbourne is incomplete without seeing the famous Bolte Bridge – a big twin Cantilever structure. It took about 3 years (from 1996 to 1999) to complete with the fund of $75 million. The bridge was named after Sir Henry Bolte – the former Premier of Victoria.

famous bridges in Australia

Bolte Bridge leaves tourists enthralled by its twin Cantilever structure

On the whole, the Bolte Bridge attracts many visitors every day who are keen on its architectural design. While you may take the Westgate freeway to get there, remember that pedestrian and cycling access is highly prohibited. Luckily, there are lots of the nearby spots, restaurants and cruises, where you are totally able to enjoy the view of bridge both daytime and nighttime when the Bolte is impressively lit up. Taking photos of this iconic structure is also a nice idea.

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The land of Kangaroo is world-renowned for many attractions, including its famous bridges. Each beautiful bridge in Australia has its own charm and design, which usually takes much time, money and effort to finish.

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