Here's the list of 10 amazing temples in Egypt to explore

Here's the list of 10 amazing temples in Egypt to explore

Egypt has become a famous tourist attraction with so many mysterious features of 5,000-year history. The variety of architectural styles has made a good name for itself.

Here are top ten amazing temples you should spend time to discover when getting a chance to this ancient country.

1. Medinet Habu

Madinet Habu is claimed to be one of the best temples in Luxor. It is located near the Nile river. As coming there, you will be able to admire different scenes of the king’s life and pharaonic ceremonies carved on the walls. The magnificent colors for the drawing show the skills of the painters. It is great experience to enjoy the colors and pictures.

temples in Egypt

Take a visit to Madinet Habu to admire wonderful carving artworks

2. Kom Ombo

Kom Ombo is one of the rare temples that represent two Gods. As you go farther inside the temple, you will reach the exclusive chambers called the holiest of Holy chamber. It’s called this way because this is where the kings, his allies, the clerics and advisors used to stay here for worshipping. No citizen was allowed to go inside this chamber.

temples in Egypt

Kom Ombo is a wonderful destination in Egypt to visit

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3. Colossi of Memnon

This is a must visit place when being Luxor. There are 2 huge statues of Amenhotep III that would have marked the entrance to this ancient temple. These 2 statues are located in Luxor, Egypt; however, each of them were carved out of one solid piece of quartzite stone which originally weighed approximately 1,000 tons.

4. Temple of Phiale

The temple was built on an island located in the center of the Nile. It gives you a glimpse into the ancient Egyptian’s religious customs and traditions. It is great to enjoy the chambers and shrines around it, it also provides great views of the Nile.

temples in Egypt

It would be a pity if you miss the attraction

5. Edfu

temples in Egypt

Temple of Edfu is the biggest Horus temple

The temple enables you to get to know more about interesting stories of Isis and Osoris, the temple is still in quite good conditions. From the architecture to the hieroglyphics, everything lead you to a different time zone and huge temple here. Wonderful patterns are worth contemplating as well. You will definitely be regretful if you don't visit it at least once.

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6. Seti

temples in Egypt

An amazing overview of Seti temple

Seti is the temple at Abydos. The ceiling and columns are just very massive. There are other amusing things for you to enjoy, including the comfortable atmosphere. The colors are still quite vivid, which makes it so special for many photographers.

7. Hatshepsut

It is situated beneath the cliffs at Deil er Bahari on the western Nile riverbank. This artwork was constructed according to a royal architect's idea of Hatshepsut. The site is known as a sculpture of the female pharaoh Hatshepsut. The temple is an extraordinary place for those who are interested in mysteries of the country.

temples in Egypt

Don't forget to take a look at statue of Queen Hatshepsut

8. Luxor

The temple was dedicated to three Egyptian gods: Amon, Mut and Chons. What special about this temple is that 3 different cultures are blended: Pharaohnic, Christian and Islamic. You can still admire the high pillars and their interesting shapes, or walk around and wonder about the size of people who built this huge place. In front of the towers of the pilot, there are 6 statues positioned so amazingly on the two sides.

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9. Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel was built to honor Ramesses II and his Great Wife Nefertari. This temple is a typical example of excellent human efforts to save many archeological important temples. No photo takings are allowed when you get inside it. You may be impressed by the beautiful images of Ramesses II at the entrance to this temple.

temples in Egypt

Abu Simbel is a wonderful destination to visit

10. Karnak

It is the world’s largest religious site. Columns here are amazing and each of them is carved with wireless. Karnak Temple is such a huge temple that you can spend many hours there without getting bored. Denial is not just life for Egypt but it’s also the source of goodness. That’s why most of the temples there are built on the riverside.

temples in Egypt

Ruins of statues at Karnak, Egypt

These suggestions should be added to your list of interesting places to visit in Egypt. After the trip, you will get more knowledge about this ancient country. It will be definitely a meaningful trip ever!

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