Here are some good things to know before packing up a trip to North Korea

It cannot be denied that North Korea is an interesting place worth paying a visit. However, because of lack of most information needed, many tourists may feel hesitated to take a tour to the country. What a pity! In reality, there are a lot of fancy things to do in there if you fully know about it. Visitors can enjoy resting in North Korea as long as they are well informed of some rules in this country. The followings are some of the interesting things that any travelers should know.

North Korea

Tourist destination of Pyongyang, North Korea

- Is it difficult to get a visa?

This is the very first question anyone would raise before packing up and starting any trip. For North Korea, the answer is no if you book a tour in one of the travel companies in Beijing (China). Currently, only South Korean citizens cannot come to the country.

- Is it compulsory to travel in a group tour?

It might be new to you but there is a rule in North Korea that visitors must be escorted by two state tour guides at anytime and anywhere as long as outside the hotel, regardless of whether they are on a group tour or private tour.

- How are North Korean guides?

North Korea

North Korean tour guide

They are said to be very helpful, polite and especially, good at speaking English. It seems that they work seriously but also, they are curious about foreigners at the same time. It is obvious that there is a great pride on their country in every citizen of North Korea. However, please note that you can comfortably ask them anything except topics of history and politics.

- How is itinerary?

The tour usually gets a lot of programs; even a four-day tour will allow you to visit many places. In general, breakfast is usually served at 8 am, while the bus transfers at 9 am every day, sometimes even earlier. You will be offered a full sightseeing program with a museum trip or taking a break and lunch break. After the trip, visitors often return to the hotel at 6 pm. In the evening, tourists often spend their time in the hotel bars.

- Is North Korea safe?

North Korea

It is best to follow the rules in North Korea

This question is the most sensitive one. However, it is universal knowledge that North Korea is a safe place if you come there for travel purpose, abide the law and respect for the leader.

- How is food in North Korea?

North Korea

North Korean food for visitors

You should be aware of the fact that North Korea’s food that is served for foreigners or tourists is quite good but different from what the natives eat every day. To be more specific, tourists and foreigners are well served with feature dishes such as Kimchi, cold noodles, and rice.

Besides, there are many small dishes accompanied with dishes such as roast duck and fresh squid. In Pyongyang, there are also some foreign foods such as pizza. After dinner, there will be time for singing at some karaoke bars.

- What to do in North Korea?

There are many activities which are unlike anywhere else for visitors to do in North Korea such as visiting an ammonia production plant or agricultural cooperative. Not surprisingly, visitors often enjoy visiting the everyday life of the people. If you are allowed, you can walk around the town, visit the department stores, play bowling and have a chance to interact with the local people.

- Can travelers get photographed?

North Korea

Travelers can take photograph in North Korea

In addition, tour guides often cooperate to show what you are allowed to shoot. If you are asked not to take a photo, it is best to listen. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to take pictures of local people before asking for permission.

- Is it allowed to take a phone?

North Korea

The phone should be used to take pictures

The answer is yes. Recently the North Korea Government has changed the rules, allowing travelers to take the phone, so that you do not have to leave the phone at the border. However, you are only allowed to use the phone to listen to music or take pictures because roaming and Wi-Fi are not available at all.

- How to book a tour?

Beijing (China) is not only the starting point and the end of the tour in North Korea but also the place where the visa is issued. You can book tours at some well reputed travel agencies such as Koryo Tours, Young Pioneer Tours or Juche Travel Services.

North Korea is such a special country. You might have been afraid of taking a tour to North Korea because of many reasons before. Do not let its special politic features prevent you from getting a chance to travel and visit this beautiful country. After getting all information needed about North Korea, we hope that you will have the best trip ever and get the best experience in life.

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