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The mysterious atmosphere and hidden wonders are what attracts tourists to the deep forests of all areas in the world. People come to these destinations to seek for an adventure, a new discover or just simply a change. In fact, the older a forest is, the more appealing it becomes. Some of the most ancient forests in the world have the age up to more than ten millions or even hundred millions of years old. In order to improve the destinations on your bucket list, let’s check out the list of oldest and most wonderful forests in the planet.

1. Tongass Forest, Alaska

The National Forest Tongass located in the US is the first candidate in this list. This beautiful site has the total acreage of 69.000 km2, which makes it become the biggest forests in all the territory of America. Additionally, this is also the largest unspoiled temperate rainforest in the world. According to Tree Hugger, there is a lot of trees which have the age up to more than 800 years old in this forest.

oldest forests

The old woods possess a breathtaking beauty

Moreover, Tongrassis also described as having a particularly diverse ecosystem by National Geographic. In each unit of this natural environment, you can see more living mass than anywhere else on the planet, even compared to jungles.

2. Waipoua, New Zealand

This well-known forest is located in the north island of New Zealand. The forest possesses a wild and pristine natural look. Firstly discovered by early European settlers in the 19th century, the floral system has developed to be extremely captivating with old-aged trees and incredible biological mass.

oldest forests

Waipoua River

Kauri, which is a coniferous tree, is also named in the list of plants here, not to mention its impressive age. The oldest kauri is called Tane Mahuta, which can be briefly understood as "King of the Jungle". It has the striking height which is about 50m, and its age is estimated for 2.300 years old.

oldest forests

Tane Mahuta

3. Tropical rainforest Daintree, Australia

The whole site of Daintreecovers a total area of 1.200 km2. This is home to thousands of types of bird and of course, other kinds of wild animals. 30% of animals here are the native reptile, frog, and marsupial in Australia. Butterflies and bats take in an account of 65%, and 12.000 insects. This old rainforest had been formed since 180 million years ago, which is tens million of years older than the rainforest Amazon. oldest forests

Wonderful scenes in Daintree Forest

4. Yakushima, Japan

Yakushimais another promising temperate old forest. This ancient forest was recognized as a World Natural Heritage by UNESCO in 1993. Once you visit this place, you would know why it is a World Natural Heritage. The enchanting region is captivating with its verdant natural views in all of the corners. The botanical system in Yakushimais incredibly diverse and beautiful, especially those arrays of moss spread widely from old trees to rock creating a mesmerizing green carpet along with small rivers.

oldest forests

Enchanting scenery of Yakushima

Moreover, the forest is appealing with a variety of ecosystems from littoral vegetation with subtropical plants to temperate rainforests covering most parts of mountains and meadows. One of the highlight points in the area is the presence of Yakusugi, which is known to be Japanese cedar. This kind of tree has the length of age up to 7.000 years. The fairytale appearance of the location had been the inspiration for the main setting of the Princess Mononoke, a famous cartoon of Japan. You are recommended to bring your camera by your side, it’s absolutely needed!

5. Bristlecone, California

The ancient pine forest Bristlecone is a wonderful place to visit in the U.S. Situated in the highland next to Sequoia National Forest at the height of 3.000 m, this forest attracts travelers with its bizarre-looking pine trees. Some of them own different kinds of twisted shape and size. It is home to the most ancient pine in the world known with the name Methuselah whose existence has lasted for 4.841 years. The tree had appeared since the very first pyramid of Egypt was built.

oldest forests

Not having a dense and verdant appearance of regular forest, Bristlecone is attractive in its own way

6. Bialowiza, Poland and Belarus

This oldest forest of Europe takes up a massive acreage of 1.500 km2 at the border of Polandand Belarus. Most of the trees in Bialowiza can exist for more than thousands of years. Not only having a wonderful floral system, the area is also diverse in fauna. According to the data of UNESCO, Bialowizahas 59 different kinds of animals, 250 types of bird and 13 in the amphibian. 7 is the number for kinds of reptile and 12.000 in the invertebrate.

oldest forests

Old trees appears in the evergreen setting

7. Tarkine, Australia

Tarkineis the largest wild temperate rainforest in Australia, and it gains the second-largest spot compared to the world. The pristine appearance of Tarkine makes people think of the image of the early stages of the planet when the dinosaurs still walked on the Earth which might date back to 300 million years ago.

oldest forests

Captivating with different types of landscape

The forest possesses majestic mountain range, a complicated river system along with ancient caves, beautiful bunches of flowers, white-coast beaches. The pine tree Huon whose age is about 3.000 years is a worth-seeing thing in the forest. The existence of the tree makes it the second-oldest tree in the world.

8. Kakamega, Kenya

oldest forests

Having a wonderful system of flora and fauna

The forest has the total acreage approximately 238 km 2. It is actually what still remains of one of the oldest forests in the world. About a half of the living mass had been damaged by the general development of human plus war and the excessive deployment of natural resources in the last 40 years. However, you should not underestimate the level of biodiversity here, since it still manages to survive and develop. This is the home to 300 different kinds of bird, many types of monkeys, and there are fig trees with the age about 700 years old.

With wonderful features and mesmerizing scenery to discover, those oldest forests above are the ideal stops to find your next adventure. If you are fancy at biology and animals, they should not be missed from your bucket list.

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