Have you heard of castle hotels? Europe has it all

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a pretty Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella in the fairy tales and having a deep sleep in castles? Let your wish come true by staying one of the magnificent castle hotels in Europe! Although not all of us can afford to buy our own castle, this does not mean that we cannot rent or spend 1 or 2 nights in one.

Around the continent, many castles have been surprisingly transformed into magical and well-equipped hotels. Just with one night stay in any of these lavish castle hotels may even make you feel like the kings, queens, and royal members. We hope that the list of best European castle hotels here can satisfy your need!

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1. Amberley, England

Stepping under a working portcullis, surrounded by the 18-meter walls, you can easily see medieval architecture, landscaped gardens, and an impeccable atmosphere of peace and quietness. Although the castle has a long history, dating back to Henry 1 in 1,100 A.D, there is nothing out-of-date about the quality of accommodation.

There are many ancient artifacts as well as opulent and elegant rooms here. Each room has a distinctive design, with 4-poster beds, luxurious drapes, and whirlpool bathrooms. You can book a room which offers a breathtaking view of the vistas of the “Garden of England” – the Sussex countryside.

castle hotels

An ancient theme of Amberley Castle Hotel, England

2. Ashford, Ireland

Ashford Castle stands out as a sumptuous 5-star hotel, located on a 350-acre estate that can gaze upon the Ireland’s 2nd largest lake – Lough Corrib. Built in 1228, the castle hotel went through a number of owners and transformations. It was sold to the Irish government in 1939. After that, the castle was doubly expanded in size and became a famous hotel, thanks to its classy accommodations along with a lot of interesting activities (i.e. lake cruising, horse riding, archer fishing, golf playing, etc.).

Today, the Ashford has 83 comfortable bedrooms, one indulgent spa, in addition to 140 hectares of wooded parkland. Gourmets can feel pleased with an award-winning fare at the hotel’s restaurant. If luckily, you can have a chance to meet your idol here, such as Ronald Regan, Brad Pitt, Mary Queen of Scots, Princess Grace, and more.

castle hotels

A romantic vista of Ashford Castle

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3. Burghotel Auf Schönburg, Germany

As a harmonious mixture of grand castle and imposing hotel accommodation, Burghotel Auf Schönburg leaves tourists enthralled by its medieval architecture and modern comfort. Some guestrooms bring window seats and balconies with perfect views of the river or the vineyards.

More interestingly, sweet couples can enjoy their romantic moment in lovely bedrooms set in a turret. After all, these are all gorgeously decorated. If you are a book lover, don’t miss a chance to visit the castle’s library where you can learn more about the lifestyle of royal members in the past. It is surely a hands-on experience!

castle hotels

Feel interested in Burghotel Auf Schönburg, Germany

4. Dalhousie, Scotland

Built in 13th century, the castle hotel is about 8 miles outside Edinburgh. There are generally 29 bedrooms in there. Some of them were also designed in Scottish fabrics and themed around well-known historical figures.

Especially, what creates a warm and sumptuous feel from the hotel is the presence of furniture, carpets and rugs that are really welcoming and deeply relaxing. Satisfy your hunger by heading towards the Dungeon Restaurant – the castle’s ancient dining room. Make sure to indulge yourself in the private spa. How cool it is!

castle hotels

Dalhousie Castle is set in a peaceful landscape

5. Hôtel de la Cité, Carcassonne, France

Situated in the center of the medieval citadel of Carcassonne, this picturesque castle hotel does bring the stunning panoramic views of the fairy-tale city from the above. Guests will be warmly welcomed at the medieval city before stepping into the fortress.

Its magnificent entrance particularly features wonderful wooden fresco that represents historical and famous figures from the local area. When the sun goes down beneath the horizon, it is an ideal moment to savor an aperitif on the terrace, followed by a luxury dinner at the Michelin-starred restaurant. At that time, you will be treated like a king or a queen. Then, enjoy a deep relaxation in your booked room, like The Viollet le Duc or The Neo-Gothic suite.

castle hotels

The green setting of Hôtel de la Cité, Carcassonne, France

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6. Ruthin, Wales

Set close to the town of Ruthin in the Vale of Clwyd, Ruthin Castle gives tourists a great opportunity to experience how King Arthur lived. It is where you can learn more about the castle’s gory history which is highly emphasized through its dungeon and drowning pool. However, everything has dramatically changed today. The castle becomes medieval and romantic banquets. Guests are able to feast like Henry VIII. Feel free to relax in the private spa before having a well sleep in an opulent bed.

castle hotels

Live as a royalty in Ruthin Castle

So, what do you choose from the list of castle hotels in Europe above? After all, remember that they often come with high rates as guests can be treated like royal members with sumptuous furniture. Enjoy your vacation!

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