Greenland insider guides

Greenland insider guides

Greenland is famous for many interesting tourist destination and fascinating tourist activities that will definitely help you take home the most memorable trip. If you are making a travel tour to the country but don’t know where to go or what to prepare, the following insider guides will be a great help. Let’s take a look!


Greenland insider guides

Greenland is a must-see destination in the world

The country of Greenland is yearly covered by snow and more especially, it has no borders to the mainland. This is known as the largest island in the world with so many captivating destinations to explore.

One of the must-try things you can’t miss there is the cuisine. Don’t you dare to eat Mattak made from skin and fat of whales or something like seal with 300-500 birds auk inside?

Seafood and forest products are the staples of Greenland cuisine. Enjoying the Greenland food makes you feel as if you are venturing into an adventure.

Things to see

Ilulissat Bay

Greenland insider guides

The beautiful and colorful houses in the bay

Ideally located near the city of Ilulissat, the beautiful bay is 40 km in length, 7 m in height and 1,200 m in depth. In addition to admiring the spectacular beauty of icebergs there, you can have a good chance to see with your own eyes the amazing wildlife with such sea animals as penguins, seals and whales. The captivating natural landscapes there make the bay deserve to be recognized as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Greenland insider guides

Nuuk is more amazing when winter comes

This place is known as the economic and cultural center of the country where promises to give you a lot of memorable travel experiences. From Nuuk, it is possible to reach to Iqaluit and St. John’s in Canada and Reykjavík in Iceland. Coming there, you will absolutely love the colorful houses, the pristine beach and comfortable weather.


Greenland insider guides

Narsarsuaq is an ideal option to enjoy peaceful atmosphere

Narsarsuaq is home to about 200 people. Although it is quite small, the spectacular scenery, peaceful ports and imposing mountains will amaze you at very first sight. Most travelers choose the famous tourist destination in Greenland as an ideal camping site to enjoy fresh air and explore the wildlife.

Narsaq is located on a plain in the giant bay system of Greenland. The area is a great place to visit where you will be able to see seals, salmons, whales as well as icebergs from nearby glaciers.


Greenland insider guides

An impressive corner in Uummannaq

Located in west Greenland, Uummannaq is well-known as one of the most popular tourist attractions all over the world. The city offers beautiful natural scenery with imposing rock formations, peaceful villages and romantic lakes. The best way to explore every corner there is to take a calm walk.

If you make a travel tour to Uummannaq in winter, you can hire a sled drawn by dogs to get around and discover the city. However, the recommended time to come there is from 17th May to 28th July when you can admire the exotic beauty of the Sun in midnight.

Things to do


Greenland insider guides

Taking a boat is the best way to get close to icebergs in Greenland

Have you ever seen an iceberg in a close position? If no, then taking a boat and see with your own eyes the exotic beauty of icebergs. You can also opt for a boat trip to the bay at night to see the blue glows under the "evening sun" in Greenland.

The Sun in mid-night

Greenland insider guides

Greenland is known as the land of the mid night sun

If you can travel to Greenland from June to August, you will be able to see the amazing Sun in mid-night which is known as one of the most interesting natural phenomenon in the world. Greenland offers special cups of coffee that can help you awake at night so that you can get the perfect view of such an amazing scenery.

Admiring the sunk icebergs

Greenland insider guides

Be amazed at the beautiful icebergs in the country

The most suitable place to see an iceberg sinking is Eqip Sermia, an interesting melting glacier in Greenland. It takes about five hours by train from Ilusiat to the site to witness the majestic glaciers as huge icebergs sink to the bottom of the sea.

Relaxing at Lodge Eqi

Greenland insider guides

Lodge Eqi - the ideal stopover to escape city life

Lodge Eqi is an ideal tourist destination in Greenland to enjoy fresh air and relaxing moments. The peaceful landscapes and quiet atmosphere will definitely help you escape from the busy city life.

Although Greenland is not as famous as other tourist attractions in the world, it increasingly attracts more travelers to come and explore its spectacular natural beauty. Let’s come and take home the most unforgettable trip ever.

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