Gondwana Forest - The World's Largest Subtropical Rain Forest

Gondwana Forest - The World's Largest Subtropical Rain Forest

Appreciated as the world’s largest subtropical rain forest and named in the list of the world heritages in 1986 by UNESCO, Gondwana in Australia is well-known for its system of many natural landscapes that impress the attention of visitors across the world.

Gondwana in Australia

Gondwana in Australia is the world’s largest subtropical rain forest

Gondwana is originally called as the Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves of Australia. It owns a primitive beauty of the mountains and forests which are thick and interminable. Accordingly, Gondwana is a “must-see” destination for visitors especially for those who have desire of exploring nature.

Gondwana subtropical rain forest is a system of the big national parks including Lamington, Spring brook and mountains consisting of Barney mountain, Main Range mountain and 37 other small national parks. It covers a large total area of about 3,665 square kilometers with 50 wildlife sanctuaries, which are mainly situated in the border of New South Wales and Queensland.

Some national park that could not be passed when discovering Gondwana subtropical rain forest are follows:

Lamington National Park

The most famous national park in Gondwana rain forest should be firstly named must be Lamington National Park. The majority of the national park lies on the height of 900 meters above sea level and is about 30 kilometers away from Pacific Ocean. It still is one of the special wildlife sanctuary of the world. Let’s book plane ticket and take an adventure to Lamington National Park to discover the primitive land of Australia.

Many visitors think that discovering the potential beauty of Lamington means that they are exploring the primitive and superb beauty of Australia. Lamington annually catches a huge number of domestic and international visitors due to the wonderful waterfalls, the long walking way, the tropical forests and the diversity of plant and animal. Therefore, it is not strange to say that Lamington National Park has become one of the most attractive destination for visitors over the world in Australia in general.

Gondwana in Australia

Lamington National Park

Lamington covers an area of over 20,500 hectares with the variety of plant. This national park is the settle of many unique plants of Australia that visitors cannot find out in anywhere over the world. A number of over 5000-year trees can be found in Lamington National Park. Lamington also provides food for the majority of tropical birds, reptiles, frogs, mammals and spineless animals living here. For that reason, coming to Lamington national park, travelers get opportunity to contemplate the distinctive attractiveness of each kind of plant and animal.

During the period of discovering the national park, visitors can experience the wonderful feeling when standing on the chain-bridges built in the park.

Dorrigo National Park

Dorrigo belongs to New South Wales and is apart of Gondwana. This national park is about 580 kilometers away from Sydney city and about 5 kilometers from Dorrigo city to the Eastern. The park is a subtropical rain forest. It has many tracks for visitors to walk to visit the whole view of the streams and the surrounding natural sightseeing in the itinerary of visiting. Especially, there is a bridge built in Dorrigo, which is higher than many trees in the national park so that tourists can view the sight in the national park and witness the daily activities of many kinds of birds living here when standing on this bridge.

Gondwana in Australia

The bridge built in Dorrigo is the best position for a great vision

Dorrigo has a number of large and small waterfalls, therefore, as taking tour to this national park, travelers are able to go along the available paths in the park to contemplate the gorgeousness of the water dropping down from high position with white foam or the attractiveness of the waterfalls lying among the green color of forest.

The combination of waterfalls and forest draw a poetic and stunning image of a primitive national park. Touring to Dorrigo national park give visitors opportunity to admire the lakes which are clear enough to see through the colorful beauty of rocks and moss under the water’s surface. It is sure to say that visitors will absolutely want to set foot into the lake even only one time.

Warning mount National Park

Located in the South of New South Wales and about 642 kilometers from Sydney city to the North, Warning mountain National Park is an attraction for visitors over the world. The native name of it is “Wollumbin” having meaning of sky-keeper. This national park encompasses Warning mountain. It is managed by the Bureau of wildlife creatures New South Wales.

New England National Park

New England is a part of New South Wales and about 560 kilometers away from Sydney city to the North. Travelling to New England National Park, all visitors will be impressed by the prominent characteristic of this national park is the diversity of the floristic composition. This natural environment is an ideal living environment for many kinds of plant and animal. To visit the park, visitors can follow the walking path in it.

Gondwana in Australia

The walking path

Together with the national parks mentioned above, 37 other national parks and wildlife sanctuaries have contribution to making Gondwana subtropical rain forest more diversified and charming to all visitors. Gondwana is used not only for preserving the rare and precious animals and plants but for tourism demand as well. It annually attracts more than 2 million tours of visiting.

The system of national parks and other natural landscapes in Gondwana will actually leave visitors with many unforgettable memory as well as the amazing experiences when coming here that nowhere can bring. So, planning a tour to Gondwana subtropical rain forest is a great recommend for visitors in their holiday.

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