Frozen hotels in the world to know

Frozen hotels in the world to know

Forest hotels, desert hotel, and now we also have frozen hotels? Seems like tourists never running out of choices when it comes to choosing a unique accommodation. Different from other hotels, these ice hotels can only be maintained for a short period (about 3 to 4 months) since all the facilities inside them are made of ice. Therefore, when they melt due to the hot temperature, they’ll be rebuilt again.

Take a look at these wonderful frozen hotels below to see if they can intrigue you or not.

1. Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, Alta

Sorrisniva is undoubtedly one of the highlights of Norway. Every time this hotel is rebuilt, there is a new theme applied to the inner décor. The ice rooms are captivating with all ice furniture, bed and also a bathroom. You can look for other facilities like changing room, sauna and bathroom can be found in the service building next to the main ice hotel.


It looks pretty cold, but who can say no with such a beautiful bed like this?

There are appealing tours that you can join such as fishing, snowmobiling, meeting reindeers, dog sledding, etc. You can even organize your wedding there, and if you’re lucky, you can witness the beauty of Northern Lights.

2. Ice Hotel, Sweden

This is the first and largest ice hotel in the world! Located in Jukkasjarvi, a small village in the North of the country, the hotel offers a lot of room styles. There are Deluxe rooms with grand décor designed by MINI, the famous car brand. You might be also interested in artistic ice rooms and simpler ones.


A nice interior in an igloo of Ice Hotel

The hotel is annually built from October to December with the participation of 40 ice sculptors. Built on a massive scale, which is about 5,500 m2, this ice hotel is made of over 1,000 tonnes of ice of Torne Lake and 30,000 tonnes of snice, a mix of snow and ice used in attaching patterns of ice hotels.

3. Ice Hotel Romania, Fagaras


An eye-catching decor of Ice Hotel Romania

Aside from single rooms, this hotel is also well-known for its doubled ice rooms with romantic ice beds for couples. You can also find igloos, which are suitable for tourists seeking for more privacy. Fascinatingly, the hotel delivers an on-site ice church, where you can throw your wedding day in an ice wonderland. Adventurers who fancy at snowmobiling and skiing can find a perfect spot to practice your favorite activities there.

4. Snow Village, Kittila, Finland


Those colorful light effects definitely make Snow Village stand out

Snow Village Kittila has been operated for 13 years. The hotel is usually constructed at the end of October or the beginning of November. Built on a total acreage of 20,000m2, the ice guest rooms differ in design and architecture each year. The temperature is usually maintained from -2 to -5oC to prevent the structure from melting. Apart from having great times in the ice world, do not hesitate to try out playful activities like riding reindeers and horses, ice sculpturing, etc.

5. Igloo Village Engelberg, Switzerland



Bath in hot tubs in the middle of a snowy landscape

Built on the height of 1,800 m compared to the sea level, Igloo Village Engelberg is definitely one-of-a-kind ice hotel. The rooms are inspired by simple igloos which are totally private and fascinating. Some of them are even equipped with sauna rooms. There are many types of igloos to choose from a standard one with 6 beds to romantic style featuring a bathroom. Family type is also available. The hotel is open on December 25th every year.

6. Alpha Tomamu, Japan

Located in Hokkaido, a snowy island on the North of Japan, Alpha Tomamu is well-known to skiers. The ice resort is like a little town with a wide range of church, ice field, bars, restaurant, and laboratory, where you can see and join in interesting snow crafting activities.


This resort is suitable for a family trip

The inner part of the hotel is kept at a low temperature (-3 to -5oC). While staying in this mesmerizing hotel, you can spend your time on fishing in ice holes, dog sledding, watching cats skiing (it’s very fun to look!)

7. Aurora Fairbanks, the U.S


Don't miss the chance of seeing aurora in Aurora Fairbanks

Before becoming a museum, this place used to be a hotel with outstanding igloos. This location is open all year round, and you can admire exquisite artworks made of ice in here. Inside, there is an observatory tower featuring a spiral stair, guest rooms with wooden patterns. This spot is also a potential place for seeing Northern Lights. Don’t forget to stop by Bar Aurora where your drinks will be served in ice cups.

8. SnowCastle, Kemi, Finland

This is the largest snow fortress only appearing in winter. With the acreage from 13,000 to 20,000 m2, the fairy-tale castle will impress you with ice tables, leather cloths and ice statues. Aside from regular rooms, there are doubled rooms for newly-wed couples.


It's a nice bedroom to spend your holiday, isn't it?

SnowCastle also delivers entertainment for all ages from kid playgrounds to movie theater, ice exhibitions. Besides, you might find your enthusiasm while doing ice fishing or playing golf on snow ground. Occasionally, you can expect to enjoy live concerts.

9. Kirkenes Snowhotel, Norway


Kirkenes Snowhotel is popping out of the snow with its captivating appearance

Kirkenes consists of 20 nice rooms, each of which is designed in a unique style ranging from Arctic culture to nature. Each of them is about 5 m in length and fully equipped. They are decorated with delicate details and beautiful sculptures. Guided tours are available there.

10. Hotel de Glace, Canada

Driving to the north of Quebec about 5 km, you will catch the sight of Glace, which is pretty near Laurentian Mountains. Being the first ice hotel in North America, the hotel is usually built in December and put in use for 3 months.


Hotel de Glace might look simple on the outside, but be ready to be overwhelmed with what you find inside

Everything is about ice in Glace from big things like furniture to little cups for drinking. There is an ice altar where you can organize your dream fairy-tale wedding. A wedding in an ice kingdom? It can be the dream of any girl!

Spectacular ice hotels definitely please snow lovers. With the scene as enchanting as in a fairy tale, your trip to one of these frozen paradises will be a memorable one!

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