For fans of Vietnamese foods: Don't miss top best Vietnamese restaurants in Paris

For fans of Vietnamese foods: Don't miss top best Vietnamese restaurants in Paris

Paris, the capital city of France, has long been considered as the world’s capital of art, light, fashion and romance, welcoming million tourists annually. However, it cannot be denied that one of the most important factors that make Paris so attractive is food. Thousand restaurants in the city serve a great number of both foreign and local dishes, being diverse in appearances and tastes. Among them, cuisines in the best Vietnamese restaurants in Paris are wonderful things that lure visitors.

1. Mitsou

Vietnamese restaurants in Paris

The site serves delicious Vietnamese foods at a reasonable price

The first impression of Mitsou Restaurant is the classic decoration with turquoise walls and pictures of the owner’s mother, which makes the place unique. While Mitsou does not receive a lot of guests during the day, it is always filled with hungry people in the evening. In the diverse menu, the most famous dishes such as dim sum, pho bo (beef noodles), chicken kebabs and spring rolls are not only delicious but also reasonable in price.

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2. Taokan

Vietnamese restaurants in Paris

Taokan is a well-known eating place in Paris

Originally built as a vintage watch shop of a Chinese man, Taokan is now a renowned eating place of Vietnamese, Chinese and sometimes Japanese in the capital city of Paris. The main ingredients include seafood such as shrimps, scallops, squids… and several kinds of dried herbs in pretty small bags. According to guests, the high quality of Taokan matches well with the mid-range prices. In addition, they are very pleased with nice and attentive staffs.

3. L’Indochine

Vietnamese restaurants in Paris

Vegetarian dishes can be found in the best restaurant

L’Indochine is widely known for vegetarian dishes made from vegetables, herbs and soybeans. It is said to be an authentic Vietnamese restaurant with truly delicious dishes such as pho, banh xeo and bun cha Hanoi served with fresh coconut or orange juice. Generally speaking, L’Indochine provides a cozy and hospitable space for couples and families.

4. Xinh Xinh

Vietnamese restaurants in Paris

Xinh Xinh Restaurant is as lovely as its name

Fans of Vietnamese foods visit Xinh Xinh as this restaurant serves a great number of Vietnamese traditional dishes in quite cheap prices. While guests are fond of banh cuon, banh tom and spring rolls, the biggest reason to come to Xinh Xinh must be bun bo, a subtle mix of noodles, beef and several kinds of herbs and vegetables in a special broth. Moreover, kind staff and a tranquil atmosphere add to the popularity of this eating place.

5. Le Rouleau de Printemps

Vietnamese restaurants in Paris

Le Rouleau de Printemps is small but won't let you down!

There are other Vietnamese restaurants in Paris but Le Rouleau de Printemps remains popular. The humble size of the restaurant reminds people of small food stalls in Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital city. Though some guests do not feel comfortable with the tiny space, it cannot be denied that it makes strangers get closer to each other. Usually, there is nothing to complain about the food such as pho bo, spring rolls, salad as well as the charming service and price.

6. Le Drapeau de la Fidelité

Vietnamese restaurants in Paris

This small restaurant offers so many wonderful dishes to taste

When visitors first walk into Le Drapeau de la Fidelité, they are immediately impressed by an old Vietnamese flag hung on the wall or books and records from many years ago. This tiny restaurant is where simple and cheap foods, not only spring rolls and pho but also curry and spaghetti, are served to please empty tummies of every type of guests. Honestly, the restaurant in Paris is definitely an eating place that is full of memories, emotions and experiences, but not an ideal one for epicures.

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7. Pho 14

Vietnamese restaurants in Paris

Pho 14 is an ideal place to enjoy Vietnamese foods

It would be a huge mistake not to mention Pho 14 as one of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Paris. As Pho 14 owns one of the 50 best dishes on Time Out Magazine Paris, it undoubtedly gets very crowded every day. A regular visitor even said that this restaurant’s food reminded him of his wife’s.

8. New Hawaïenne

Vietnamese restaurants in Paris

This is a favorite restaurant for fans of Vietnamese foods

New Hawaïenne is a friendly Vietnamese kitchen where guests don't need a menu or call a staff member to order. They seem to get used to Vietnamese cuisines, including classic boiled Vietnamese ravioli, dim sum, flavorful spring rolls, well-balanced soups and so on. Is there anything more wonderful than enjoying your super delicious food without spending too much money?

9. Le Cambodge

Vietnamese restaurants in Paris

Le Cambodge Restaurant is always full of guests

Among very tasty dishes such as soups, salads and curries, the two best ones are said to be bun bo (beef noodles with bean sprouts, imperial rolls) and healthy beef salad wrapped in lettuce and mint leaves alongside a special sauce. Therefore, the restaurant is always full of guests, and if you want to get a table, you should come early.

10. Cyclo

Vietnamese restaurants in Paris

The best restaurant in Paris serves Saigon beer

The restaurant’s owners must be very good at drawing people’s attention when they named it after a little unique vehicle in Vietnam. Similar to some of the restaurants mentioned above, its small size does not mean that it is weak; by contrast, it is powerful enough to attract fans of Vietnamese foods thanks to a very delicious menu. In a modern and warm space, dishes come out well-presented and tasty. The best ones are pho, banh khot, banh cuon and especially, Saigon beer.

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10 of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Paris above are favorite destinations of travelers, especially fans of Vietnamese foods when they are in Paris. Though they all serve Vietnamese traditional dishes, there are certain differences in taste, service and atmosphere.

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