Foodaholics will find the cuisine in Oceania worth tasting

What do you think when you hear Oceania? It must be a land full of water sea. However, you can find a lot of other dishes that is really worth tasting in there. That's why, foodaholics should not miss the trip to Oceania and try all the delicious foods to rock their holidays.

Lamington - Australia

Have you ever imagined that a kind of food has its own day? If the answer is no, you should not miss this icon food of Australia, lamington. It is sweet sponge filled with jam, each lamington takes the shape of a 40 mm-square.

cuisine in Oceania

Lamington is sweet treat for your holiday

You will be appealed by the smell of fruits or cream in middle of the soft dough. The outside is dipped in thick layers of chocolate before being coated with coconuts. Therefore, lamington will take your breath away for both attractive decoration and delicious taste. There are a variety of flavors for you to choose. Fans of sweets should definitely try this food once in Australia.

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Pavlova - New Zealand & Australia

Oceania seems to offer you the best cuisine ever and Pavlova is not an exception. Although many people still argue about its origin of New Zealand or Australia, this kind of desert is available and tasty in both countries. It is soft and light because there is no use of powder like any other cakes. Palvola is simply the combination of egg white and sugar (meringue). You would be surprised to see a cute shape of marshmallow placed on a large plate and topped with a wide range of fruits.

cuisine in Oceania

Pavlova looks like small cupcakes

Normally, strawberry is the ideal topping with the outstanding redness. You can add blueberry or raspberry according to your taste. However, a plateful of kiwi on top can’t be missed if you travel to New Zealand. Palvola is a perfect treat for hot summer days, isn’t it?

Anzac biscuits - Australia

Your trip to Oceania cannot be fulfilled without trying this specialty of kangaroo land. Their cute shapes and unique flavors are sure to attract you immediately. It is the combination of oats, flour, butter, syrup and coconut, so that the texture is dark and thick.

cuisine in Oceania

Anzac biscuits will appeal you at first sight

You can have this dish as breakfasts or desert because it has great nutritional value. Enjoying it with a hot cup of tea is an ideal start for a day. The crispy dough coupled with excellent taste of coconuts will make you crave for a lot of Anzac biscuits.

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Australian prawns - Australia

Australia is a sunny land with a variety of seafood to rock your holiday, and among them, sweet prawns are the most notable. You can’t calm yourself down in front of these attractive seafood, especially in the midst of water-dropping ice cubes. There are a wide range of prawns, namely king, banana, farmed tiger and endeavor. Each has its own flavors and distinct way of cooking.

cuisine in Oceania

The redness of prawns is sure to arouse your appetite

Prawns can be served with cucumber, tomatoes and topped with fresh basil. Whatever the way is, you can enjoy a sense of freshness and juiciness coming out from the prawns. They are combined well with other ingredients so that you will never get bored trying different recipes.

Green-lipped mussels - New Zealand

Nowhere can you find this delicious seafood except New Zealand. The dish is a favorite treat in this country because of great health benefits and unbeatable taste. The large mussels savor of the saltiness and contain juicy intestines. There are a lot of ways you can enjoy mussels; however, the traditional way it to cook with tomato sauce.

cuisine in Oceania

Mussels are perfectly mixed with pasta

All the ingredients, including opinion, thyme, tomatoes and garlic are stir-fried until all the mussels open their shells. The colors are absolutely appealing with the redness of tomatoes, greenness of mussels and other spices.

Remember to squeeze lemon to increase the flavors before you eat. It is sure to whet your appetite immediately. In some areas of New Zealand, people even eat with some pasta or bread because the sauce is really tasty.

Lamb - New Zealand

It’s impossible to leave Oceania without trying some recipes of lamb. Although the number of sheep has decreased in New Zealand, you can still get lamb dishes of higher quality than any places in the world.

The seasoned lamb goes so well with the freshness of vegetables, juicy slides of tomatoes and soft texture of dough. If you want to try something new, tacos will be a perfect option. The components are similar to those of burger but the crispy shells will bring you delighting feelings. These recipes of lamb are suitable for everyone, especially kids who love the taste of minced lamb.

cuisine in Oceania

Excellent lamb with beans for your holiday in New Zealand

Kiwi meat Pie - New Zealand

Another iconic food of Oceania that can be found in the land of kiwi is kiwi meat pie. It is among delicious foods that people eat frequently. Beef is minced and seasoned with vegemite, vinegar, salt and pepper to arouse the flavors. They are then filled in soft pastry in a hand-sized shape.

cuisine in Oceania

Meat pie is the symbolic food of New Zealand that you should try

Besides the most popular version of beef, you can explore a lot of varieties to rock your holiday such as pork and apple, sausage or curried chicken. When you have the first bite, cheese will melt into your mouth and the juiciness comes out from the meat. It’s best to serve with some beer. Finding meat pie stores is quite easy as there are many fast food restaurants just to meet the needs of local people.

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You would never regret visiting to the exciting region of Oceania. Besides beautiful scenery, it also offers you chances to taste all the delicious foods with various recipes.

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