Fiji Island - Wonderful Tropical Paradise For Honeymoon

Fiji Island -  Wonderful Tropical Paradise For Honeymoon

Fiji islands is considered as the most beautiful archipelago in Oceania. It attracts tourists in around the world especially married couples to be on a honeymoon by romantic and dreamlike sights as a fairy world.

fiji_blog_pic1Fiji islands - Wonderful tropical paradise for honeymoon

Fiji is an archipelago covered by very green forests that is located in the South of the Pacific belongs to Oceania. It has an area of 18000 square kilometers of more than 320 big and medium island and 522 small islands. These islands are so beautiful and charming such as Kadavu, Turtle, Tavarua, Suva, Viti Levu, Vanua Levu.

fijibeachSignificant moment with your lover on the honeymoon

There are several dazzlingly falls from mountain gorges flowing down that is prominent in the green color of sea and forests creating a special feature for the romantic and fascinating picture of Fiji. That is a reason why Fiji is known as a tropical paradise for honeymoon.

testi-8Paradise in the sea for your honeymoon in Fiji islands

How to get there?

You can get Fiji by plane. Some prestige plane makers for you to choose on your trip including Aircalin, Air New Zealand, Air Fiji, Korean Air, Virgin Blue, Air Nauru, Qantas. You will be landed safely in Nadi national airport that is a mainly airport of Fiji islands and a center of Air Pacific plane maker. Apart from Nadi airport, you can reach Fiji by many different suitable ways such as motorboat, ferry-boat with the cheapest cost.

What is the best time for visiting?

Characterized by the tropical climate, which is hot and humid, so you can be on your honeymoon here any time. One of the best ideal time here is in Spring and Summer because this is the period time that Fiji islands is very beautiful with very blue and limpid water as a mirror surface, fresh air. You can be spoilt for swallowing in the cool water in hot summer. Traveling on the same day with Fiji Week festival organized on October every year, you will be took part in the crowded and eventful festival with your lover.

fijiislandFiji island is an ideal destination to be on a honey moon with your life partner

Located on the Pacific, Fiji islands owns the most pure atmosphere in the planet. It is very graceful and romantic with soft white sand-banks running straight, blue and clean sea water, immeasurably high coconut rows. Unending snow-white sand-banks like the beautiful silk bands are one of the most precious assets in Fiji. All of which create a whole romantic picture of Fiji attracting married couples who are fall in love. It is really an ideal destination to be on a honeymoon. Young lovers can lie under the coconut rows and mix rip their wine with admire the waves crashing on the seashore in peaceful and quiet atmosphere only love.

romanticroomfijiEnjoy wonderful wedding night in a warm room

Coming here, married couples can be on their honeymoon by taking a rest, swimming in the sea, taking a walk on the seashore or participating in some interesting activities with your honey such as diving under the sea to admire colorful coral reefs, taking in the sun, rowing kayak boat, parachuting from the plane, swimming with sharks. There is no significant things that compared with spending your time with your lover in a romantic atmosphere like in Fiji islands.

130509_Day03_Card012_5825_0Swimming with your life partner in romantic scenery of Fiji islands

Spending your honeymoon in Fiji, married couples will get the good opportunity with your wife or husband to see the grandiose and graceful beauty of oust plains in the bottom of the sea with your own eyes. You can also be enchant by the colorful coral reefs in the different shapes and sizes emerging over the surface of limpid sea water as a mirror surface. There is a shortcoming if young lovers miss some islands in Fiji such as Kadavu, Turtle, Tavarua, or Suva that are one of the most beautiful and romantic islands in Fiji islands for your honeymoon.

honeymoon-fiji-3Romantic beauty for your honeymoon in Fiji islands

Turtle island is one of the well-known holiday resort for honeymoon in the whole area of Fiji archipelago because the romantic and dreamlike beauty of a water-color painting of blue sea, white sand, fresh air. It is really significant choice to be on a honey moon for all of married couples in around the world. You will be lived with your lover in the immense and mysterious sights of 14 beautiful beaches in Turtle island.

swimmingfiji _Diving to explore beautiful coral reefs _

You can take some wonderful photos for your trip in different angels. You will be enjoyed your honeymoon perfectly in professional services of famous resorts here that are in no way inferior to any most luxurious resorts in the world. You can enjoy red wine with your honey in the romantic framework of the pretty lamps along the costal. Apart from that, Holding your lover hand and walking in the sea shore and enjoying some famous seafood in popular restaurants here with the cheapest price is romantic enough for your honeymoon significantly.

fijiromantic1A perfect honeymoon in the colorful lamps in Fiji islands

Tavarua island is another one of the most beautiful and charming island to be on a honeymoon for young lovers in the cluster of Fiji islands. It catches married couples all over the world by blue sea water, white sand-banks, colorful coral reefs. Spending your honeymoon with your lover here, you will be swallowed in a wonderful fairy world and unforgettable experiences such as fishing, diving in the sea to enjoy beautiful corals.

testi-5Spending your honeymoon in the charming beauty in Fiji islands

The special thing here that you can get a good chance with your life partner to admire its shape like a heart seen from above. It is certainly that you will feel very happy in this romantic moment.

Tavarua-Island-FijiFiji islands is a wonderful choice for your honeymoon

Are you looking for an ideal island to be on a honey moon significantly? ** Fiji islands** in the Pacific is the best wonderful tropical paradise for your honeymoon. There is no time to hesitate. Let’s take a bag and spending the romantic moment here with your life partner.

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