Fans of Oceania travel should enjoy all interesting activities in there

Besides awe-inspiring scenery, interesting activities are important part that make up your wonderful holiday. If you crave for white sandy beaches and natural landscapes in Oceania, do not forget trying all these suggestions which will give you a combination of feelings that you have never experienced before.

Dive the Great Barrier Reef

Your must-to-do list of interesting activities in Oceania cannot miss diving to explore the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. It was first discovered by Captain Cook and became a favorite destination since then. Extending over a large area of 1,500 miles, it is the largest coral reef system in the world. Diving into the sea will offer you thrilling experiences of seeing abundant marine species and coral cays.

interesting activities in Oceania

Let's dive in Great Barrier Reef!

There are many ways to enjoy this activity. It’s interesting to sign up for helicopter tour to have an overall view of how large this system is. A number of golden beaches also come into your eyes during this sky trip. Besides, Kuranda Scenic Railway coupled with Cape Tribulation Day is sure to rock your holiday.

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Visit Sydney Opera House

Fans of Oceania should definitely pay a visit to Sydney opera House, the most idyllic symbol of Australia. You may have seen thousands of pictures with this hot spot as the backdrop; however, exploring further inside is another appeal that not many people have tried. There are a variety of guided walking tours which show you around the building and give you some historical knowledge.

interesting activities in Oceania

Walking and dining near Sydney Opera House are interesting

Watching an opera performance would be an ideal option to deploy this exciting destination. There are two lavish performance halls to cater for your artistic needs and a restaurant serving delicious local foods. It is really worth your exploration.


If you are an adventure lover, do not forget to travel to Queenstown, which is considered as “Adventure capital of the World”. The experience of skydiving will give you a feeling of grinning and shouting with happiness. You will start at the meeting point called NZONE skydive center and gear up with the aid of Tadem masters. Your flight will take you over the Wakatipu basin where a wide range of stunning mountains and lakes surely take your breath away. It is thrilling to enjoy a 60-second free-fall before you land in.

interesting activities in Oceania

Enjoy skydiving

When you are back to Drop Zone, there are photos and videos filming your experience and other skydivers as well. These behind-the-scene images capture every single moment since your starting point. You can have snacks and light drinks while watching as well.

Zorb and OGO

Have you ever imagined how it would be like in a ball? If the answer is no, then Rortura has one of the most fascinating activities to offer in your Oceania trip-Zorb or OGO. This is simply the act of getting inside a ball and rolling down. This activity was first designed and constructed in 1994.

interesting activities in Oceania

Being a ball and moving up hills never bore you at all

It is advisable to head for OGO as there are two spheres inside and the balls are much newer. In winter, they offer a lot of attractive deals and longer tracks to make your rolling down awesome. The feeling of turning upside sown will release all your stress and pressures. You can ask for help and explanation for the first time you go.

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Hike the Falls of Taveuni

Situated to the eastern coast of Taveuni Island, hiking in Bouma National Heritage is one of the most enjoyable activities in Fiji. You will be impressed by the lush greenery and attracted by the mystery of the forests. Pack up your luggage and head for the falls of Taveuni as many surprises are awaiting. Along the way, you easily come across a lot of natural scenery such as water slides, blooming orchids or ancient tree ferns.

interesting activities in Oceania

Tourists have lots of fun after hiking Taveuni waterfalls

When you reach further, there are 3 waterfalls with majestic beauty. They extend about 60 foot and the water cascades into the large pool. From the Lower Falls, the scene of blue ocean dotted with palm trees can take you aback at first glance.

Rainforest Zip-line Adventure

Sitting in cables to move from one place to another is no longer as thrilling as holding a line and self-controlling your movement. Zip line is one of the most “worth-trying” activities in the beautiful country of Fiji. It is wonderful to soar though all the trees and engross in the wild beauty of tropical forests There are 2 courses for you to choose in your trip, namely Nadi and Pacific Harbor.

interesting activities in Oceania

Zip line in Pacific Harbor surely gives you the feeling of grinning ear to ear

The former extends over an area of 5 km and has 27 platforms with 16 lines. This gives you an paranormal view of many splendid Fiji’s landscapes sushi as Mamanuca Islands, Tavarua surfing site and Tau caves. You can ride as slowly as you want to admire every single appeal of this hot spot. If you are not ready for that challenge, you should opt for the latter course with only 8 zip lines stretching about 2 km. The Waianadoi River and valley will take your breath away.

Visit Palau aquarium

Palau is an island nation in the region of Oceania, so there are many aquatic activities to rock your holiday. The unique exterior designs of Palau aquarium will draw your attention at first sight.

interesting activities in Oceania

A lot of fish and species in Palau aquarium are moving over your heads

Stepping inside, a large number of tanks, exhibits and installations are all filled with turquoise waters and marine species. Some animals strike you immediately because you have never seen them before. You can get closer to see how the life beneath the sea looks like, including sea interactions. This activity is most suitable for children as the aquarium organizes a myriad of hands-on activities with an aim to learn about biological system and diversity.

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Immersing yourself in the interesting activities is always an effective way to rock your holiday and explore about the unknown regions. If you are planning to go to Oceania, these ideal options surely leave you happiness.

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