Explore Antarctica by Kayak

Explore Antarctica by Kayak

Traveling is always something exciting and new because travel companies always find new ways to help tourists explore the world. Today, let’s find out about a new, interesting and perfect tour for your winter holiday - Explore Antarctica by Kayak.

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Oceanwide Expeditions is still the most famous travel agency in this kind of tour. They offer tours to both the North and South Pole, both with kayaks. You can choose to visit Polar Circle and Antarctic Peninsula with the price of nearly $8,000 for a 12-day tour.


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- Day 1: Start the tour at Ushuaia, Argentina

The tour begins in the afternoon at Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. For the rest of the evening, the Plancius ship will sail through the icy waterway and bring you to the first stop, Drake Passage. It is recommended that you arrive one day earlier than your department to fully prepare for the tour.

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- Day 2 - 3: On the way to the Antarctic Peninsula


Petrels on South Shetland Island

During these two days, you’ll sail across the Drake Passage, where the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean meet and create highest wades the world ever seen. When crossing the Antarctic Convergence, we’ll enter the circum-Antarctic upwelling zone and have a chance to see some albatrosses and petrels. First icebergs can be spotted near the South Shetland Islands.

- Day 4 - 9: Explore Antarctica

First day in Antarctica begins at Hannah Point, where you can find signature animals of the South Pole like Gentoo penguins, Chinstraps and southern Giant Petrels and Elephant seals. At Deception Island, there is a natural harbor for the ship. The petrels even make use of the ruins of the whaling station to have their nest here.


Gentoo penguins on Cuverville Island

Further south is Cuverville Island, a small and steep island, sandwiched between the mountains of the Antarctic Peninsula and Rongé Island. Here’s a large territory of Gentoo penguins and Brown Skuas, so you can see thousands of breeding pairs gather here to take care of the next generation.

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We only actually set our feet on the Antarctica in Neko Harbour and Paradise Bay. In the inner parts of the amazing Paradise Bay, you’ll have your first kayak trip to explore the bay’s thousand icebergs and deep cut fjords.


The beauty of Paradise Bay in Antarctica

Afterward, the ship continues to sail through the magnificent Lemaire Channel to Petermann Island to take a look at Adélie penguins and Blue-eyed shags. You may also have a chance to Humpback and Minke Whales. Overnight, the ship brings you along Crystal Sound and in the morning, cross the Polar Circle. Here, we’ll stop at the abandoned British station on Detaille Island, the furthest south stop of the voyage. The landscape here is super stunning with high mountains and large glaciers everywhere.


Abandoned British station on Deatille Island

Then on the way north, you arrive at Melchior Islands full of icebergs and encounter seals and whales, especially Leopard seals. It’s a perfect opportunity to dive and explore Antarctica by kayak to enjoy the untouched beauty of Antarctica.

- Day 10 - 11: Travel back

On your way north you will cross the Drake Passage again and have another chance to admire the huge variety of seabirds in Antarctica.

- Day 12: Finish the tour in Ushuaia

Arriving in the morning in Ushuaia, you’ll have breakfast and say goodbye to finish an amazing tour.

Other things to know

Since kayaking is an important part of the tour, you are required to have some basic kayak skills like getting into the kayak, keeping balance and feeling comfortable in a sea kayak. Otherwise, the guides may have the right to stop you from accessing the kayaks. But it also depends on the tour that you choose. There’re tours for unskilled kayakers and for professional ones.


You should be fully prepared before the tour

No matter how your kayaking skills are, the guides will always help you to get the best experience. Kayaking mainly depends on weather conditions. They’ll try to set up the schedule so you can have up to 4 excursions.

The company provides almost everything you need to kayaking but you’re recommended to bring your own gloves, socks, sun blocks, thermal underwear, waterproof bag, hat and warm clothes like jackets and vests. Remember that the weather in Antarctica is always below zero so keep yourself warm to be able to fully explore Antarctica.

Here we had some basic information about explore Antarctica by kayak tours. Sound amazing right? So why don’t you book a tour for you and your loved one to enjoy an interesting and wonderful winter holiday on Earth’s most deserted continent?

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