Experience your trekking in Vietnam's famous destinations

Experience your trekking in Vietnam's famous destinations

Cat Ba National Park

Lying at the Southeastern of Ha Long Bay, Cat Ba National Park located in Cat Ba Island which is the biggest island in the Cat Ba Archipelago. The total area of Cat Ba National Park is up to 16.196,8 ha which has 10.931,7 ha of old-growth forests and mountains, 5.256,1 ha of marine biological system.

Trekking in Cat Ba National Park, you will not be able to take your eyes of all the wonderful natural attractions whose biodiversity is unbelievably stunning. Named as “Biosphere Reserve”, Cat Ba has proved its beauty in various ecosystems. Explorers are amazed the enchanting outlook of the old-growth jungle, astonished at the magnificence of limestone mountains. Aside from the charm in sceneries, Cat Ba also divers in species, both animals and plants; you can catch the sight of exotic creatures unexpectedly while exploring the jungle.

Sa Pa

Sa Pa is an ideal spot for trekkers in Vietnam. Situated in Lao Cai province, Sa Pa attracts travelers with its romantic glamour in the fairly cold weather. Unveiling the foggy curtain spreading in the air, Sa Pa appears with the mainly fresh green color covering the unique architecture of nature. Sa Pa is portrayed as an unforgettably beautiful painting.

If you are interested in taking picture of beautiful sceneries of nature, you should visit this place at the end of  September. It is the blossoming time of paddle fields which is lying at step of terraces marking hard-working achievement of the local farmers. You can find yourself trekking at Muong Hoa Valley or trying to get to the steps of terraces. You are able to not only see the gorgeous views of the nature but learn about the exceptional traditions of ethnic minorities. For those who want to trek and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere at the same time, Sa Pa will not disappoint you.

Pu Luong Natural Reserve

In the northern of Vietnam, Pu Luong impresses tourists with its countryside look and fresh windy air. It is definitely a refreshment for those who tired of taking part in challenges full of adrenaline. The safe and sound atmosphere harmonizes with the majestic nature of Pu Luong creating a very scenic image.  

The mountainous views with brand new discoveries about local people’s lifestyle will add more flavors to your journey. If you have a chance to come here, you should try out some special foods whose ingredients comes from Pu Luong nature itself cooked by the villagers. 

Cao Bang

Cao Bang province is one of the brilliant trekking destinations in the northeastern of Vietnam. Although the route is pretty rugged, the wonders that this place offering are irresistible. There are a range of spectacular scenes that you cannot miss seeing by your own eyes.

Various natural systems are what makes this place appealing to visitors. Gorgeous Ban Gioc Waterfall and the desire to explore mysterious caves and mountains attract more than 600.000 tourists up to the present. 

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