Experience Vietnam's featured festivals

Experience Vietnam's featured festivals

Perfume Pagoda Festival:

It is one of Vietnam's special traditional festivals lasting from the 6th day of the 1st month to the end of the 3rd month of the lunar calendar is held at My Duc, Hanoi, in the northern of Vietnam. Want to enjoy the begining of new year in festival atmosphere? This traditional festival should be on your travel list.


Celebrating for happiness, luck and prosperity in the coming year, pilgrims which take up to hundreds of thousand people travel on the Yen River to reach the holly grounds: Huong Moutain, monasteries, pagodas and shrines and sincerely pray for best things in new year. During the festival, you will have a chance to watch the dragon dance performed by talented exponents.

Perfume Pagoda is the ensemble of architecture composed by both artificial and natural factors. Aside from the joyful atmosphere, the outstanding beauty of the landscape would add more exciting colors to your trip.

Hung King Temple Festival:

Annually held from the 8th to the 11th days of the third lunar month, this festival is the occasion for Vietmese people to memorize the contribution of King Hung who are the traditional founders of the country. This precious sacred tradition presents the gratefulness of Vietnamese people to their ancestors in order to remind the next generation about the historical values of the nation.

The festival is monumentally organized with vibrant colors harmonizing in the sacred atmosphere. After the ritual, there are a lot of folk games opening for the guests: bamboo swings, rice cooking competitions, lion dance, human chess, water puppet performance, wrestling, crossbow shooting, etc. and traditional performances from local people.

Hoi An Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival:

Connecting to the traditional crafting for a long time, Hoi An Lantern Festival is one of the most noticeable events happening on the 14th day of every lunar month. In that day, the night will be lighted by the shimmering lanterns which are delicately made by handy craftsmen. This festival has attracted the attention of many tourists from local to foreign.

There will be more than 50 lantern workshops in the town will take part in the annual cultural event; the best lanterns would light up for 7 days. Not only is for entertaining purpose but this festival is also the occasion of worshipping the gods and honoring ancestors. Besides, there are a lot of interesting traditional games and activities that you can take part in.

Flower Festival in Da Lat:

What have you planned for your spring travel? Da Lat Flower Festival would make an excellent choice. Taking place in Da Lat, Lam Dong province, this festival offers tourists the opportunity to admire the splendid beauty of flowers which are both supplied by the local people and internationally exported. The variety of blossoming flowers is surprisingly outstanding.

Invested carefully, the festival has left big impression on many visitors in both local and foreign. Apart from flower exhibitions, Da Lat Flower Festival also delivers fireworks show, artistic exhibitions and flower market. There is a flower carnival which includes exciting activities and impressive selected performances on stage.

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