Experience 10 must-try activities in Wellington

Experience 10 must-try activities in Wellington

1. Te Papa Museum - A trip to the past of New Zealand

History is always an important part which partly forms the overall look as well as the civilization of a country. Te Papa museum is a perfect destination for all ages, and it is incredibly suitable for a family trip as well as a tour with your best friends. With fascinating features that would stimulate your curiosity, the exhibitions in Te Papa would take you back to the historical stages in New Zealand.

New Zealand

Possessing a spectacular appearance

Coming to Te Papa, you would see a wide range of historical factors of New Zealand such as unique geological, biological as well as cultural aspects and social history displayed in new and exciting ways. What is even more delightful is that the general admission is free. You can also enjoy several touring exhibitions without paying any fee.

New Zealand

A great place to discover the history

2. Contemplating the wonderful scenes from the top of Mount Victoria

Being picturesque with a panoramic view of its natural landscape, Mount Victoria delivers a great position for sightseeing. From the peak of Mount Victoria, you can catch the sight of ships sailing from the faraway harbor or airplanes taking off from Wellington Airport.

New Zealand

From the top of Mount Victoria, you can catch the sight of a whole city

This spot appears to be excellent to watch the sunrise as well as the sunset. Coming to this location, it would be better if you bring your camera along since there are a lot of views that are worth a shot. If you are traveling with your girlfriend or boyfriend, this place would definitely deliver just the romantic atmosphere that you need.

3. Enjoying Wellington cuisine

Wellington is famous for a wide range of restaurants and bars. In fact, in each region of the city, it is easy to find a random restaurant along the street. The choices of food in Wellington are incredibly diverse from local dishes to the foreign ones.

For instance, with food lovers, you would have certainly heard about Beef Wellington, a famous dish of this area. Visiting the famous city, it would be a total waste if you do not try the original version of this course in its homeland.

New Zealand

Beef Wellington, a sophisticated dish that is hard to make perfect, even with skillful chefs

4. Have a ride on Wellington Cable Car

New Zealand

An iconic spot of Wellington with an old history

Wellington Cable Car is considered as a symbol of this city. The trail lengthens from Lambton Quay, which is known as a shopping street to Kelburn, a suburban area located on a hillside. From Kelburn, you can easily travel to the tourist attractions such as the Cable Car Museum, Space Place at Carter Observatory, etc. With a unique design and great scenery of nature surrounding, Wellington Cable Car is not only an amazing place to discover but also a connection to explore other tourist spots in Wellington.

5. A closer look at the nature in Zealandia sanctuary

Zealandia is a natural conservation area and located in a suburban valley in Wellington. The site has a massive acreage which is up to 225 ha. The number of species protected in Zealandia is enormous, especially for the native bird population. Along with birds, there are other native animals in this location that would make your trip even more interesting. Visiting this place, you can get some assistances from volunteer guides. A night tour is also available.

New Zealand

A picturesque scene of Zealandia

6. Weta Studio Tours - An ideal place for film lovers!

This studio would offer you a great chance to get a closer look into the process of making a movie. On your tour, you would be introduced about all the factors that help to make a film from props, weapons, artificial creatures to vehicles, and models. There would be a lot of secrets behind the scenes that can be discovered in this place.

New Zealand

Meet your favorite characters in Weta Studio

In the Weta Cave shop, there are a lot of things you can buy. It is like a souvenir shop. From prop replicas, apparel to jewelry and DVDs, art prints, this shop delivers a variety of things relating to famous films.

Aside from exploring the museum, you could watch a short documentary video about the history of film-making in this place. The service is totally free, and you can be able to watch anytime you want since it screens all day.

7. Experience the wildlife in Wellington Zoo

New Zealand

The total area of the zoo is full of evergreen color

The zoo has a large number of animals which is up to 500 individuals. From large animals such as bear, lions, tigers, there is a variety of species you can observe in this place. The natural site is maintained as a preserved area as well as a tourist spot for travelers. At Wellington Zoo, you can gain more knowledge about the native wildlife, or meet some of your favorite wild animals in a close distance.

New Zealand

Meet the animals in Wellington Zoo

Visiting this zoo would be a great chance to develop your love for nature. Just learn about how Wellington Zoo is operating to protect the rare animals would be a wonderful experience. A trip to Wellington Zoo is extremely suitable for a family trip, especially with families that have young children. You would encounter some interesting kinds such as Kororā little blue penguins, sheep, Kunekune pigs, bees, Maud Island frogs, etc.

8. Wellington Botanic Garden

With a total area which covers more than 26 ha of extraordinary views, including a unique landscape, the botanical garden possesses exotic forests that are worth exploring. Colorful floral beds growing among specialized gardens make the scenes seem even more captivating.

New Zealand

The outstanding view of the garden

The whole location consists of Duck Pond, Begonia House, especially the award-winning Lady Norwood Rose Gardens, a remarkable place to visit. Along with the Treehouse Visitor Information Centre, Sundial of Human Involvement is an exciting place to travel.

Besides, Children's Play Area and the historic Bolton Street Memorial Park would also be added to the list. It is obvious that Wellington Botanical Garden offers a lot of places to explore.

9. Biking Rimutaka Cycle Trail

Deliver a great chance for contemplating the extraordinary view of the surrounding, biking in Rimukata is definitely worth taking part in. The activity is suitable for many different ages. Located on a mountain, the path of Rimukata is an interesting route to explore.

New Zealand

The trail includes going through different landscapes

10. Carter Observatory

New Zealand

Enjoying a Planetarium Show by sitting at Space Place of Carter Observatory

A good news for people who love astronomy! Carter Observatory in Wellington is just the place to go if you are interested in this field. You would get to see the visual images of the space in Planetarium Show and observe the stars from a telescope.

While visiting Wellington, New Zealand, you could have a long list of choices to pick. Let’s pack your bag and go to this wonderful capital city of New Zealand and have amazing experiences.

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