Europe's Most Beautiful Rivers Revealed

Europe always boasts a huge number of gorgeous places to discover along the waterways. So, a cruise along the most beautiful rivers will be your journey through picture-postcard landscapes, impressive cities, and hidden treasures. Down here and permit us to reveal nine stunning names of the must-visit rivers in this continent.

1. The Rhine

Beautiful Rivers

The Rhine flows peacefully through some countries in Europe

Stretching from the Swiss Alps through Germany before emptying into the North Sea in Holland, the Rhine is known as one of Europe’s most beautiful and important rivers. Since it’s a famous route for a deluxe cruise, you can start anywhere to behold its beauty.

Try sailing past the area of Black Forest in Germany and then you will catch picturesque castles and impressive Cologne along the waterway. Or take a day trip to the lovely half-timber city of Strasbourg in France or delight in the well-known windmills in Holland.

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2. The Seine

Beautiful Rivers

The Seine is the most romantic river in the northern France

Although you can find out many beautiful rivers in France, the Seine in the northern France is the most romantic one that you shouldn’t miss for sure. Hopping on a boat gives you a great chance to discover France’s Norman countryside, enjoy the river in style, reach the historical Normandy beaches, behold the medieval architecture of Rouen, and view the lovely gardens of Giverny. What could be more awesome than spending a nice day in watching the beauty on both sides of the Seine.

3. Gauja River, Latvia

Beautiful Rivers

Take a boat through Gauja River to view the beauty of Latvia

To many people, Latvia is a true pearl of the Baltics. And if you have an opportunity to set feet there, you might agree instantly because this country is not only filled with lush green forested scenery but also sunk into an enchanting scent of pine forests. Furthermore, a trip down Gauja River can bring you a closer look at the Gauja National Park, the 13th-century ruins of Turaida Castle, and sandstone crags with soaring pines.

4. The Loire

Beautiful Rivers

On the left bank of the Loire, you can behold gorgeous buildings

With more than 1,000 km long, France’s longest river of the Loire is famous for its changing light on the water, the grandeur of the scenery under skies, and the sandbanks and islands in the wide stream. On the left banks, you can see imposing cliffs with gorgeous buildings and vast vineyards; meanwhile, the right bank gives the allure of endless fertile fields. Additionally, don’t miss uncovering the Loire Valley to capture a couple of impressive boating chances with magnificent castles and cathedrals, the ancient fortified town of Decize, and the vineyards of Sancerre.

5. Douro River

Beautiful Rivers

Look at the stunning scenes on both sides of Douro River

The cruise through Douro River will help you learn more about the world’s first officially designated wine area as well as the Age of Discovery. Normally, the ride starts and ends in Porto, an alluring Portuguese city which is famous for its breathtaking architecture, excellent Port wines, and lovely azulejos tiles. From scenic rural sights to lush hillside vineyards and whitewashed wine lands, your experiences will be fulfilled with untouched and eye-catching views on the way.

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6. The Danube

Beautiful Rivers

Let's take a river cruise along the huge Danube

The best way to explore the charm of Central Europe is to take a river cruise along the huge Danube. Starting at the Black Forest in Germany, this beautiful river runs through 10 countries, 4 capitals, legendary historical sites, and lush vineyards before falling to the Black Sea via Ukraine and Romania. No matter where your beginning point is, your voyage always stops in famous cities like Budapest and Vienna so that you can do sightseeing beautiful tourist attractions.

7. River Shannon

Beautiful Rivers

River Shannon in a calm and nice afternoon

Dividing the west from the south and the east, River Shannon is known as the longest and most beautiful river in the Emerald Isle, Ireland. You have to hire a boat or take part in an organized river cruise to spectacle the rolling greenery, the ancient Celtic monasteries and impressive lakes. Meandering on the calming water of the river will make your busy mind relaxed for sure.

8. River Po

Beautiful Rivers

A bridge across River Po

Running across northern Italy at a length of 682 km, River Po is the longest and stunning trail that you should come and see. It starts at the Cottian Alps and passes east for some hundred miles before falling to the Adriatic Sea. Of course, the cruise will take you to appealing sights such as Verona City, lots of traditional Italian towns, and charming Venice lagoon.

9. Dordogne River

Beautiful Rivers

View extraordinary castles along Dordogne River

Flowing through southwest and south-central France, the landscapes along Dordogne River are extremely fabulous with lovely traditional houses clinging to sloping cliffs and extraordinary castles. And on the stretch of the river, you should come to Tremolat and La Roque Gageac in order to see the rural beauty of France. Especially, remember to try canoeing or kayaking because these activities are popular in there.

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With nine Europe’s most beautiful rivers revealed, we suggest that you should visit at least one for your next trip. What could be more wonderful than riding on the calm water and beholding the picture-postcard scenery in this beautiful continent?

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